Ten Valuable Metropolis Movie Collectibles

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Fritz Lang directed the science fiction movie classic Metropolis in 1927. Valuable Metropolis collectibles include movie posters, lobby cards, theater programs, promotional stills, pressbooks, Photoplay novels and window cards.

Metropolis is considered to be one of the greatest science fiction movies in history. Directed by Fritz Lang, this German-made silent film stars Alfred Abel, Gustav Frohlich, Rudolf Klein-Rogge, Brigitte Helm and Fritz Rasp. Metropolis is groundbreaking sci-fi cinema, set in a futuristic Utopian society whose subterranean underground harbors a dark secret.

Metropolis first premiered in Germany on January 10, 1927. It later made its American premiere at New York City's Rialto Theater on March 6, 1927. "Nothing like 'Metropolis,' the ambitious UFA production that has created wide international comment, has been seen on the screen. It, therefore, stands alone, in some respects, as a remarkable achievement. It is a technical marvel with feet of clay, a picture as soulless as the manufactured woman of its story..." reported Mordaunt Hall of The New York Times (3/7/27).

Here are ten valuable movie collectibles from Metropolis. Some of them are super expensive, so you may want to just look...

Metropolis Original German Movie Poster

The original German movie poster for Metropolis was designed by Heinz Schulz-Neudamm. This art deco style poster is extremely rare – only four copies are known to exist – with one example bringing a top bid of $690,000 at London's The Reel Poster Gallery in 2004.

Metropolis German movie poster $690,000 - The Reel Poster Gallery

Metropolis Insert Movie Poster

To date, no one sheet or three sheet American movie posters for Metropolis have surfaced. However, this rare insert poster (14x36-inches) did come up for sale in March 2010 from the Kirk Hammett collection. Expertly restored and in fine condition, this gem sold at auction for $47,800.

Metropolis insert poster $47,800 - Heritage Auction Galleries

Metropolis German Movie Pressbook

The original 1927 German pressbook for Metropolis is another rarity. It contains sample poster images, photographs, articles and interview quotes from director Fritz Lang and other principals. Pressbooks, as the name suggests, were distributed to movie theater owners so they in turn could promote the selected picture in newspaper advertising and other press/media outlets. One 28-page Metropolis German pressbook in fine- condition brought $6,572.50 at auction.

Metropolis 1927 German pressbook $6,572.50 - Heritage Auction Galleries

Metropolis Lobby Card

Lobby cards – so named because they were prominently displayed in theater lobbies for promotional purposes – are avidly collected by movie memorabilia buffs. One lobby card (11x14-inches) from Metropolis in fine/very fine condition featuring Brigitte Helm as Maria at the futuristic Yoshiwara Nightclub garnered a top bid of $4,481.25.

Metropolis Brigitte Helm lobby card $4,481.25 - Heritage Auction Galleries

Metropolis Movie Window Card

Window cards were displayed in businesses around town in order to promote a movie. The top blank portion of the card was used to write in the particulars, such as theater name, location and movie times. A rare Metropolis window card (14x22-inches) in fine+ condition sold at auction for $38,837.50.

Metropolis 1927 American window card $38,837.50 - Heritage Auction Galleries

Metropolis Movie Still

Brigitte Helm as Maria is seen in this iconic image from Metropolis as depicted in a 1927 Paramount Pictures promotional still. This 8x10 original in very fine+ condition zoomed to a top bid of $1,912.

Metropolis Brigitte Helm movie still $1,912 - Heritage Auction Galleries

Metropolis French Photoplay Novel

A French Photoplay novel, numbering 96 pages and featuring 14 photos from the movie, was released as a tie-in promo for Metropolis. One example in rough good/very good condition sold at auction for $2,270.50.

Metropolis French Photoplay softbound novel $2,270.50 - Heritage Auction Galleries

Metropolis British Movie Program

The original Metropolis British movie program from UFA/Wardour Films Limited is a real beauty, featuring many photos from the movie along with a fantastic article titled "The Creation of the Artificial Human Being" by Rudolf Klein-Rogge. One example with rusted staples but in fine+ condition brought $977.50 at auction.

Metropolis UFA/Wardour Films movie program $977.50

Metropolis British Herald

A British herald program was released in order to promote a screening of Metropolis at The Picturedome in September of 1927. One duotone example in fine- condition earned a top bid of $203.15.

Metropolis British duotone herald $203.15 - Heritage Auction Galleries

Metropolis La Petite Illustration Magazine

The March 3, 1928, edition of Paris-based La Petite Illustration magazine numbers 12 pages and features 20 photos from Metropolis, including a handsome cover rendition. One example in fine+ condition sold at auction for $262.90.

La Petite Illustration with Metropolis cover $262.90 - Heritage Auction Galleries

Top Image

  • Metropolis 1927 British movie program, with inside photos featured $977.50 - Heritage Auction Galleries


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