Spin City TV Show Guest Stars Trivia: Amanda Peet, Gabriel Macht, Paula Marshall & Tracy Pollan

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Trivia for Spin City's guest stars featuring Paula Marshall, Amanda Peet, Gabriel Macht and Tracy Pollan.

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Spin City is a comedy series (1996-2002) about the New York deputy mayor Mike Flaherty (Michael J. Fox), his staff and the mayor (Barry Bostwick). Michael J. Fox starred in the first 4 seasons and produced the show until he had to leave.

- Amanda Peet - as Mike (Michael J. Fox)’s old high school flame

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Amanda Peet guest-starred in the episode Snowbound as Shelly, an ex-flame of Michael’s. Because she hit 30, she was following her to-do list. They both had a crush on each other in high school but didn’t have a chance to act up on it. She had a great one night stand planned but the snow messed with their plans. The same episode also featured Gabriel Macht.

Amanda Peet is best known for her movies Touch Me co-starring Michael Vartan, A Lot Like Love co-starring Ashton Kutcher and Something’s Got to Give starring Jack Nicholson, Diane Keaton, Keanu Reeves and Frances McDormand. She also starred in the drama series Studio 60 on the Sunset Strip featuring Matthew Perry. The show lasted for one season.

- Gabriel Macht – as nudist guy

Gabriel Macht image: reelmovienews.net

Actor Gabriel Macht guest-appeared with Amanda Peet. He played a nudist who was walking around City Hall naked. The city was snowbound and everyone was stuck inside. So Gabriel tried to pitch the benefits of nudity to the staff.

Gabriel Macht’s film credits include Because I Said So, Whiteout, A Love Song for Bobby Long,The Spirit and Love and Other Drugs.

- Tracy Pollan as old high school girlfriend

Tracy Pollan & Michael J. Fox image: hilaryshepherd.com

In this episode, Mike has hit 30. He receives a postcard from a high school flame (Michael J. Fox’s real life wife/actress Tracy Pollan), reminding Mike about a promise they made years ago. According to the promise, they were supposed to meet at the top of Empire State Building on Mike’s 30th birthday if they weren’t both married by then. Mike keeps his promise and meets her there. Sparks fly but unfortunately Mike has made the same promise to all his high school and college girlfriends and they all show up.

- Paula Marshall – as the divorce lawyer for the mayor’s wife/ Mike’s love interest

Paula Marshall image: tvrage.com

Paula Marshall co-starred in several episodes. She was the dream girl for Mike, only she wasn’t ready for commitment when Mike was and vice versa.

Paula Marshall starred in the romantic comedy That Old Feeling also featuring Bette Middler, Dennis Farina, James Denton and Danny Nucci. She also guest-starred in a House episode as Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein)’s sister.

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