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Ten Valuable Halloween (1978) Movie Posters & Collectibles

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John Carpenter's Halloween debuted on October 25, 1978, starring Jamie Lee Curtis and Donald Pleasence. Valuable Halloween movie memorabilia includes one sheet posters, movie stills, Australian lobby cards and French, Yugoslavian, German and Japanese movi

Compass International Pictures' cult horror classic Halloween rampaged into movie theaters in 1978. Directed by John Carpenter and starring Jamie Lee Curtis, Donald Pleasence, Nancy Kyes, P.J. Soles, Charles Cyphers and Kyle Richards, Halloween tells the story of the indestructible Michael Myers, an institutionalized murderer who makes his escape several days before Halloween. Made for a paltry $320,000, Halloween debuted on October 25, 1978, quickly becoming a box-office sensation.

Here are ten valuable Halloween movie posters and collectibles that are sure to interest horror/slasher film fans and movie memorabilia collectors.  It's Halloween, everyone's entitled to one good scare." - Charles Cyphers as Sheriff Leigh Brackett

Halloween One Sheet Movie Poster  

A standard one sheet movie poster (27x41-inches) in very fine- condition sold at auction for $191.20. The movie begins on Halloween night in 1963, where six-year-old Michael Myers commits his first murder.

Halloween one sheet poster $191.20

Halloween Blue Box Ratings Style One Sheet Movie Poster

A rare blue box ratings style one sheet movie poster (27x41-inches) in fine/very fine condition brought $346.55 at auction.

Halloween Movie Stills

A collection of twelve 8x10-inch black-and-white movie stills in very fine+ condition sold at auction for $448.13. Jamie Lee Curtis was paid $8,000 to play Laurie Strode. The production was shot on such a tight budget that all of the actors wore their own clothes. Curtis, in fact, purchased her wardrobe at J.C. Penney for less than $100.

Halloween movie stills, six of twelve $448.13

Halloween Australian Daybill Movie Poster

An Australian daybill movie poster (13x30-inches) in very fine+ condition brought $310.70 at auction. Halloween came to Australia on June 1, 1979.

Halloween Australian daybill poster $310.70

Halloween Belgian Movie Poster

A Belgian movie poster (14x21-inches) in very fine/near mint condition sold at auction for $28. Halloween is set in the fictional town of Haddonfield, Illinois. The film was shot in southern California – with a few palm trees inadvertently dotting the "Illinois" landscape.

Halloween Japanese B2 Movie Poster

A Japanese B2 movie poster (20x29-inches) in near mint condition fetched a top bid of $310.70 at auction. Halloween debuted in Japan on August 11, 1979.

Halloween Japanese B2 poster $310.70

Halloween French Petite Movie Poster

A French petite movie poster (23x31-inches) in very fine- condition brought $11 at auction. Halloween came to France on March 14, 1979.

Halloween Yugoslavian Movie Poster

A Yugoslavian movie poster (19x27-inches) in very fine- condition sold at auction for $11. The actual Myers home was located in South Pasadena, California.

Halloween Yugoslavian poster $11

Halloween Australian Lobby Cards

A collection of six Australian lobby cards (11x14-inches) in fine/very fine condition brought $48 at auction.

Halloween German A1 Movie Poster

A German A1 movie poster (23x33-inches) in very fine- condition sold at auction for $44. Halloween made its debut in West Germany on July 6, 1979. In Halloween, the deranged Michael Myers racks up a body count of five: Judith Myers, a truck driver and three teenagers. The evil Myers – clad in his trademark hockey mask – is no animal lover either, as he also kills two dogs.

Halloween German A1 movie poster $44

Halloween Movie Memorabilia Credits & Top Image

  • All auction results and images courtesy Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Texas
  • Top image: Australian lobby card (11x14-inches) in fine/very fine condition $31

Copyright © 2011 William J. Felchner


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