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Taylor Swift: Speak Now Album Review

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It's a review about Taylor Swift's album, SPEAK NOW.

Taylor Swift’s songs are based on her own experiences. That is why many people love her songs. Her last album, Speak Now was released last October 25, 2010 by Big Machine Records. All the tracks in this album were written by Taylor Swift herself. The album was a big hit because on its first week, it sold over 1 million copies.

First track on the album is “Mine.” According to Taylor, the song mine was inspired by a person who became her crush. It is about loving someone despite of the problems and they’re going through and finding someone who would make you believe in love and that it can still work out. Within five hours of the official release, the song became number one in the iTunes digital download chart.

Sparks Fly is about falling in love for someone you shouldn’t fall for; the feeling’s one-sided, hidden.

The third song also became a big hit – Back to December. This song’s an apology for one of Taylor’s ex-boyfriends, which is, according to the critics, is Taylor Lautner. (That one’s never been confirmed though). According to her, it was the first time she apologized to someone in a form of a song.

Speak Now, was inspired by Taylor Swift’s friend and her friend’s boyfriend. The song was all about a boy girl who crashed a wedding for her love. In the end, the two ran away and followed their heart.

The next song, Dear John, is dedicated to John Meyer, her ex-boyfriend, who left her for another woman although she’s too young then.

Mean, is a response to all the people who criticize whatever she does. She showed them what she can do and believed in herself. In the end, she succeeded and reached her goals.

The Story of Us, on the other hand, is about her and her ex-boyfriend, whom after their break-up, everything became awkward. It’s about a girl who became bitter because of what happened to her and her boyfriend so she wanted to know how the boy felt when they broke up.

Never Grow Up is about how she wished before that she’d never grow up because of childhood. It’s like being in neverland, where you never grow up and just enjoy yourself because growing up gives a person also, a lot of problems although it’s exciting in some other ways.

Enchanted is a song dedicated to Adam Young of Owl City, who responded to Taylor’s song. It’s all about how Taylor was “wonderstruck” when she was with Adam. It can also relate to people who met a really cool guy, had a crush on him, and started to wish that they’ll start to know each other more.

The song Better than Revenge is about a girl who wanted to take revenge on another girl who stole her boyfriend.

Rumours say that the song Innocent is about her forgiveness to Kanye West. Anyways, it’s about how the girl forgives another person and telling him/her that he/she is innocent.

Haunted is all about how a person tries to save a relationship. And that their memories haunt her.

Last Kiss is about an unexpected ending of a love story, and that love story also had an unexpected “last kiss”

The last song on the album, Long Live is about reminiscing the memories that two people shared together and cherishing them ‘til the end of time. -aglgt

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Posted on Feb 5, 2012

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