Symptoms of Aurophobia or Fear of Gold

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Aurophobia is the exaggerated or irrational fear of gold. This 450 word article discusses the symptoms and steps to diagnosing symptoms of aurophobia.

It is ironic how the most trivial things can scare people, but the truth is, no one can better understand phobia if not by experience.

Aurophobia is the exaggerated or irrational fear of gold. Like every other phobia, it's not something to laugh about. Manifestations of aurophobia in a patient often starts mild and undetectable, but after some time of letting it slip, aurophobia can mean serious trouble.

Other names for aurophobia:

* Fear of gold

* Fear of golden objects

* Gold phobia

Auro-phobia is often confused with aero-phobia due to spellings, but they are entirely two different phobias.

Symptoms of Aurophobia

The most common symptoms of aurophobia (fear of gold) are the feelings of panic, terror, anxiety, tension, and dread. Amongst the physical symptoms are sweating, rapid heartbeat, and trembling. Whilst, other milder cases or manifestations of aurophobia in a person can cause sweaty palms, being jumpy, being cautious, being worried, stammering, and/or similar things.

A person with aurophobia follow measures of extreme avoidance, like people suffering any kind of phobia.

Diagnosing Symptoms of Aurophobia

The best way to diagnose symptoms of aurophobia is to go through self-evaluations and questionnaires. It doesn't always have to be shrinks, medications, and interrogations. You can do it yourself.

Ask yourself the following questions:

* How long have you had panic?

* What do you do when you panic?

* Why, and how intense?

* What lead you to believe you are suffering phobia, much less aurophobia?

* For how long have you been consciously avoiding gold?

* For how long do you think you have been unknowingly avoiding gold?

Knowing the duration you've had aurophobia will eventually be quite useful in treating it. Start keeping timelines as early as possible, which will later help you find out what your triggers are.

And yes, like allergies, phobias also has triggers. There are things that makes the feeling of panic worse, and there are situations that can make it go away. Knowing those triggers will help you deal with aurophobia.

Known Causes of Aurophobia

"Where does aurophobia come from" is the question people with this kind of fear had been asking themselves for the longest time. Especially because in phobic cases, knowing the root cause is the key on how a patient will get over his kind of phobia.

Since aurophobia falls into material classification, tragic or traumatizing experiences involving gold is the most obvious explanation. Could it be a loved one who died long ago, and gold plays some significant role of making the patient remember it? Sometimes even, the patient doesn't even know the connection.