Terrier Dogs: English Breed of the Canine Class

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Terrier Dogs: English dog breed of the canine class which by its name dogs which have been bred in Great Britain.

Rooting from its primal origin the wolves, dogs have been domesticated over time. Its characteristics and capacities also have been developed and have progressed to completely be liberated from its savage nature. Dogs these days take part in humanly activities and contribute a great deal of graft in the society. Dogs have been classified and categorically ghettoized according to its classes and physical attributes as well as to their breed origin.

One of the most common dogs which have been classified according to its origin is the Terrier Dogs. Terrier dogs are those which come from Great Britain, thus they are the English dog breed. Since they are commonly active dogs, they are inclined to hunt animals such as rats, badgers, rabbits and foxes – those animals that tunnel. Terrier dogs, considering their small size, can chase after those tunneling animals to their hole.

The Scottish terrier is one very common dog which belongs to the Terrier dog breed. Scottish terriers are high-spirited and dashing dogs that spend more time playing and less time sleeping. They are responsive to training, but at times they can be unyielding. Nonetheless, these Scottish terriers are courageous and assertive dogs and they are quite safe as pets for small children.

Another class of dogs which is also categorized under the terrier breed is the Wheaten Terrier. Wheaten terriers similarly are positive in nature as Scottish terriers. These dogs tend to spend more time in leisurely activities rather than in slumber. Since they are friendly and lovable dogs, they pose less threat and danger to children. However, owners should train these dogs to be obedient as they are quite liberated and somewhat unreceptive to commands.

Airedale Terriers are yet another kind of the terrier dog group. These dogs are the best of the terrier pack as they advantageously possess the ability to speedily adhere to training, skillful and adaptive, thus they can be outstanding guard dogs and watchdogs. With proper and ample training, they may as well perform well as seeing-eye dogs. It may be noted that Airedale terriers are very obedient which makes it easier for them to be trained. It is therefore advised to train these dogs at an early age and be continual in progression, also is advised not to cut a lengthy break from its training since they can sometimes be forgetful.

More terrier bred dogs which are in nature affectionate, easily trainable and confident are the following: West Highland White Terrier, Parson Russell, Bull Terriers and the American Staffordshire Terrier.

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