Ten Valuable Buffalo Bill Cody Collectibles

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William F. "Buffalo Bill" Cody (1846-1917) is one of the American Old West's most colorful figures. Valuable Buffalo Bill Cody collectibles include autographed photos, 19th century cabinet cards, vintage lithographs, movie posters, figural clocks, handwri

William Frederick "Buffalo Bill" Cody remains one of the most colorful figures in Old West history. Born in Iowa Territory on February 26, 1846, Cody earned his famous nickname while supplying the Kansas Pacific Railroad with fresh buffalo meat. A teamster with the Union Army during the Civil War, Cody later served as a civilian scout with the 3rd Cavalry Regiment, earning the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1872 for "gallantry in action." The founder of Buffalo Bill's Wild West, a popular show which toured the United States and Europe, Buffalo Bill Cody died of kidney failure in Denver, Colorado, on January 10, 1917.

Here are ten valuable Buffalo Bill Cody collectibles that are sure to interest Wild West historians and collectors of Americana. The iconic Buffalo Bill Cody rides again...

Buffalo Bill Cody Circa 1905 Lithograph 

A 39x26-inch lithograph titled "W.F. Cody Le Dernier Des Grandes Eclairuers" (W. F. Cody The Last of the Great Scouts) by Rosa Bonheur was printed for Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show circa 1905. One example sold at auction for $3,000.

Buffalo Bill Cody lithograph $3,000

Buffalo Bill Cody Lot of Four Cabinet Cards

Old cabinet cards are huge with collectors. A lot of four late 19th century Buffalo Bill cabinet cards brought $900 at auction.

Buffalo Bill Cody cabinet cards $900

Buffalo Bill Cody Circa 1893 Lithograph

Hoen & Co. of Baltimore produced a colorful lithograph of Colonel W.F. Cody circa 1893. One framed example sold at auction for $2,500.

Buffalo Bill Cody lithograph circa 1893 $2,500

Buffalo Bill Cody Imperial Mantel Clock

A Victorian-era Buffalo Bill mantel clock made by Imperial brought $1,500 at auction. The clock was in working order, set to strike at half-hour intervals.

Buffalo Bill mantel clock $1,500

The Life of Buffalo Bill 1912 Movie Poster

A framed one sheet poster preserved on linen promoting the three-reel silent film The Life of Buffalo Bill sold at auction for $1,500. Directed by Paul Panzer, the movie features William F. Cody as himself, with William James Craft, Irving Cummings and Pearl White also in the cast.

The Life of Buffalo Bill 1912 framed one sheet poster $1,500

William F. Cody 1909 Autographed Photo

A 7x9-inch 1909 photograph by Gessford N.Y. signed by the famous Old West hero – "To my friend H.G. Ridgely, W.F. Cody" – fetched $1,400 at auction.

Buffalo Bill Cody signed photo $1,400

Buffalo Bill Cody 1907 Handwritten Letter

A historic June 15, 1907, one-page handwritten letter in which Buffalo Bill documents an 1876 battle involving the death of Yellow Hand, a Cheyenne chief, was framed and matted with a photo of Cody. It sold at auction for $11,000.

Buffalo Bill Cody 1907 framed letter $11,000

William F. Cody vs. Louisa Cody 1905 Divorce Papers

An original set of legal papers in binders of the bitterly contested divorce  involving Buffalo Bill Cody vs. wife Louisa Cody circa 1905 brought $5,500 at auction. The papers are believed to be Mrs. Cody's personal copies, which she retained at her home in North Platte, Nebraska. Old West gossip anyone?

Buffalo Bill Lot of Four Wild West Programs

Buffalo Bill's Wild West show programs are true works of art. A lot of four programs in good to excellent condition from 1899, 1901, 1902 and 1907 sold at auction for $350.

Buffalo Bill Wild West program, one of four $350

Buffalo Bill Cody Cigars Saloon Punchboard

An unused 20th century Cody Cigars saloon punchboard fetched a top bid of $400.

Buffalo Bill saloon punchboard $400

William F. Cody Old West Memorabilia Credits & Top Image

  • All auction results and images courtesy Brian Lebel's Old West Show & Auction, Denver, Colorado
  • Top image: Buffalo Bill's Wild West show 1907 32-page advance courier $100


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