vs USPS Click n Ship vs Endicia: Pricing, Policies & Customer Service Compared

Knoji reviews products and up-and-coming brands we think you'll love. In certain cases, we may receive a commission from brands mentioned in our guides. Learn more. has a number of promotions that get you free items such as a 5 pound scale or free stamps if you stick with their subscription. Click N Ship from USPS is a good choice for business operations. Endicia has a number of high-end features for their

You now have the option to buy your stamps and shipping labels completely online without having to go to a physical location like a 7/11 first. Here are a few sites that let you accomplish this. lets you buy postage according to exact weight online and then print out a label right on your computer so you can put the label on your package and send wherever you want. They actually give you a free scale, minus postage, to make this easier. You just have to hit the red button that says “get started” to begin.


  • Free $5 of Stamps During Trial- Make sure you cancel the trial before it ends if you don’t want to keep going, though because otherwise you have to pay $16 for the first month.
  • $20 After Trial-You also get $20 of stamps once your trial ends if you decide to keep going with it.
  • Free 5 Pound Scale-Another perk you get for being a subscriber is that you get a free digital scale. You do have to pay the $10 shipping cost, however.
  • Free Software-You can click the “download” link in the bottom left corner of the site to get your free software for printing out labels. There should be instructions there about how to configure the software and what labels you need.


The “Click N Ship” program from USPS has specific labels you can buy from places like Amazon. The program has some complaints online about the service not working, however, from places like Complaints Board. The signup process for USPS is pretty extensive with checking for an available user name, choosing passwords, answering multiple security questions, and then doing it again.


  • Free Shipping Kit-If you fill out information for your company, you can get a free shipping kit. This is under the “shipping for business” section on the left under “quick tools.”
  • Free USPS Tracking-You can track USPS packages you s end off with stamps for free right from the site.
  • Specific Labels Available-You can find labels that work with this program available at sites like Amazon so you can buy the specific type that you need without having to do a lot of hunting around for labels that work and then finding out that they don’t.



Endicia is partnered with a few companies that help to give them an advantage, including both the United States Postal Service and CartRover.


  • DYMO Easy Printing with No Monthly Fee-You can print stamps through a monthly fee, but this isn’t necessary. If you click on the “DYMO” button you can select the DYMO stamps solution. They cost 48.5 cents for the one ounce.
  • Address Verification-The more expensive plan actually warns you when you’ve made a mistake with the address when using postage or stamps. It will actually automatically correct mistakes for you if this is a common issue that you have.
  • Existing System Compatibility-You don’t have to spend a lot of time making the shipping system from Endicia work through what you already have. The more expensive plans actually handle this for you.
  • Custom Installation-If you go for one of the most expensive plans, you can actually get a custom installation that works based on your need.

Head to Head


The “Pro” plan for is $16 per month for one person at a single location. You can only get access for 1 user this way. If you want 3 users, it’s $25 per month for the “Premier” plan. This is for a mailer. Pricing on postage rates is 59 cents for a first-class mail letter of 1 oz.

USPS Click N Ship doesn’t charge anything extra besides the shipping cost for labels. They charge 49 cents for the one ounce.

Endicia charges 48.5 cents for the ounce stamps. They charge $10 per month for the Standard rate, with $100 for the year if you decide to go yearly. The Platinum Shipper plan is $35 per month.

Policies and Customer Service offers customer service options including a toll-free number you can call during business hours Pacific Time, 6 am to 6 pm. It’s 1-888-434-0055. The “Customer support” link in the bottom left corner gives you info on stamps, envelopes, packages and so on. There’s also a “contact us” link under “Company Stuff.” This will give you an email link. The email turn-around time is 1-2 days. Policies include a refund policy that lets you refund postage right through the program or website. You have to do this within 60 days. uses TRUSTe for their privacy policy.

USPS Click N Ship doesn’t give access to all mail classes the way that does. The customer service for the site works through USPS, and there’s a link for “Customer Service” at the bottom left of the main page. You can also file a claim for a refund, though this needs to be done within 30 days of your purchase according to the policies at USPS.  You can do all of the requests right through the site, however. There’s a “request a refund” link right under the Quick tools area.  The USPS option also has hours available for customer service support through the phone that goes from 8 am to 830 PM on EST, in addition to hours on Saturday. This works through the 1-800-ASK-USPS number.

Endicia has features including address verification and auto-correct, and existing system compatibility. If you pay the full $99 per month, you’ll also get custom installation and high-end support for as long as you pay the fee as well. For everyone else, there’s the “contact” link in the bottom left corner which gives you their phone number of 800-576-3279, and a chat link as well. The chat hours go from 6 am to 6 PM PST, with no hours on the weekends. Endicia has a new policy that allows for refunds for DYMO stamps.

Overall, it seems that some plans actually overlap between and Click N Ship, which is important to note if you’re choosing between them. The sites actually work together.