Symptoms and Signs of an Empathic Link Left Open

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Love is hard enough without the added problems of a link love, not to mention the health issues that can come of leaving a link opened for prolonged or chronic periods.

Every power comes with it's responsibilities as it also comes with it's down sides. Thankfully with the Empathic Link System, there are ways of knowing if you have absent mindedly left a link open, or if you have been suffering from the waning of one that has appeared as something else in your life.

Signs and Symptoms of an Open Link

First we will cover small signals

~Constant thoughts of the person you have linked to

~Constant attention from the person you have linked to

~Slight feeling of fatigue without any apparent cause

Prolonged Connection

~Imprinting  - you might find yourself in the beginnings of the middle of a romantic relationship with the person, even if it is clear in many ways that you are incompatible.

~Constant stress with no apparent cause

~Trouble thinking clearly

~Constant thoughts of the person you have linked to

~Constant attention seeking from the person you have linked to

~Regular cold or flu like symptoms

~Reoccurring Digestive problems (heart burn, diarrhea, nausea, etc..)

Chronic Symptoms

~Imprint  - It often seems like a state of constant love for the person linked to, even if the relationship is clearly incompatible

~Co-dependent relationship with the person linked to. Often this happens through not understanding the link and mistaking it for a love relationship. They become dependent on us for constant healing and instant satisfaction and even if they clearly don't want to be with us, and often the Empath joins the struggle for need to heal them or need to feel loved. This is connected to the Solar Plexus link being left open.

~Often the Empath is stressed even in joyful situations

~Person Empath has linked with becomes jealous and possessive, as if Empath is their possession

~Empath and Person linked to both start to think of other relationship possibilities, which causes many fights since the Empath can feel this in the person they have linked with, and since the link has been chronically open, the person can often feel it in the Empath as well.

~Constant Fatigue

~Self Doubt

~Sometimes Depression

~Person linked with seems to get worse after healing not better

~Constant cold and/or flu symptoms in the Empath

~Trips to the doctor that come back as not fully explained

~Attachment - The Empath and the Person linked to, feel they cannot go on without each other, even if they are hurting each other

As you might notice, many of the symptoms seem to be the same as a poor love relationship. This may seem coincidental, yet it really isn't. The Solar Plexus chakra is connected to the Sacral Chakra and together those chakras make up our personality, secret wants and desires, our lust, our sense of belonging. It only makes sense, knowing these things, that a link left open can often develop into an unnecessary relationship.

I find that this happens to many Empaths who have been unaware of their ability to link, as they only need a little understanding of it to notice the pattern of people who have come and gone from their lives that have turned into relationships that seemed like the one right person for them, yet even with those glamour thoughts that sweep through their consciousness, they fight the knowing that the person they have linked to is not the right person.

Do not fret to much though dear Empath, it is easy to get confused when the world has taught you not to embrace who you really are. The relationships you have been through were meant as a lesson to connect you to this factoid, so that you may understand it was not a failure on your part or theirs, but an experience. Without that experience and this publication, you might not realize what a true loving relationship is, you might have been stuck forever with a torturous relationship and never have known why, usually blaming yourself.

The great part, is that though it has sucked going through these relationships, now you are ready to learn how to control your linking ability, which will free you from being entrapped and enchanted by it. It is very easy to tell the difference between a true love and a link love, once you understand how it connects to your life.

Since I assume you are reading this article to not only learn more about your link system, but also to help yourself find true love, let's go through some of the different signs and symptoms of a relationship created by your Link system, and a relationship that has blossomed because you and the person you have your eyes on are truly in love.

Signs of a Link Love

~Imprinting - The reason I use this term "Imprinting", is because to the person who has become imprinted, it seems as real as real love. It would seem absurd for another to suggest that it's not. Though the difference is in the possessiveness. When we love another, we do not bind them, even in our own thoughts, we are sharing, caring and compassionate with them. Imprinting is the intoxicating enchantment of love, all the senses respond to it as if it were love, and for that matter if it happens to a person that is compatible, it can become love, though this seldom happens from an Imprint.

