Stay Healthy While Traveling Frequently By Car

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This is an article about how to stay healthy while traveling frequently by car. Here is how you can still eat healthy, train properly, and maintain your appearance you work hard for at home.

Whether you are a business traveler on assignment for your job, you are a touring musician, or you just love traveling in general, you are constantly on the go, and your health is sometimes the farthest thing from your mind.   You are away from the convenience of cooking your healthy meals at home.  You are miles away from your gym.  Temptation is all around you on the road with plenty of fast food options and gas station snacks (mostly on the unhealthy side).  However, that should never be an excuse to eat poorly while traveling.  Here are a few tips on how to stay just as healthy while traveling as you would at home:

1.)  Shop before you go on the road.

If you go to your local grocery store, in addition to the healthier options available, you are automatically saving money versus buying snacks at a convenience store.  That same Pure Protein bar that you may see at Target for $1.25 can cost $2.50 to $3.00 at various gas stations.  If you are traveling in the winter, then you can use your trunk as a refrigerator if you are traveling by car, enabling you to buy fresh fruits.  Even, in the summer, you can carry non-perishable items with you.  Put Protein Powder into Ziploc bags, pack a few paper or plastic cups, and when you stop, you can mix it with water or depending on the weather, you can bring other liquids to mix it with.  I prefer not to carry a big cooler around, because I usually travel with others, and space becomes an issue in a four door sedan.  One of the most nutritious and most convenient snacks you can buy is either soy nuts or dried edamame.  Potato chips may be slightly cheaper, but you get very little nutrition out of chips, and half of the bags are usually filled with air.  With soy nuts, you are looking at a maximum of 150 calories per serving, and anywhere from eight to thirteen grams of protein per serving.  With Edamame, in particular the Seapoint Farms brand, you are looking at 130 calories, 0.5 grams of saturated fat, and 14 grams of protein per serving.  Each bag only costs $1.69 at Wegmans.  Since Seapoint Farms Edamame is harder to find than soy nuts are, I recommend picking some up soy nuts up from Target, and they range from $1.99 to $2.39 depending on price fluctuation.  

2.)  Chew a piece of gum and drink lots of water.  

If you need an energy boost, you can go with a low calorie energy drink, or better yet to prevent the jitters associated with many energy drinks, some Yerba Mate tea (store bought, since gas stations do not sell it).  Sometimes the passengers look for something to do because they get bored, and food is the first thing they grab.  Whether it's healthy or not, sometimes they'll end up eating an entire bag of something that has six servings.  Gum will keep your mouth occupied, plus especially if you are enjoying gum with long lasting flavor, you do not want to ruin it by eating.  Drinking lots of water will not only keep you filled up for longer and besides being a necessity, it will help with the next tip. 

3.)  Make frequent stops, if you are not in a complete hurry.  

The human body needs to stretch and be active.  Sitting for hours leads to aches and pains.  Falling asleep in uncomfortable positions in a car for a long time can lead to back and neck pain for the duration of your trip.  If it is nice outside, I opt to job a few laps around the gas station or rest area.       

4.)  Stay at a hotel that has gym equipment or bring your own resistance bands.  

You can stay at a hotel such as a Starwood Property, and have access to a very nice gym.  If you do not have that option, or you are staying with family or friends who do not have equipment, and if weather is not ideal for running outside, you can compromise.  You can buy resistance bands, which are very easy to with.  In fact, at Target, the Embark Triple Resistance bands, which sell for $18.99, are a great option for strength and high repetition training.  .  I take them everywhere with me, and I can work on my entire body.  You could also bring your P90x DVD set with you if you have access to a DVD player.  

These were a few simple ways you can stay in shape no matter how much of a road warrior you are, and to show how easy it really is to stay on track when you are informed.  


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