Ten Valuable Casey Stengel Baseball Collectibles

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Casey Stengel made his major league debut with the Brooklyn Dodgers on September 17, 1912. Valuable Casey Stengel baseball collectibles include signed baseballs, rare Kansas City Bentons team photos, original Perez-Steele artwork and Old Mill tobacco and

Charles Dillon "Casey" Stengel (1890-1975) is one of baseball's most celebrated managers. Nicknamed "The Old Perfessor," Stengel played his 1912-1925 major league career with the Brooklyn Superbas/Robins/Dodgers, Pittsburgh Pirates, Philadelphia Phillies, New York Giants and Boston Braves, amassing 1,219 hits, 535 runs batted in and a lifetime batting average of .284. But it was Stengel's 1934-1965 big league managerial career where he made his mark, posting a lifetime 1,905-1,842 won-loss record with the Brooklyn Dodgers, Boston Bees/Braves, New York Yankees and New York Mets. Casey Stengel was inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame as a manager in 1966.

Here are ten valuable Casey Stengel baseball collectibles that should be of interest to sports memorabilia collectors. "The Yankees don't pay me to win every day, just two out of three." - Casey Stengel

Casey Stengel 1910 Old Mill Tobacco Baseball Card

Casey Stengel graces the 1910 T206 Old Mill tobacco baseball series. One graded example in PSA excellent-mint 6 condition sold at auction for $23,500. An ad for Old Mill Cigarettes appears on back.

Casey Stengel 1910 T206 card $23,500 - Robert Edward Auctions

Casey Stengel 1981 Perez-Steele Original Artwork

The Old Perfessor appears in the classic 1981 Perez-Steele postcard set. The original Stengel art executed by Dick Perez brought $1,880 at auction.

Casey Stengel Dick Perez original watercolor $1,880 - Robert Edward Auctions

Casey Stengel Circa 1908 Kansas City Bentons Photo

Casey Stengel played for the Kansas City Bentons, a semi-pro baseball club, prior to his major league debut in 1912. A circa 1908 team photo picturing the 16-year-old Stengel and his fellow Bentons sold at auction for $1,175. Stengel's nickname of "Casey" was derived from his hometown of Kansas City – or "K.C."

Casey Stengel 1908 Kansas City Bentons team photo $1,175 - Robert Edward Auctions

Casey Stengel New York Mets 1963 Team Signed Ball

An Official National League baseball signed by manager Casey Stengel and 19 New York Mets players fetched a top bid of $1,293 at auction. Stengel signed the ball on the sweet spot. The hapless New York Mets finished dead last in the National League in 1963 with a 51-111 record.

Casey Stengel New York Mets 1963 autographed team ball $1,293 - Robert Edward Auctions

Casey Stengel 1921-23 National Caramel Baseball Card

Casey Stengel appears in the 1921-23 National Caramel baseball series. One example authenticated by SGC sold at auction for $120.70.

Casey Stengel Autographed Photo

An 8x10-inch photo picturing Casey Stengel as manager of the New York Yankees and signed "To Alan Cooperman good luck Casey Stengel Hall of Fame" brought $215.10 at auction.

Casey Stengel signed photo $215.10 - Heritage Auctions

Casey Stengel 1951 Bowman Baseball Card

Card #181 Casey Stengel graces the 1951 Bowman baseball set. One graded example in SGC 86 near mint+ 7.5 condition sold at auction for $131.45.

Casey Stengel 1951 Bowman card $131.45 - Heritage Auctions

Casey Stengel 1952 Bowman Baseball Card

Card #217 in the 1952 Bowman Gum baseball series features Yankees manager Casey Stengel. One graded example in PSA near mint-mint 8 condition brought $203.15 at auction.

Casey Stengel 1964 Signed New York Daily News Paper

A July 30, 1964, special insert from the New York Daily News bearing the headline "Happy Birthday 'Perfessor'" was given out to fans at Shea Stadium in honor of Casey Stengel's 74th birthday. One signed example sold at auction for $107.55.

Casey Stengel autographed New York Daily News insert $107.55 - Heritage Auctions

Casey Stengel Signed Index Card

A simple 3x5-inch index card bearing Casey Stengel's signature graded PSA mint 9 condition brought $83.65 at auction.

Casey Stengel Sports Memorabilia Credits & Top Image

  • Auction results and images courtesy Robert Edward Auctions, Watchung, New Jersey, and Heritage Auctions, Dallas, Texas
  • Top image: Casey Stengel and Joe DiMaggio early 1970s autographed photo $1,165.13 - Heritage Auctions

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