Spiritual Attainment: What Does It Mean?

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How does one acquire his or her religion?

Most people born into their family of origin have certain religious or spiritual practices they follow.  In many there is a specific religion that is handed down to the children in that family.  So, essentially, the children receive a "hand me down" explanation of views their parents have accepted.  Where did their parents receive their views?  More than likely their parents received their religious views from their parents and the saga continues.

If you ever listen to people discussing religion, it sounds as though it is someting that is genetically handed down.  It is as though you were created with a Catholic gene or a Jewish gene.  Perhaps there is a piece of each and they fight for dominance!  Your path could be church, mosque, or synagogue depending on the path of your parents and their parents before them.

Eventually these children grow up.  Some grow and continue to believe that Jesus died for their sins while others believe God is Allah.  There are those that do not believe in Jesus or Allah and some that believe in Buddah.  Other people move away from God totally and claim they are aetheists while some give up religion and seek spirituality.  The direction one takes depends on so many factors.

Each of us on the planet has an individual journey.  What matters most, is not how we were raised or what we were told.  It is what we have attained.  It is what we experience and discern that matters.  We are walking the path of discovery.  On it there are many twists and turns.  There is the road that is followed often and then there is that infamous road less traveled.  Which way will you go?

Somehow there is something that points to the path we are supposed to take.  As you move along there are certain discoveries you will make.  It is as though you feel "the truth."  When you attain something it becomes part of you.  It is as though there is an opening and you see a spark.  Once you have had the experience of seeing the spark, there is no way you can ever go back into the darkness. 

An example would be learning to read.  English is a strange language where nothing makes sense.  How can two, to and too all sound the same?  Yet we learn to read.  Even though it does not make practical sense, we have still learned.  We attained the art of reading.  No one will ever have to teach us how to read in English again.  We attained the skill.

Spritual attainment is the same thing.  Once you begin to seek spiritual truths you will become very unsettled.  Then, one day, seemingly out of nowhere an answer appears.  An internal assessment tells you this answer is right on.  Immediately there is a sense of knowing that evolves from the cellular level.  It is truth in the highest degree and it feels correct.  You KNOW it is correct.

What you know to be correct may not be received the same way by anyone else.  It would be like trying to explain to, two and too, to a two year old.  You can explain it anyway you desire.  Yet, the child does not have the maturity to understand it.  The truth has not changed.  It is constant.  What must change is the perceiver.  That would be you and me and all of humanity.

Our personal journey towards attainment is personal.  However, it is one all of us will make at some time.  Have a wonderful journey!