Why Text Messaging is a Waste of Time and Money

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Text messages are not efficient

Text messaging is not an efficient way to communicate especially if you would rather text than talk. Everything has a time and a place but text messaging is ruining peoples lives whether it be accidents on the roads, or in court case using the messages as evidence. There are thousands upon thousands people texting each and every waking moment of their lives and it is time to reflect on this new found addiction.  You see people everyday walking around as if they are following their phone. Most people do it casually while in conversation with someone else, this is not only irritating but a tale that they are an addict. Another common practice people commonly look at their phone every ten minutes as if they are expecting a call, but it is only their tick they have developed from their overuse.

Personally I do not text myself but by choice because I have in the past but most the messages I received were messages I could have done without, and I feel like my time is used better doing ANYTHING else.  Yet everyone once in awhile, I think a text message would be appropriate but I resist not only because I blocked the service to its entirety, but Mark Twain said it better " Whenever you find yourself on the majority, it is time to pause and reflect".  While living in Texas, something you can never avoid is driving further than you ever wanted to.  It seems the simplest of errands may take half a day especially if traffic is at a halt. While on the roadways, if you pay attention and watch the other drivers, most are either holding their phone to their ear and talking or holding their phone in front of their face and sending/reading a text message.  Now driving is the most important and dangerous activity people do everyday, why would you chance an accident to send this so called "Convenient" message. 

People swerving to miss each other because they got caught looking at their phone too long, is not an excuse.  If transportation workers should not text while driving a bus load of people, then you should not also put your own life in danger when riding alone or with friends.  Texting is not efficient, only if used in a practical sense, which would be less than one time a day.  Constantly messaging friends/family only takes away from your day when you can appreciate the things that you normally would miss because of your absent attention.  Maybe you are not an addict, but you text a lot more than you use to, and it is becoming second nature.  This is a test you can try, step one is to leave your cell phone at home for at least a day.  

Next you need to analyze other people on the road, walking, eating lunch, whatever you are doing but watch other people and count how many you see text messaging, or seem to be.  Keep a written count so that you can add them up at the end of the day.  The numbers will not only amaze you but it will prove that you too could become a victim of this inefficient activity.  Time is something you never get back so why waste it texting unnecessary messages.  Simply call the person and get the message to them or leave them a message, it is very simple and has worked for the last 140 years. An average cell phone text package is about ten dollars, plus tax, which is usually a 20% tax.  That's an average savings of $140/year and not to mention you will have more time on your hands, literally. If you figure you send 30 messages a day,(which is low for most addicts) on average a message takes approximately 30 seconds to read and respond, thats an extra 15 minutes a day you can then use that time wisely writing factiodz to help others in your area of expertise.


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