Swap.com vs Kindermint vs thredUP: Kids' Consignment Stores Reviewed and Compared

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In addition to being able to buy kids' products on Swap.com, they also give you the ability to sell your items on consignment or swap for other items. Swap.com carries more than just clothing, like kid’s games, comics and toys. Kindermint and thredUp al


Swap.com is a kid’s consignment store where you can find everything for kids. You can buy, sell and swap all kinds of items for kids. You don’t even have to have money; you can swap your own items for something you want to buy.

Kid’s items are up to 85% lower than brand new prices on product including:

  • Clothing and Accessories also include shoes, jewelry, bags and purses, sunglasses and watches.
  • Books, magazines and comics.
  • Toys and Games like arts and crafts, learning toys, science, die cast, dolls, radio controlled toys, building toys and much more.
  • Maternity clothing.
  • Décor, bedding, clocks and curtains.
  • Sports and Outdoor products for baseball, basketball, golf, skating, soccer, swimming and all other sports.
  • Movies and Music

You will find top name brands for kids Swap.com like:

  • Adidas
  • Sonoma
  • Old Navy
  • Baby Gap
  • Activision
  • Barbie

Swap.com gives you plenty of different ways to search for kid’s products. You can search by the following areas of interest:

  • Brand
  • Condition
  • Age group
  • Price

How Swap.com Works

On Swap.com you can buy, sell or swap. If you find an item you want, you can just purchase it right there for the cost that is stated. If you are signed into Swap.com, you can purchase an item and put it in storage and can be sent to your home at a later time when you buy more items so you can qualify for free shipping at $50.

Swap.com allows customers to swap for items on consignment or you can sell your items. When you send in your items for swap or sale, Swap.com will photograph, store and list all of the consignment items you send in. You will set your own sale price for sale or swap value.

Once your items are ready, you can just wait until they sell or you can swap them as payment for other consignment items you might want to buy. Swap.com has the following fees:

  • All swap transactions are free.
  • Consignment items you place in storage are free to store for up to 9 months.
  • There is a fee of $8.90 for sorting, photographing and listing your consignment items when you send them in.
  • Their sales fee is $1 per item plus 20% of the sales price you sold your consignment item for.

Swap.com Customer Satisfaction

Customers are pleased with Swap.com and give the company a rating of 79% positive on SiteJabber.com. Most of the positive comments are about good deals and prices at Swap.com and fast delivery. The few complaints I read just mentioned the site was somewhat hard to navigate, even though I did not find it hard to get around.


Kindermint is a consignment store that sells new and gently used designer clothing for kids at as much as 90% off retail price. Their kid’s clothes are brand name and current with today’s styles and fashions. They sell consignment clothing for boys, girls and babies plus you can shop for outfits for your kids.

Kindermint carries kid’s clothing in all of the popular brand names including:

  • Ralph Lauren
  • DKNY
  • Nike
  • Carter’s
  • Eddie Bauer
  • Baby Gap
  • Juicy Couture
  • Guess

You can search for kid’s clothing on Kindermint by season, type of clothing, size, color, price and condition, which is mint condition.

Kindermint offers a flat rate shipping cost of $6.95.

Selling Clothes on Kindermint

You can also sell your kids gently used clothing mint condition to Kindermint and get paid on the spot; you do not have to wait until your clothing is sold before you get your money.

It is easy to sell your children’s outgrown clothing to Kindermint. You will order their Mint Box, fill it with your child’s clothing and send it back to Kindermint. There they will appraise your clothing and issue you a credit you can use at Kindermint or they will send you a check or payment by PayPal.

Kindermint only accepts kid’s clothing in exceptional condition, which means no fraying. The value of your clothing is determined by the quality and the quantity you send in. In-demand, top brands and top quality kid’s clothing will earn you more money. They accept kid’s clothing in sizes from 12 months to size 8. They will not buy undergarments, discount brands, counterfeit clothing, clothes with missing labels and sleepwear.

Kindermint has a helpful online tool that can help you determine what you can get for your kid’s clothing. All you have to do is enter in the type of clothing and the brand and you will be shown a range of prices for that piece of clothing.

Kindermint Customer Satisfaction

Kindermint does not have customer ratings, but they do have a Better Business Bureau file and they are rated A by customers with only one complaint, which is very good by BBB standards.


thredUP is also a consignment store that carries clothing and accessories for women, babies and kids. In addition to being able to buy clothing and accessories, you can also sell your clothing on thredUP.

thredUP carries clothing, shoes and handbags that can be as much as 90% off the retail price. The types of clothing and accessories you can find on thredUP include:

  • All types of clothing like dresses, tops, sweaters, denim and outerwear.
  • Shoes, pumps, heels, flats, sneakers, sandals and boots
  • Handbags, shoulder bags, satchels, clutches, hobos, totes and wallets.

thredUP carries all name brand clothing and accessories at their consignment store such as:

  • J. Crew
  • Banana Republic
  • Gap
  • Tea Crewcuts
  • Kate Spade
  • Coach
  • Tory Burch

thredUP offers free shipping with orders of $70 or more and for orders under $70, they have a flat rate shipping fee of $5.99.

Selling Clothes on thredUP

thredUP will accept new and like-new clothing that are in pristine condition. They only accept clothing manufactured by top name companies like Tea Collection, Gymboree, J. Crew and Theory. Make sure you check their list of accepted clothing brands.

You can order their Clean-Out bags and fill it with your items and mail it back to them, shipping is free. Once thredUP receives your bag, they will review your items and pay you as much as 80% of the resale value.

Sellers will have the choice of receiving cash through PayPal or you can use it as credit when you shop at thredUP. You will also have the option of having thredUP send you any clothing that they do not accept or they can donate them.

Their payout percentage for the items you send depends on the initial thredUP listing price. This scale starts at 10% earnings for items listed at less than $9.99 to 80% for a listing over $300.

For items with an initial listing price of $59.99 or under, you will get an upfront payment for your items. If the initial listing price is $60 or higher, you can then qualify for consignment and you can expect to earn between 50% and 80% of the selling price.

thredUP Customer Satisfaction

thredUP is rated at 46% satisfaction on SiteJabber.com. Most customers love shopping at thredUP, but sellers felt that the money they received for their clothing was below what they thought they should be valued at.

thredUP Coupons

Consignment Stores Conclusion

All three consignment stores sell clothing for kids, while Swap.com also carries many other kid’s products like toys, games, comics, sports equipment and more. Swap.com also allows customers to sell their items or they can swap their items for products they want to purchase.

Kindermint and thredUP carries clothing, shoes and handbags for kids and women from top brands plus you can sell your used clothing to them.