Tallest Buildings in Kansas City

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The tallest buildings located in Kansas City, Missouri. All buildings over 425 feet in height are listed and shown.

These are the tallest buildings located in the City of Fountains, Kansas City, Missouri. All the buildings above 425 feet are listed. Some 1.6 million people live and work in Kansas City, while roughly 2.2 million live and work in the metro Kansas City area.

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Kansas City is the largest city in Missouri, while it is the second largest metro area in Missouri, behind St. Louis. Known as the City of Fountains, over 200 fountains are in the city, Kansas City is located where the Kansas and Missouri Rivers meet right on the border of the states of Kansas and Missouri. Kansas City is the heart of the Midwest, and is a great place to visit.

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1. One Kansas City Place - 651 feet

The tallest building in Kansas City, Missouri is One Kansas City Place at 651 feet height. The 42 floor skyscraper is also the tallest building in Missouri, but not the tallest structure in the state. That distinction belongs to the 630 foot high Gateway Arch in St. Louis.

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Completed in 1988, One Kansas City Place is located at 1200 Main Street in Downtown Kansas City. The largest tenant in the building is Kansas City Power and Light. At night, the lights located at the four corners of the building on top are lit in different colors depending upon the time of the year and which sports team is playing. When the Kansas City Chiefs play, the colors are red and white. When the Royals play, the colors are blue and white.

2. Town Pavilion - 591 feet

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At 591 feet in height, the 38 floor Town Pavilion located at 1111 Main Street, is the second tallest building in Kansas City, and third tallest building in the state of Missouri. Completed in 1986, the Town Pavilion building used to be known as AT&T Town Pavilion,

3. Hyatt Regency Crown Center - 504 feet

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At 504 feet in height, the 40 story Hyatt Regency Crown Center is the third tallest building in Kansas City, and sixth tallest building in Missouri. Completed in 1978, the Hyatt Regency Crown Center is the tallest hotel in Kansas City and is located at 2345 McGee Street.

On July 17, 1981, 111 people were killed and another 188 people were injured in the Hyatt Regency Crown Center when two 180 foot high sky bridges collapsed in the hotel.

4. Kansas City Power and Light - 481 feet

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At 481 feet in height, the 36 floor Kansas City Power and Light building located at 1330 Baltimore Street is the fourth tallest building in Kansas City. Built in 1931 in Art Deco style, the Kansas City Power and Light building was the tallest building in the city for 47 years. The building is crowned with a 97 foot high pillar of lights that can be seen for many miles. Plans are in the works to convert the Kansas City Power and Light building into a hotel and convention center.

5. 909 Walnut - 470 feet

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909 Walnut is a 470 foot high, 32 story residential and commercial building located at 909 Walnut Street in Kansas City, Missouri. Built in 1931, 909 Walnut was originally an office building that was purchased by the United States Government in 1946. The distinctive two spire building was converted to a mainly residential apartment building beginning in 2000. When the apartments in the twin spires are counted, the building has 35 floors.

6. Kansas City City Hall - 445 feet

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Built in 1937 to help create jobs in Kansas City during the Great Depression, the Kansas City City Hall was built in Beaux-Arts style with Art Deco elements. At 445 feet in height, the City Hall building is located at 414 East 12th Street and still serves as home for the government in Kansas City. The mayor's office is on the 29th floor, and their is a great observation deck open to the public on top of the building on the 30th floor.

7. 1201 Walnut - 427 feet

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The 1201 Walnut Street building is 427 feet and has 30 floors. 1201 Walnut Street was completed in 1991.

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