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Telemarketing Jobs: How Much Do They Pay? How to Find the Right One?

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A telemarketing job can be very lucrative, even in this economy. What you need to know when looking for a telemarketing job.

Telemarketing jobs can be lucrative, even in this economy. It can also be very helpful if you are thinking about starting your own business; online or off.

The unemployment rate is at an all time high and it does not look like those statistics are going to improve anytime soon. If you are one of the unlucky workers whom are now jobless, due to today’s economy, there may be hope for you.

Like most people that are unemployed, you are frantically looking for another job and pretty much will take anything. Even, if you find a job you are qualified for, you have to try to beat out the other 500 hundred applicants, for that one position, whom are just as qualified. Desperation sets in, after all you have to pay your bills, feed your family, keep a roof over their head, and so you apply at MacDonalds only to find they have a hiring freeze. The only thing left to do is file for unemployment and possibly food stamps or you could apply for a telemarketing job.

Working as a telemarketer is not as bad as you think.

Your first thought is going to be you do not want to be “the dreaded telemarketer” because you don’t like taking those calls, yourself. You also do not want to be yelled at and cussed out. Believe it or not, being yelled or cursed at does not happen very often. Occasionally, you will come across rude people that usually just hang up on you, but generally most people are not confrontational.

Look at the big picture at to what telemarketing can do to help you

Telemarketing can be quite lucrative, even in the present economy. It all depends what you are selling. It can also help you with some of your future goals.

· Most telemarketing companies pay an hourly wage plus bonuses.

· A lot of them are part time but with the bonuses you can make a full time paycheck.

· Telemarketing companies teach you some of the best sales techniques which you can apply to starting your own business. No matter if you decide on an online or offline business, you have to learn how to market it and those sales techniques can come in handy.

· Telemarketing teaches you assertiveness. This can really boost your confidence and to help you successfully close sales, including selling yourself to the employer of the job you really want. It may help you beat out the other 500 applicants.

· Telemarketers use phone scripts to read from when they are talking to the potential customer. These scripts are usually written by the marketing department or by a freelance copywriter. The phone scripts are none other than a sales letter that has a proven tract record of working. Study the wording and how it’s put together. This could be beneficial, especially if you wanted to start your own business. It can teach you successful marketing techniques that you can apply to your own business.

How to find the right telemarketing job.

If you are looking in your local newspaper or online, more than likely you will find a listing for a telemarketing job. Companies still need to market and telemarketing companies seem to always have jobs listed. Most telemarketing companies will hire just about anybody because they seem to have a revolving door. What seems to happen often in telemarketing is a person gets the job and decides after a week or two telemarketing is not for them. Some telemarketing companies have a high turnover of employees, but they also have some employees that stay for years.

· On your first interview, make sure they tell what you will be doing. You want know what you will be marketing. If they try to avoid the subject, more than likely it is something you don’t want to sell. It helps to feel good about what you are selling in order to be successful at it.

· Telemarketing companies that market for charities are usually a good choice, because most people will try to help charities even in this economy. And you will more than likely feel good about what you are doing.

· Make sure they tell you how you are going to be paid. Will you be getting an hourly wage plus bonuses or commission? Is it strictly commission? Is it a draw verses commission? Are you going to be responsible for paying your own taxes or do they take taxes out of your check? Make sure they go over all of this with you before you start.

· Ask how many years they have been in business. Just because they are a new company does not necessarily mean they are bad company to work for. A seasoned company has probably worked out all of the problems and knows the legality of telemarketing. If they have been in business for many years, more than likely, it’s good company to work for.

· Ask if you can talk to some of the employees that have been there for at least six months. You can learn a lot from them.

· They should offer training and allow you to listen to a telemarketing phone call.

Telemarketing is not for everybody, but if you work for a reputable company, you might surprise yourself and end up staying. Some people make a full time paycheck working a part time job.


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