Ten Valuable Hartland Plastics Statues

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Hartland Plastics Inc. of Hartland, Wisconsin, was a prolific toymaker of the 1950s and '60s. Collectible Hartland statues include professional baseball and football players, TV western stars and historical horsemen.

Hartland Plastics, Inc. of Hartland, Wisconsin, was one of the legendary toymakers of the 1950s and '60s. Their most famous figurine creations included professional baseball and football players, TV western characters and historical horsemen. Hartland was in peak form from 1953 to 1963, when many of their top statues rolled into hobby and toy stores.

Hartland statues are known the world over for their attention to detail and lifelike appearance. Here are ten valuable Hartland statues that are sure to please and excite Hartland collectors everywhere. Some of these figures originally sold for the "exorbitant" price of $1.98!

Hank Aaron Hartland Statue

Hartland's original baseball series was produced from 1958-62 and numbered 18 figures. An original Hank Aaron statue – he was swatting home runs for the Milwaukee Braves at the time – in near mint condition sold at auction for $131.45.

Hank Aaron Hartland statue $131.45 - Heritage Auction Galleries

Stan Musial Hartland Statue

Hartland artists magnificently captured the unique, crouched batting stance of St. Louis Cardinals Hall of Famer Stan Musial. An original Stan Musial figurine in near mint condition with its original box and paperwork brought $227.05 at auction.

Stan Musial Hartland statue $227.05 - Heritage Auction Galleries

Willie Mays Hartland Statue

Willie Mays – the vaunted "Say Hey Kid" – is captured making one of his patented basket catches as a centerfielder for the San Francisco Giants. An original Willie Mays Hartland statue in excellent condition sold at auction for $203.15.

Willie Mays Hartland statue $203.15 - Heritage Auction Galleries

Jon Arnett Hartland Statue

Jon Arnett was a star running back for the Los Angeles Rams. A rare mint-in-the-box Jon Arnett Hartland statue brought a top bid of $220 at auction.

Johnny Unitas Hartland Statue

Pro Football Hall of Famer Johnny Unitas – old #19 – was a star quarterback for the Baltimore Colts. An original Johnny Unitas Hartland statue in excellent condition sold at auction for $336.

Johnny Unitas Hartland statue $336 - Hake's Americana & Collectibles

Bret Maverick Hartland Statue

James Garner starred as Old West gambler Bret Maverick in ABC-TV's Maverick (1957-62). An original Bret Maverick Hartland statue in excellent condition brought $126.50 at auction.

Bret Maverick Hartland statue $126.50 - Morphy Auctions

George Washington Hartland Statue

George Washington was a part of Hartland's Historical Horsemen series. An original George Washington statue – complete with horse, sword, cap and American flag – in very good condition brought $103.50 at auction.

George Washington Hartland rider and horse $103.50 - Morphy Auctions

Roy Rogers Hartland Statue

Roy Rogers – King of the Cowboys – had his own television series The Roy Rogers Show, telecast over NBC-TV from 1951-57. An original Hartland Roy Rogers figure with horse Trigger and dog Bullet in very good condition sold at auction for $172.50.

The Lone Ranger Hartland Statue

Clayton Moore starred as TV's The Lone Ranger (1949-57). An original Hartland The Lone Ranger statue in very good condition fetched $115 at auction.

The Lone Ranger statue $115 - Morphy Auctions

Johnny McKay Hartland Statue

Peter Brown starred as Deputy Johnny McKay in ABC-TV's Lawman, telecast from 1958-62. An original Johnny McKay Hartland statue in excellent condition sold at auction for $460.

Johnny McKay Hartland statue $460 - Morphy Auctions

Hartland Statue Credits & Top Image

  • Auction results and images courtesy Hake's Americana & Collectibles, York, Pennsylvania; Heritage Auction Galleries, Dallas, Texas; Morphy Auctions, Denver, Pennsylvania
  • Top image: Roy Rogers 1950s Hartland statue with horse Trigger and dog Bullet $172.50 - Morphy Auctions

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