~The Empath will notice that the person to whom they believe they are in love with, never seems to truly reciprocate those loving vibrations. Even if the words come out of their mouth, even if the Empath gives their whole heart up in an attempt to please them. The whole thing seems fake in the back of your mind, even if you don't want to believe it, even if you can reason it is not.

~Before the Empath developed a relationship with the "caller", they often found themselves meeting with the person for a need of healing. The topic almost always came up, or the caller often talks with the Empath about past relationships that when badly, or problems the caller has in their life all the time. Generally these are things that are considered 'rude' to constantly talk about in a loving relationship, even if it is a really open one.

~The Empath constantly feels Used, not just mentally but physically and energetically as well.

~The Relationship seems to be bad for both the Empath and the caller, yet when the Empath senses this and tries to break it off, the caller pleads for it to stay, using all the most enchanting words to keep it together.

Signs of a Loving Relationship (without Link)

~The first and most important way you can tell the difference, is by becoming consciously aware of your linking system and consciously making an effort to make sure your Link is not left open with the person you are in a relationship with. It is not easy, as an Empath tends to open their link to fully listen to, pay full attention to or completely connect to the person they are infatuated with. Consciously making sure you close your link with the person after talking with them, thinking about them or listening to them.

Remember: Closing your link will not change your physical relationship with them, it will simply keep you from constantly interchanging energies and from being enchanted by the connection you create with them. It will not stop the relationship from developing or from you creating a strong bond with them. The Link is not needed with true love, it simply feels as if it is.

~The person the Empath finds themselves in a relationship with, does not constantly ask for healing. This can be in the form of not constantly asking the Empath to listen to their problems and solve them, or it can be in the sense of not always complaining of their own problems, or it can be that they return the listening shoulder or they become the problem solver as often as they ask for help solving their own problems. Often they also do not expect the Empath to solve their problems, nor do they blame the Empath for not solving them.

~The nagging that the relationship might not be real is more conscious then subconscious. It is not a feeling we fight, but instead that we seek to understand and through this we find that it is merely self doubt on our own part, then it is the subconscious trying to warn us of a link love.

~The person we are in a relationship with does not seek to restrain, control or possess the Empath. They are supportive, kind and compassionate. Trusting, willing and understanding.

~the 5 year mark. This may seem like a funny way to tell the difference between a real love and link love, but often the signs can be mixed and intertwined and hard to tell the difference until we come to the 5 year mark in the relationship. If by the time you find yourself with the person for 5 years, and you look back and notice that it has been a relationship of take take take, it is likely to have been a link love. They take not because they want to hurt you, but because their subconscious mind cannot reach through to their conscious mind, and so they connect their healing need with taking your love. If by the time you have reached 5 years and you do not feel drained, instead you feel empowered and loved and you can look back and say that it has been good, but not only that but that you can see it continuing to be good for another 40 years, then you are much more likely to be a true love relationship and not a link love.

~You do not feel constantly drained around the person you are in a relationship with

~You feel secure in yourself

~You do not feel like you have become the other person, as in chained to them. Instead you feel like a worthy addition to the persons live, as they are a worthy addition to yours. You feel complimentary. You feel like you can still be you, but with them, instead of as them. "We" does not erase "You" or "Me".

There are so many signs and symptoms, but I would like to note that the conscious effort to make sure the link is not prolongingly left open, is the clearest sign. We cannot always predict that this will create a loving relationship with everyone we meet, but it can at least help rule out the enchantment of the link. I find that it is often not the Empath that confuses the need for healing with the need for love, it is often the caller. Their spirit and subconscious mind realizes what they truly need, but they ignore that to follow their Ego, their conscious mind. It seems like what they need is physical love, and being so enchanted by the connected feeling with the Empath, they provoke the link to stay open, which is not hard in an Empath who doesn't understand their own link. When the Empath is unaware of all this, they can easily be persuaded, as just because we are healers, does not mean we are without emotions or without the need to be loved.

Take the time to read "How to Open and Close the Empathic Linking System" and experiment with it, so that you may prevent yourself from having to deal with a love link on top of the already confusing world of love. It's hard enough without having to overcome extra challenges. Also look out for the factoid about "Detachment".


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