Ten Signs That People Are Bored with You

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A list of non-verbal signs of boredom or that other people are bored with you.

You do not have to have the bubbliest personality or the sunniest disposition for others not to consider you as dull. Sometimes, you think you have the greatest story to tell or the most amazing talks but when others hear you, they deem you as boring. They think you are a senseless blah-blah-blah machine who spits out I-am and I-do statements. Or that you are simply like a broken-down machine – mute!

Whichever you are, the fact that others find you boring is somewhat hurtful and discouraging. This should raise your social alarms and you must do something about preventing it. However, you can only do so if you can recognize the signs that your acquaintance is already bored with you.

Here are some body languages and signs of other people that may indicate they are bored with you.

1. Yawning. This is the obvious sign of boredom, and if you are talking to someone who frequently yawns, be aware that he or she has lost interest of your conversation. Yet, only a number will really open up their mouth wide and yawn in front of you. Many will be polite enough to suppress their urge to yawn. What results is that person partly opens his or her mouth to slowly expel air, along with opening and hardening of the nose.

2. Breaking eye contact. The eyes are windows of the soul, so if someone continually breaks eye contact while talking with you, that person has closed the windows and has become bored with you. A person who has still interest with your conversation can hold eye contact for as long as it takes. If not, he or she would seem to be looking or staring somewhere else. He or she would have that faraway look, far enough from your voice. Deep inside, he or she wishes you would clam up.

3. Glazed eyes. What happens when we want to yawn and cannot do so? What happens when we are in the verge of sleeping but fighting that urge? Our eyes glazed! They seem to water. So if you are talking to someone who has become fish-eyed, chances are he or she has zoned out. Especially when his or her facial expressions do not anymore match with yours at the moment.

4. Narrowing of eyes. This gesture suggests that person is weighing out your words. If this is accompanied with the head turning away from you with a slight shake, he or she may not only be second guessing your sincerity or honesty, he or she has totally become bored or irritated with you. Better gently change the topic and bring that person to liking your talk again. You do not want to be a nuisance bore!

5. Responding the same way over and over. “Really?” “Oh, I see.” “Yeah” “Uh-huh”. These tired replies, and even a more frequent nod, are common responses of people who feel they have to respond in order not to appear rude. Or if his or her answers do not jibe with your words, or that he or she seems to have merry-go-round responses, this simply means that he or she has only listened reluctantly all along. That person might have only felt obliged to listen to you, so you better cut it out.

6. Moving the head from side to side. Do not worry if your acquaintance does that more often. He or she does not have cramp in the neck. You are simply boring and he or she can’t help showing it. Especially if there is a slight rolling of eyes or mouth movement.

7. Keeping hands hidden. What do you do with your hands when you are happy? You clap or wave them merrily. How about when you are intent and serious with your talk? You clamp them or close them together, and bring them to your mouth or chin. But what if the other person’s hands are hidden? Was he or she also hiding his or her boredom with you? You might be in trouble for hidden hands can mean a breakdown in communication.

8. Playing with something in their hands. Okay, so they are not hiding their hands. But what are they doing with them? Fidgeting with them? Drumming their fingers? Picking their clothes? If bored, people unconsciously channel out their anxiety, frustration, and uneasiness by keeping themselves busy. So when someone gets bored with you, he or she gets himself or herself busy by playing with his or her hands and fingers.

9. Tightened facial muscles. Other ways of finding outlet for boredom is doing a slight pout, clenching of teeth, or twitching of mouth. Worse, if these gestures are accompanied by clinched fist, boredom has truly taken its toll.

10. Rubbing of ears, eyes or nose. There is no itch, but the person seems to have. But indeed there is none, he or she is only frustrated that he or she pretends to be having trouble. Or does he or she shuffle his or her feet? There is no itch again, but these movements and the noises they make should send signals that you have become a bore.

It is really a social crime to indulge your acquaintances with dullness. If the signs above have been observed, better do evasive actions to make yourself a pleasant and entertaining person. Never traumatize others with boredom. It makes people run away at the first sight of you.


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