Ten Valuable Remember Pearl Harbor Collectibles

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Valuable Remember Pearl Harbor items include movie posters, comic books, original art, newspapers, pennants, pins and punchboards.

The December 7, 1941, Japanese attack at Pearl Harbor in the Hawaiian Islands plunged the United States into World War II. Remember Pearl Harbor became a rallying cry for America, as the country joined the Allied effort against the Axis Powers of Germany, Japan and Italy.

The Remember Pearl Harbor slogan was incorporated into a number of items for consumption on the American home front during World War II. Here are ten popular Pearl Harbor artifacts along with a collector's value guide. "Yesterday, December 7, 1941 – a date which will live in infamy..." President Franklin D. Roosevelt...

Remember Pearl Harbor (1942) One Sheet Movie Poster

Republic Pictures released Remember Pearl Harbor on May 18, 1942. The movie marked the first fictional film to be made on the Pearl Harbor attack, with Don "Red" Barry, Alan Curtis, Fay McKenzie and Sig Ruman heading the cast. The movie's standard one sheet poster (27x41-inches) is a collector favorite, featuring rich, wartime graphics and Don Barry's defiant pose in vintage steel pot helmet. One example in very fine- condition and preserved on linen sold at auction for $310.70.

Remember Pearl Harbor (1942) one sheet poster $310.70 - Heritage Auction Galleries

Remember Pearl Harbor Child's Necktie

The Remember Pearl Harbor slogan was incorporated into children's apparel. A brown child's necktie with the Pearl Harbor rallying cry etched in silver multiple times brought a top bid of $67 at auction.

Collection of Ten Remember Pearl Harbor Patriotic Ribbons

Patriotic ribbons commemorating various ship launchings and all bearing the famous Pearl Harbor slogan were produced during the war. A collection of ten of these ribbons – U.S.S. Sawfish, U.S.S. Razorback, U.S.S. Drum, U.S.S. Triton, U.S.S. Queenfish, U.S.S. Ronquil, et al, – were sold at auction for $334.60.

Remember Pearl Harbor ship ribbons $334.60 - Heritage Auction Galleries

Remember Pearl Harbor Simulated Pearl Pin

Many Pearl Harbor pins were produced during the war. One simulated pearl pin – unused and still on its original card – brought $46 at auction.

Remember Pearl Harbor Punchboard

Punchboards were big in the 1940s, used by merchants to award cash prizes to their wining customers. One Remember Pearl Harbor punchboard featuring scantily-clad hula dancers sold at auction for $172. 

Mel Casson Remember Pearl Harbor Original Art

Noted illustrator and World War II combat veteran Mel Casson (1920-2008), best known for his comic strips Sparky, Redeye and Angel, rendered this original 12x16-inch Remember Pearl Harbor artwork in the early 1940s, complete with exaggerated Japanese soldier. It brought a reasonable $54 at auction.

Mel Casson early 1940s artwork $54 - Heritage Auction Galleries

Remember Pearl Harbor Pennant

Remember Pearl Harbor felt pennants adorned workplaces and homes. One example picturing Uncle Sam, the American eagle, civilian war workers and soldiers sold at auction for $60.

Remember Pearl Harbor 78 RPM Record

The song "Remember Pearl Harbor" was recorded on the Okeh label by The Stardusters and Garry Stevens as accompanied by the Charlie Spivak Orchestra circa 1942. One example brought $18 at auction.

Street & Smith Remember Pearl Harbor Tribute Comic Book

Well-known publisher Street & Smith produced a Remember Pearl Harbor comic book in 1942, featuring an angry Uncle Sam leading an American armada against Japan. The artist is Jack Binder. One example in graded CGC fine+ 6.5 condition sold at auction for $431.25.

Daredevil Comics #10 May 1942

Comic book heroes sprang to life following the sneak attack at Pearl Harbor. Daredevil Comics #10, published in May 1942, features Daredevil going to war and taking on sinister Japanese forces. The issue, with cover art by Charles Biro, even offered a "Slap the Jap exciting new game inside!" Such were the times. One edition in graded CGC good/very good 3.0 condition brought a top bid of $227.05.

San Francisco Chronicle, December 7, 1941

The San Francisco Chronicle was just one newspaper which reported the attack at Pearl Harbor in an extra edition. Original issues are valued at $35-50, depending on condition.

San Francisco Chronicle, December 7, 1941 extra edition $35-50 - Lehigh County (Pennsylvania) Historical Society

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  • Remember Pearl Harbor (1942) half sheet poster (22x28-inches) $84.85 - Heritage Auction Galleries


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