Spots on Face and Some Beauty Treatments

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You're ready for that special evening. You got the right makeup, the right dress, the right shoes then suddenly everything threatens to grow wrong. a dark spot appears in the middle of your cheek. Or its birthmark, or maybe a scar or an area that under

Spots on face

You're ready for that special evening.  You got the right makeup, the right dress and the right shoes.  Suddenly everything threatens to go wrong: Spots appear in the middle of your cheek.  Or it's birthmark, or maybe a scars or a spot area that undermines your self-confidence.  Maybe even those dark circles, you all sometimes, get under your eyes.  How do you hide such trouble spots?  Tips  share some top makeup artists for their tips.

Kinds of cover-ups:

  • Cream
  • Powlder
  • stick form

Deciding which to buy is purely a matter of personal choice.  The thicker the consistency of the coverup the better, but not all spots on face need such thick covering.  What about color?  Should the coverup match the color of the skin?  Should it be lighter?  Darker?  According to makeup artists definitely lighter, but not too light.  Remember pale color will only call attention to the area you are trying to conceal.  Go for a color that's about a half-shade lighter than your skin.


Dark spots on face

Dark spots are caused by pimples.  According to skin specialists when pimples finally go away, they leave dark spots that take a long time to fade, this is called "post-inflammatory" change.  Spots will eventually fade by themselves, but they can last anywhere from a few days to a year or more depending on your skin tone.  Dark spots linger longer on darker skin. Don't pick or squeeze them since you could rupture the pore wall, causing a deeper infection on face.  You can resort to regular use of skin whitening cream.  Stay out of the sun as much as possible.  The easiest temporary solution is to cover the spot with a good yellow-based concealer.

Light scars.

How to hide light scars?  Light scars can be covered up with a concealer that matches you skin tone exactly.  Products for heavier coverage are available in the market.  Use a concealer brush then pat gently with finger.  To seal blemishes, look for a long-wearing pimple-fighting, matte formula concealer.  Use a clean fine-tipped brush; something that's as small as a lip brush.  Dab concealer, pat in place with the corner of a sponge, then set with a little loose powder.  Blend it well.  Two light applications are better than one heavy one. 


A serious scars one that results from an ancient or operation takes up to 18 months to heal, so be patient.  You might want to ask your dermatologist about dermabrasion, a process that peel off layers of skin so that the scars is not so noticeable.  Older scars are best concealed by a fresh-toned makeup pencil.  There are also makeup which are specifically designed to cover serious scars.  You can buy them at your nearest drug store.

Dark circles under eyes

According to makeup experts, the trick is to apply the coverup just below, rather than directly on the circles.  Starting at the inner corner of the eye, dot on the concealer.  Blend up into the dark area with feather-light finger strokes.  Be careful not to lighten the area too much.  Too light will make you look like an owl.  Be careful when dealing with the under eye area if you wear glasses.  Glasses will magnify any makeup mistake and can make a too-white area look even paler.

How to get rid of blackheads

If one day you wake up to discover one or two blackheads have appeared on your face do a homemade beauty treatments.  Just go to your kitchen cupboard.  Make a paste of oatmeal and water; apply to your face as a facial scrub.  Leave the paste on your face until it feels tight.  With a back-and-forth motion, rub it with your clean fingers.  Your blackheads will also drop off with this quick scrub says a beauty consultant.

What makes a beautiful face

One has to make a smooth flawless complexion to makes a beautiful face.  A single spot can ruin an otherwise beautiful face.  Facial spots often result from carelessness or sheer ignorance of proper skincare.