Spiritual Enlightenment Via Hair Raising

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Growing hair long can increase an individual’s spirituality and metaphysical awareness. This is because it is said that long hair acts as an antennae sending information to and from the nervous system and other parts of the brain. Naturally, wome

For thousands of years, long hair has been closely correlated with religion, faith, wisdom and knowledge.   This is because to grow long hair two important virtues such as dedication and patience are needed.  These virtues, as well as many other virtues, are key ingredients needed to create a man, or woman for that matter, that is metaphysically aware and spiritually enlightened.  It is said by many Native American tribes that the longer the hair is an individual can obtain a greater amount of awareness and spirituality.


Ancestors of the Native Americans were said to use their long hair as an antennae in order to communicate with their higher selves, spirits, and Mother Nature.  They would travel to the highest mountain peaks and allow their hair to be blown all about by the wind.  Doing so would allow them to pick up signals via ‘hair raising’ which in turn would increase their inner tuition for such dilemmas as weather changes, danger, and other detrimental effects on life.  Now it is assumed that hair acts as an antenna for the nervous system receiving and sending information to and from the limbic system, brain stem, and neocortex.       

Some of the earliest individuals that had long hair are recorded to have roamed and conquered all throughout Asia Minor as well as the rest of the Middle East.  These records, written by historians and philosophers such as Plato, Homer, and Herodotus; refer to fallen hero’s that are always depicted as having long hair such as Achilles, Ajax, Odysseus, and even Hercules.  These heroes’s had very close relations with their Gods and Goddesses and were even said to be of the same genetic decent in some cases.  However, whether a warrior or a God atop Mount Olympus ancestors hailing from Ancient Greece are always portrayed as having long hair in paintings and in stories.  It could be that the longer hair, especially for the warriors of the day, allowed for a closer connection to their own individual spirituality and thus created a comforting feeling for a warrior’s spiritual ascent upon physical death.             

A well known story that has lasted for thousands of years of an individual with long hair is that of Sampson in the famous story ‘Sampson and Delilah.’  In the story it was said that Sampson received his great strength from his long locks of hair until Delilah deceived him, cut off his hair, than blinded him.  Over time and while in slavery Sampson grew back out his long locks and was able to break free from his incarceration by overpowering multiple men with his great strength.  It is believed that Sampson’s long locks allowed for him to possess a godlike strength incomparable to any other man.   

As of today individuals with long hair are usually referred to as ‘hippies’, ‘naturalists’, and even ‘free lovers’.  These individuals are referred to this way because their hair and way of life is abstract from the normal way that hair is worn and ways of life are lived within society.  It could be said that these individuals may also have a higher connection with their spirituality as many of them are very nature oriented, eco friendly, and live off of the land religiously. 

New recruits joining the Army or other branches of the military are required to shave their heads upon initiation.  This can be attributed to the fact that the military motto for Basic Military Training (BMT) is to ‘break down and build back up.’  In other words, by cutting off the hair of a new recruit that new recruit is much more easily trainable as learnt behaviors have been ‘cut’ away and new ones are programmed in.  Women are also accustomed to cutting their hair in order to rid themselves of previously learnt behaviors.  For example, after a relationship women are very likely to get a haircut in order to ‘start fresh’ with their new behaviors.


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