Take Care Messages for Him and for Her: Sample Take Care Wishes and Messages

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Take Care Messages: Sample Take Care Wishes and messages! Are you searching for take care messages that you can send out for your friends and loved ones? Well, your search ends here, In this article you will find a great collection of take care messages

Take care messages are sent to friends and loved ones intended to express deepest care and love towards them. Take care messages should be chosen with nice words and phrases written in a caring and as well as a loving tone. Read on to find the perfect take care messages for him and for her. 

1. I hope you are taking good care of yourself each day. Remember we are keeping a tab on your whereabouts.

2. Hey buddy! Please get well soon because we miss you a lot! And join us soon just as like we always do. Take care!

3. You are so special to me and forever will be my best friend. Take care of yourself my dearest friend. Remember I’m here for you no matter what! 

4. An angel show up in my dreams and ask me is I have a wish for myself, I answered “Yes I have a wish but not for myself, for the one who is reading this messages, please angel take good care of my best-friend”

5. You mean a lot to me, you have been a part of my life at all times; ups and downs you were there, and you are always there to give a comfort hand for me. Thank you now and I will also be here caring for you! Take care!

6. This message is to send my warmest love and care for my one and only dearest friend! Take good care of yourself (name)

7. May you have a blessed and a wonderful day ahead! Enjoy your day and see you later friend. Take care!

8. Even if we are apart, it doesn’t mean that I do not remember you anymore. In fact, every single day I’m thinking of you. So let this message be a bridge of our relationship. Take care of yourself always! Looking forward to see you soon. Good day!

9. If I’m an angel, I will watch over you all the time and protect you from any harm. Since, I’m just a human being just like you all I can do is to remind you to take good care of yourself because I don’t want you to get hurt. Have a nice day ahead! 

10 Take care of yourself, because I love you! Take care of yourself, because I need you! Take care of yourself because you are my life and my life is meaningless without you.... 

11 You don't mean anything to me, but you mean everything to me...... So you better take care sweetheart! 

12 I love my life and the one's in it! You are a special part of my life and so please take care of yourself! 

Care is definitely the most romantic, meaningful and sweetest form of showing love to your friends, families and someone special. So don’t miss the chance of sending the most important people around you these beautiful take care messages and show your love and care for them by sending the perfect take care message.


Writing a caring message can mean so much to someone special, not only does it show you care, but also that you are thinking about them. Showing care and love is good karma and also will be returned. Those that you send a caring message to will also remember that you sent them a caring message.

Sometimes we lose track of our friends and relatives, and just a simple caring card or message can mean so much. Whether your friends or relatives live in the same city or across county, a simple message can mean so much to their health.