Ten Ways to Stay Toned Tight While Traveling

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Stay in shape while you travel. These ten toning tips will keep the weight off while you travel for business or pleasure.

It's hard to exercise and stay in shape while traveling. If you have the time to research and the money to afford a hotel with a nice little gym, you'll be okay. It's better to be prepared, though, with a workout that works wherever you are. The following ten exercises and encouragements are guaranteed to keep you toned and tight while you travel.

#1 - Pack like you are planning to exercise every day. Stuff a sports bra, running shorts, water bottle, iPod, and athletic shoes into your suitcase. No one wants to waste space while traveling, so if you bring the equipment, you'll be more likely to exercise.

#2 - Go for a walk every day, and do the next three exercises on this list in the morning or at night in the comfort of your own hotel room. If you are accustomed to harder levels of exercise, throw in some jogging or sprinting intervals. Go in the daytime or stick to well-lighted, high-foot-traffic areas.

#3 - The Incline Plane from yoga will strengthen nearly every muscle in the back of your body. Sit on the floor with your legs in front of you and your hands behind you. Dig your heels into the ground and lift your bottom off the floor. Do one or two sets of 10-15 lifts. If you have knee issues, plant yoru feet and keep your knees bent.

#4 - Pushups are great for your chest and other muscles in the front of your body, but you can also do The Plank. Get into a pushup position, either on hands and feet, or hands and knees. Hold your body rigid in that position, breathing deeply and clenching your abs and back for 15-30 seconds and then repeat.

#5 - The Criss-Cross from Pilates, also known as the bicycle crunch, is the most effective abdominal exercise. It recruits the most muscle fibers and gets all your limbs moving. Lay on your back and bring one knee to your chest while twisting your opposite elbow toward that knee. If you are lifting your right knee, twist your left elbow toward that knee while touching your right elbow to the floor. Do 6-8 on each side, breathing out with every switch.

#6 - Pack some elastic exercise bands. Some have handles, and some are simply colorful strips of rubber. These inexpensive tools take up zero space, and they are useful for stretching and strength training. Stand on the middle, hold onto both ends and walk sideways to tone your thighs, or do bicep curls or upright rows. If you purchase them in a package, they will likely come with instructions.

#7 - Utilize whatever your residence offers. If you have access to any type of treadmill, pool, weight room, climbing wall, or walking trail, no matter how small or dingey it is, use it! Fill out a feedback form if it's horrible, and encourage the management to make improvements. Let them know that fitness is important to you, and you won't be back until they have more to offer.

#8 - Get a guest pass. Before you leave home, research local clubs and yoga studios that offer guest passes or drop-in rates. Call ahead to confirm their schedules and class offerings. If you will be in the area for an extended visit, finding a niche in a local fitness community will really help you stay in shape.

#9 - Take advantage of outdoor activities on your business trip or vacation. Is your destination known for its waterfront? Take a morning walk by the water! If your destination is known for its nearby hiking trails, or its snorkeling, or its paddle-boats, rent whatever equipment you need and go give it a try!

#10 - Don't rent a car, rent a bike! If you have any choice in your destination, plan to place yourself in a central location to everything on your itinerary, and use your own leg-power to motor everywhere. If you can get there by car, you can get there by bike or just walk! Who needs a car when you have legs?


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