Sternomancy - What Does Your Type of Breast Say About Your Personality?

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Does your breast type have anything to do with your personality? This article has the common types of breasts that women have and their corresponding personalities. Know your breast types today and see if it tallies with your personality!

Does your breast type have anything to do with your personality? This article has the common types of breasts that women have and their corresponding personalities. Know your breast types today and see if it tallies with your personality!

Introduction to Sternomancy

The art of telling the character and personality of a woman by looking at type of breasts the have began in Spain about two centuries ago. It was more of divination and had no scientific backing. It was popularly known as Sternomancy and it included keen observation of the bumps that exist from the breasts to the belly.

How do Men View Sternomancy – Relationship between Breast Size and Type of Boobs?

Since it was invented, most men have always created a connection between the type of breasts and the personality of the woman. Since sex is much depended on psychological position other than any other thing, it works for those who believe it in. Maybe it can be seen as the reason every man will want to see the breasts of a woman. Did he look at your breasts last time? He wanted to see your type of breasts.

So Shocking! Many similar myths exists which even try to relate the kind of mouth lips a woman have and the labia of her vagina! Whether this is a fact or not, science is yet to prove. Even men are not left out such believes. There are some communities who believe the men with larger ears have longer penises for instance!

The type of breasts and Personalities

The rest of the article will give you very interesting and thrilling relationship between women boob types and their personalities. It is also your dire responsibility to try and verify if they are facts or not. To me it is a preoccupied concept that some people believe in and it works for them. You can read them and share your experience whether.

First of all, you deserve to know the types of breast and how they look like

Round Breast

It is believed that women who have round breasts are frigid and hard to get orgasm. Such women are usually very clever while in bed and they will want to try every posture while in bed so that they can get orgasm. They often make very good wife if you married a woman who has round types of breast.

Pear Shapes Breast Types

If you are a woman who has pear shaped type of breasts, you are then likely to dominate your man so much. This is because women who have pear shaped breast types are often independent minded and have a very mind that is very strong. When it comes to bed, women with this type of breast are extremely good and they do enjoy sex so much.

Triangular Shaped Breast types

Women who have breast type are much liberated and they live beyond the ordinary. They are often very good hookers if they want to do so, and they also are good actresses. With so little effort, they are able to get a few partners in a day. They do everything with least effort yet they end up being very successful.

Tubular Breast Types and Egg Shaped Breast type

Their breasts are conical and they actually enjoy life so much. They will often dominate their men and the love having sex so much. Though women with tubular type of breasts are not so many, you need to get one and you will notice how true these facts are.

Type of Breasts with Erect Nipples

Women who have breast which are erect often are the domination type. They are great in sex and they are into more of kinky love as well as oral sex. They also love being on top of men during sex. If you want someone who is very generous, this is the types of a woman you should go for.

Curvaceous tight breast

Women who have these types of breasts that are firm or tight always ready to spring like a spring board. In addition to that, women with this type of breast are often keen and are hard working. They always want to make it to the top of what they do. In bed, they are very good and they make excellent wives.

Small and Retracted Nipples

These women are very calculative and they are always working on the next move. All their cards are played with a close proximity to their chests. They will rarely tell you what is in their mind or what they could be thinking about. They are very helpful and can fulfill all the your sexual imaginations


The above discussion about breast types and personalities is what has often noticed among most women who have such types of breast. The research is subjective to your opinion. Many people do not concur with these facts about your breast type and personality.

What is your breast type and how do they relate to your character? Kindly share

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