Successful Ebay Sales: How to Successfully Sell, Package and Ship Clothes

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Great tips from an Ebay expert on how to sell, package and ship clothes.

So you’ve thought about it and have finally come up with an idea to sell clothes on Ebay. Great! You’ve even got your hands on some inventory. Excellent! Here’s a few tips to help you get the great feedback you deserve.

First, it’s very important that you do your research before you commit to this journey. There are so many others across the world that sell clothes online. This is not only your competition, but your teachers. In this case it is very important to learn by example. Browse through what brand have been selling the most. Check the sellers’ feedback ratings. What kind of comments have their buyers been leaving for them? How are they listing their clothes? Research these things and find what’s been working and not working and learn from them. Don’t copy them, but do take notes.

When selling clothes, it is of utmost importance that you list each item’s measurements and tag information. Yes it can be a pain, but this step is crucial and will save you time in the end. Providing measurements in your listing will also help prevent you from having disputes with those last minute buyers who don’t take time to read through your description. If they are unhappy because an item arrives to them and it doesn’t fit, just kindly point them back to those measurements that you listed. You will also undoubtedly be faced with questions about the measurements. In these cases, don’t complain or gripe. Just kindly let them know the measurements again (even though they’re listed already) and post it. That way people will see it when they go to ask the same question later. The most important measurements to list are the bust, waist, and length. For pants, it is also important to list the inseam, or the measurement from the seat of the pants to the hem. As a general rule, always include the manufacturer’s size. While it’s true that some brands have different measurements for their sizes, list it anyways. Other tag information to list include the materials and washing/dry cleaning instructions.

Once you’ve gathered this information, it is pertinent that you find a layout for your listings. If you want to start off with a template, that’s a great idea. There are plenty of templates on the web. Some are free and some require a subscription fee of sorts. Whether or not you decide on a template, it is important to stick with you layout. If you place your pictures first followed by your description, stick with that. Consistency is the key. It will help establish you as a brand in your future Ebay sales.

The last thing I want to mention about selling clothes is to always lay out your terms and conditions clearly and precisely where buyers will see them. If you only accept certain forms of payment (PayPal, money orders, etc), then specify that. If you only ship things out on certain days before a certain deadline, let them know. Leave as little as possible to the imagination. In this instance it always helps to be thorough.

Now, once you’ve listed your first few items and have sold them, your journey is really just beginning! You’ve got to get those clothes packaged and shipped off. This is the most important part of selling on Ebay - making sure the items get to their intended buyers in an acceptable manner.

First thing you want to do is to make sure your clothes are clean! No one wants to open a package only to have a musty smell flood their senses. Always neatly fold your clothes in the instance that someone wants to wear them the same day they arrive. It’s unlikely, but it could happen.

After making sure the clothes are clean, fold them carefully and neatly. I’ve found that placing them in a plastic Ziploc bag or wrapping them in bubble wrap is a great way to help protect them from the mail carriers and the weather. You never know if your package will rip, tear or have its contents exposed while en route. If the item isn’t going inside of bubble envelope, pad the inside of it as well with paper or bubble wrap. You can never be too sure.

Always remember, tape is our friend. No matter what kind of packaging your items are going in, tape it and tape it well. Are you using a box? Tape all the corners and the flaps. Are you using an envelope? Tape the seams and the flap as well. Tape is the one thing you will use the most of (next to bubble wrap). If anything has to be crammed to fit in a mailbox or left outside in the rain, you’ve at least done your part to protect the contents.

Before you tape everything up, consider this. I always include a free gift to all of my buyers. I stick a coupon, pen, a bracelet, or something inside the package along with a thank you note. If you can’t afford it, get creative. Write a hand written note or buy a bulk of note cards from the dollar store. A little goes a long way.

Once your items are shipped, get them to the post office on time. Whatever you listed in your description with the other terms and conditions (you did list it right?), stick with it. If you promised to ship on Mondays and Thursdays by 2 pm, by all means do that. If something comes up and you can’t ship their items as promised, please be courteous and let the buyer know. Communication is the key to a happy Ebay transaction.

As if I really need to say this, but only ship your items out once you’ve received cleared payment. This applies mostly to checks and mailed payments. Just because you have a check in your hand does NOT mean that you can ship out the item immediately. Wait for the check to clear. I can’t stress that enough! Once the check clears and you’re at the post office (or at the computer printing postage), opt for the delivery confirmation service. It puts everyone at ease when they can track a package. It also ensures that if a problem arises in the future, you have the ability to prove that you’ve done your part.

These tips will not only help you sell clothes, but a numerous list of other things. If you incorporate these tips along with a few you’ve learned elsewhere, you’re already destined for success! I have successfully sold clothes and other items on Ebay for over five years. My combined feedback score is over 700, with over 98% positive. I've compiled these tips and have taught them to others. It is no doubt that you will benefit from them too! Good luck with your sales, and happy Ebay-ing!


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