Spiders in Dreams - Meanings and Interpretations

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When spider comes to us in a dream to deliver a message, we may find that we are being asked to face our fears or observe how we are moving through, and building on, new creative ventures. It can also signal to us that we need to take an extra look at how

Spiders have been revered throughout history as messengers from the spirit world as well as beings that help us face our fears. They are also connected to many mystical and magical symbols that represent many things from protection, to revealing our steps as we pursue our goals, to showing us what kind of web we're building in our lives through many forms of action.

Listed below are common interpretations to what it means when a spider delivers a message to us in our dreams.

Creativity and Weaving a Web

Spider reminds us that we are all creative beings and we create continually. Whether we are using our intentions to create a better quality of life, emotional fulfillment or even helping us overcome our fears with innovative techniques, spider teaches us that we are the ones who weave the web of life that we live.

When we see a spider weaving a brand new web, we are being shown that we are in the very beginning stages of creation with something in particular. Are we entering a new job? What about a new relationship? Or how about a new spiritual step in our spiritual growth?

When a spider weaves a new web, it is creating something that can support its body weight that is much heavier than the threads it uses to weave with. This reminds the dreamer that although their steps and creative action may appear minimal that they are fearful of not being able to fully support over time, it is a reminder that not all things are as they first appear. Something small becomes larger over time and as each thread of creative effort is added to the overall goal, amazing results can be achieved.

Nature of the Web

Depending on the nature of the web that's been built, we can see what else is going on in our lives and situations we are in. Are there holes in the web? What about large gaps between interconnecting threads? Is it tightly woven? This can reveal a lot. Holes in a web or a web that appears to be injured or neglected can be a message to us that we are feeling injured or neglected in our creative efforts. Is our boss not seeing the effort we are making without being asked? What about a spouse? Do we feel they are punching holes in our dreams or ambitions?

Large gaps in the web can represent needing to take large steps to complete a goal whether it's weight loss, securing better financial positions or even taking on a new creative project like learning a new trade or skill.

A tightly woven web shows us that all the effort we put forth is being fully supported and is in tip top shape. If there are many webs connected together that are woven tightly this can also represent that the person has additional support from others which can boost their emotional attitude towards what they are doing. It can also represent that they have more encouragement from outside sources than what they have originally believed.

Hit By Surprise

Some spiders come at us out of nowhere in a dream. This is to alert the dreamer that surrounding circumstances have received less attention than they deserve. So a spider has come to remind us that we are in need of harnessing our full potential and making decisions based on passion and intention rather than fear. When we ignore what matters or what is truly calling to us, we are failing to realize that something more productive is right around the corner so we need to keep our eyes and minds open to new possibilities.

Depending on the reaction the dreamer has to the spider appearing by surprise can reveal to us how we handle new situations. Are we jumpy? Suspicious? Are we afraid or angry? Is our first reaction to attack the spider because it startled us? This would reveal to the dreamer that we don't trust new situations where we can learn to adapt. Instead of shooting down a new idea or new situation, we can observe the nature of it and see what will happen next before rejecting it.

A knee jerk reaction to reject a situation that we are hit by surprise with can show us that it's important we take a look at how we handle stress and manage disappointment. This can help us identify key trauma's or situations that left an imprint on us that determines our behavior to similar things, even if they are not negative.


Many times a dreamer will experience a visit from a spider while they're in their own environment. So for example, they find a spider in their bathroom or in their bedroom and find they are either afraid of it, or curious by it. The fact that spider has left its own natural environment to travel into ours reveals a message to the dreamer that they may not be willing to meet people half way enough. Perhaps they only take risks when it's something familiar or comfortable, something they recognize. It can also signal to the dreamer they need to take more risks whether it be in communication, building friendships and relationships or doing things spontaneously. Breaking out of cycles can offer many new positive experiences that fear would otherwise interrupt.

Encountering a spider through dreams where the dreamer enters their natural domain such as a jungle, the woods or an old barn can represent to the dreamer they are willing to go as far as they need to in order to reach others or deliver a message. This would remind the dreamer they have an inquisitive nature and are willing to explore what other things have to offer. In personal relationships or evaluating new opportunities, they are more inclined to ask questions and become involved. If the dreamer finds themselves in the spiders domain but doesn't enjoy the experience or feels very much out of place and protective of themselves, it can be a reminder that the dreamer can learn by other examples that it's okay to explore a little and take more risks.

Spider web / Pixabay


When a spider attacks a dreamer, it is often a signal that the dreamer needs to confront their fears and that they are building relationships or friendships with fear rather than openness. Perhaps they feel under attack by someone they are building a relationship with. This would be a good opportunity to ask questions about how we handle personal growth that involves trust.

When a spider is very gentle and docile in a dream it can send a message that all is well and it is a good time to harness new opportunities. It can also represent that things are moving in a positive direction and there is nothing to fear.

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