'Sweet Home Alabama' Updates: Where Are the Couples Now?

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Find out here how the couples from 'Sweet Home Alabama' are doing since their seasons ended.

'Sweet Home Alabama' became a fast hit on CMT and is already on its 3rd season of the show. Fans really want updates from the past contestants, but they are hard to find. The only place that you seem to be able to get any information is by following their Twitter accounts. From a lot of research, I have been able to figure out where these two couples are now. Both of them stay pretty quiet and don't do a lot of interviews to update fans.

The first couple from the show was Devin Grissom and Adam Moyer. These two went on CMT and tried to say they were still taking things slow, but later on they confirmed on Twitter that they have split. Adam Moyer even went on his account talking about having a girlfriend since the split so it looks like he found love just not with Devin. Many fans were upset that the two never publicly talked about the split. Don't they owe that to their fans?

Tribble Reese and Tristan Smith have confirmed through Twitter that they are still together, but fans are not sure it is true. They have both said that their other half could not make it places, but for months they have never been pictured together. They are both going to different events and hanging out, but never together. It makes it hard to believe that they are really together. Fans are expecting to hear the two have split when Paige Duke's season of the show comes to an end. Hopefully they do an update show at the end of the season. Then we can find out for sure if they have split or are just having a hard time meeting up as much as they want to since the show ended.

Paige Duke is still showing her season of 'Sweet Home Alabama' on CMT, but fans can't wait to find out who she chooses in the end. Paige has said several times on the show that she finds love and is really happy. She is slowly getting rid of guys and we will find out soon who won her heart. Do you think it will be a guy from the city or the country? Who does she pick and are they still together? Fans will have to wait and see, but you can watch a new episode every Friday night on CMT.