Sweet Lolita Japanese Fashion That Makes Girls Look Like Dolls

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What is the Japanese fashion trend where girls dress up like Victorian dolls? What is sweet Lolita? What is sweet Loli? Learn more about the fashion trend that started in Japan in which teenagers and young adults dress up in pink and pastel colors to l

Sweet Loli, ama-loli,or Sweet Lolita, is a form of Japanese dress where the girls look a little bit like Victorian dolls or anime characters. Indeed for some there is a cos-play aspect about dressing up, but for many it is just to break out of the traditional Japanese style of dress, and is a sub form of fashion style called Lolita.

Often observed around the fashionable Harajuku and Akihabara districts of Tokyo, Japan, (and specifically on Sundays) girls in their teens and early twenties wear clothing that is not unlike what a person might dress their doll in. While pastel pink is a most common color, it is not the only one. Many times the girls also wear pastel blues, yellows, and greens, as well as white. Ribbons and lace are common.

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The dresses themselves tend to be tight on the top, and can be either long sleeved, short sleeved, or sleeveless. The skirt part of the dress is about knee length, and quite big. Socks are typically knee height, shoes are often flat, and child like.

Motifs on the dress are often animals (ponies, cats, puppies, and rabbits), candy, or simply decorative in a Victorian fashion. Bead work is common.

The hair is often a either dyed blond, or brown, or is a wig. It is often done up like a doll, with ribbons and bows, ringlets, or curls. They often have pink or red lipstick, and eyes shown off with strong makeup. The girls may carry stuffed animals, similarly dressed dolls, parasols, or anything “cute”.

Other accessories, such as the purse, is often shaped like fruit, candy, hearts, or animals.

Although sweet Lolita fashion is thought to be a spin off of the anime culture, it probably had its roots in the late1970's, but really became more popular in the late 1990's. Some people view it as a princess look, however if done correctly the look is more of a Victorian child, or doll.

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Sweet Lolita fashion is so popular in Japan that there are several designers, as well as several stores carrying the look. Dresses of this nature can even be found in some department stores in Japan. The more popular clothing line brands include Angelic Pretty, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, and Metamorphose.

Sweet Lolita may be confused with other types of Lolita fashion, of which Goth Lolita is most common.

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