Ten Valuable Baseball Sheet Music Collectibles

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Vintage baseball sheet music can sell for over $15,000. Collectible titles include The Live Oak Polka, Base Ball Galop, Boston Americans March, The Base Ball Quadrille, Our Bambino, Take Me Out to the Ballgame, They All Know Cobb and March of the Cardinal

Baseball sheet music dates back to the 19th century. Some baseball-related sheets are huge collector favorites, honoring Hall of Fame ballplayers, historic ballparks and classic teams. Here are ten valuable sheets related to the National Pastime. If you have any of these in your attic or basement, count yourself lucky...

The Live Oak Polka (1860)

This ultra rare sheet music, published by Jos. P. Shaw of Rochester, New York, features an early baseball scene from 1860. Fewer than ten examples are known to exist today. One sheet from the former collection of Barry Halper sold at auction for $17,250.

The Live Oak Polka (1860) $17,250 - Robert Edward Auctions, LLC

Base Ball Galop (1870)

Lyon & Healy published this sheet honoring the Lyon & Healy Base Ball Club of Chicago in 1870. An actual mounted team photo adorns the cover. One example in excellent condition sold for $1,508.

Baseball Galop (1870) $1,508 - Robert Edward Auctions, LLC

Boston Americans March (1903)

The Cecilian Music Company of Hyde Park, Massachusetts, published this sheet honoring the "Boston American Baseball Team, Champions of the World," who had bested the Pittsburgh Pirates in the first official World Series of 1903. Boston's player-manager Jimmy Collins adorns the cover. One example brought a top bid of $1,160.

Boston Americans March (1903) $1,160 - Robert Edward Auctions, LLC

The Base Ball Quadrille (1867)

Henry Tolman & Co. of Boston published this rare sheet which is dedicated to the "Tri Mountain Base Ball Club of Boston, Champions of New England." Only several examples are known to exist. This particular sheet in excellent condition fetched $9,280 at auction.

The Base Ball Quadrille (1867) $9,280 - Robert Edward Auctions, LLC

Union Baseball Club March (1867)

Rich J. Compton of St. Louis published this sheet dedicated "To the Members of the Union Base Ball Club - Champions of Missouri," which features nine players on the cover. One example professionally matted and framed sold at auction for $1,276. (Robert Edward Auctions, LLC)

I Can't Get to First Base With You (1935)

Fred Fisher Music Co. of New York City published this popular sheet paying tribute to New York Yankees slugger Lou Gehrig – who is smoking a cigarette on the cover!. Fisher and Mrs. Lou (Eleanor) Gehrig, the latter of whom is pictured in a small oval, penned the lively tune. One example brought $537.75 at auction.

I Can't Get to First Base With You (1935) $537.75 - Heritage Auction Galleries

Husky Hans (1904)

Carnegie Union of Carnegie, Pennsylvania, published this sheet honoring Pittsburgh Pirates great Honus Wagner. Billed as "a stirring march and two-step," one example fetched $388.38 at auction. (Heritage Auction Galleries)

Our Bambino (1948)

Richardson Songs of Beverly Hills, California, published this sheet paying tribute to the late George Herman "Babe" Ruth – a.k.a. "The Bambino" – who succumbed to cancer on August 16, 1948. This particular example, which once inhabited the estate of Ruth's agent Christy Walsh, sold for $131.45 at auction.

Our Bambino (1948) $131.45 - Heritage Auction Galleries

They All Know Cobb (1913)

Wm. Murphy Publishing Co. of New York published this sheet honoring Detroit Tigers great Ty Cobb, who adorns the cover. One example brought a top bid of $478 at auction.

They All Know Cobb (1913) $478 - Heritage Auction Galleries

March of the Cardinals (1937)

The famous George M. Cohan penned this march honoring the St. Louis Cardinals. This example has been autographed by nearly 30 pre-World War II members of the team, including Dizzy and Daffy Dean, Joe Medwick, Frankie Frisch, Johnny Mize, Terry Moore, Jesse "Pop" Haines and Leo Durocher. It sold at auction for $717.

March of the Cardinals (1937) autographed sheet $717 - Heritage Auction Galleries

Ten More Valuable Baseball Sheet Music Memorabilia

  • Western League March (1896) - $215.10
  • The Red Stockings (1869) - $507.88
  • Babe (1947) - $65
  • Take Me Out to the Ballgame (1908) - $179.25
  • Babe Ruth! Babe Ruth! We Know What He Can Do (1928) - $95.60
  • Safe at Home: A Tribute to Our Beloved Babe Ruth (1948) - $24
  • Home Run Polka (1867) - $1,276
  • Home Run Quick Step (1861) - $3,819
  • Mother Noah Gave Out Checks For Rain (1906) - $56
  • Baseball's The Game For Me (1912) Rube Marquard tribute sheet - $53

Home Run Quick Step (1861) $3,819 - Robert Edward Auctions, LLC

Top Image

  • Lot of two Along Came Ruth (1926) sheet music penned by Irving Berlin $419.45 - Heritage Auction Galleries


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