South Africa: Miracle Rising: Miracle Sinking Fast

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South Africa is still under Communist ANC control. One would wonder why? Who are keeping them in power? Why? Recently the History Channel started broadcasting "Miracle Rising: South Africa". It is an excellent documentary in many ways, but there i

Currently, the History Channel is broadcasting the brand new documentary "South Africa:  Miracle Rising".

All the common praises and comments on it you will be able to read everywhere.  And indeed it is a praiseworthy piece of work.

Today however, we're going to add many important things that have NOT been said in and about the content of this documentary movie, which is actually very important to understand what really happened there (and still is).    

The first critique about this documentary, like so many documentaries and movies about South Africa, is that it gives the impression of a version of South Africa that does not exist, but that the Western "Jewish" media wants you to think is South Africa.  

The first thing that creates the above impression, is that it ends with a movielike "happy ending".  Yes, don't we know those movie endings so well - the ending where everybody is free, and finally have a government they can trust and work together with, and those ever-evil white people forever beaten.  

But - what came after that point?  After Nelson Mandela became state president followed by his ANC successors;  what came in the years after that?  

I'm afraid when I watched the movie, afterwards I could only say about the hopeful, smiling, emotional and happy South Africans pictured, "You poor creatures... if only you knew what was to come next" ... the corruption, the crime, the white extermination, the bankruptcy of municipalities, the corruption of government, the soaring of electricity prices, the corruption of government, the greed and corruption of the ANC, the theft, the plundering of resources by the greedy ANC, the corruption of government, the appalling decay of education, ANC theft of public funds, the chaos and violent protesting by the citizens, and inefficiency and corruption of ANC government, to name but a few."  (Yes, I know I repeated the corruption of government many times, as it is something perpetually ongoing.)

Even though this documentary was made recently, 20 years after the ANC came to power, the creators DELIBERATELY hid the truth of what ANC government turned out to be like.  This was a great turn-off, especially if you're a South African who has had to live in a country ruled by this ANC organization that until 2008 was still on the terrorist watchlist of the United States, and understandably so.  

The "history" as this documentary explored it, did have many good insights.  These can be viewed in the documentary itself.  But, it can be accused of being extremely one sided at the same time, hiding and downplaying crucial facts while overblowing others.

Crucial points that were deliberately omitted, was:  

1.  What is apartheid?  (How was it ideally supposed to work, as opposed to going ballistic right off the bat with associating it with "racism" against blacks for the sake of being evil.)  Apartheid was officially described as a policy 'which grants to others what it claims for itself and which is calculated to provide the same opportunities to everyone within his own race group. That is the policy of apartheid.’  

2.  Why did the AWB, Eugene Terreblanche and the Apartheid government oppose for a long time any notion of being overtaken by an ANC government, to the point where they seemed they had crossed all borders of decency?

3.  Who made the ANC the mouthpiece of black people?  Were they ever?     

Just shortly, we're going to give you a broader insight into history from a "white" perspective, in order to understand what those who were wrongfully and derogatively called "white supremacists" in this documentary, were thinking:

It starts in 740 AD.  By instruction of the king, the Khazars of Khazar(ia) convert to Judaism.  Out of these people who would from now on claim they are actual Jews, later also called Zionists, comes the Rothschild family, who would later hold insatiable power as international financiers through the central banks they set up all over the world.  

These central banks which give them the monopoly on creating out of nothing, and eliminating at will each country's money supply, which also gives the Rothschilds the power to create depressions, recessions and wars, which they do passionately as they profit astronomically each time they do.  

Many have tried to stop their enslavement of the human race this way, including U.S. presidents Andrew Jackson;  Lincoln;  Kennedy... the Rothchilds had them all assassinated.   

Another creation of the Rothchilds is the Illuminati (which infiltrated the Freemasons).  The purpose of the Illuminati is to divide the goyim (all non-Jews) through political, economic, social, and religious means.  The opposing sides were to be armed and incidents were to be provided in order for them to:  fight amongst themselves; destroy national governments; destroy religious institutions; and eventually destroy each other, and it all happens asif controlled by an invisible hand... that of Rothschild "Jewish" influence of course.

As part of this aim, Rothchild influence and instructions created what we call "ideologies".  "The Communist Manifesto" written by Karl Marx is but one such ideology, designed to bring classes of people, races of people and countries and people of other such "ideologies" into conflict with each other, while the Rothschilds profit all the way through wars, deals and loans - with a policy of, through different bodies, funding (indebting and getting power over) both sides of a conflict.

Another dream of ultimate power the Rothschilds have, is a one world government, of course controlled by them and their criminal network, and their central banks.  This is generally also referred to as the New World Order (NWO).    

However, the Tsars of Russia refused a Rothschild controlled central bank in Russia, because they saw right through the criminal agenda of the Rothschild "Jews".  The Rothschilds vowed to, and eventually did, kill the Tsar and every last decendant of his.  

The way they wiped out the Tsar was of course by setting into motion the Russian Revolution.  Through their trickery and "unexplainably generally Jewish" bolsheviks, the Communist Soviet Union was accomplished, forcefully pushing the Marxist Communist "ideology".  

A lot more can be said about this;  however, let's now get back to South Africa.

Above:  Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd

Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd is the South African statesman who implemented the formal separate but equal policies in South Africa, now called "Apartheid". These policies made the country an economically strong nation that gave blacks and whites the highest standard of living of any other African country.

Verwoerd’s policies had two main "Jewish" opponents: Harry Oppenheimer and Anton Ruppert. Both of these "Jews" controlled the banking monopolies in the country and wanted “rights” extended to blacks for the purpose of increasing their usury money lending business.

Oppenheimer had close ties to the Rothschild banking "Jewish" family and to the CIA which throughout the 1970s and 1990s, supported the overthrow of the South African government at the direction of the well known Zionist "Jew" Henry Kissinger.

Oppenheimer lobbied the Rothschild to overthrow Hendrik Verwoerd who had publicly denounced the activities of the Jewish banking monopolies in Parliament.

The Rothschild’s obtained the full support of bankers like the Rockefeller’s (The Rockefellers are decendants of the Rothschilds through a female bloodline) and other “Anglo” families in the United States and had them lobby against the South African government.

In 1963 a group of "Jews" conceived and founded the “African” National Congress (ANC).  The "Jews" who created the ANC are: Lionel Bernstein, Robert Hepple, Dennis Goldberg, Arthur Goldreich, Hazel Goldreich, and James Kantor.

Their modus operandi was the same old "divide and conquer" strategy - first divide the people by creating groups that are in direct conflict with the governing authorities, and let them destroy each other, spurred on by media propaganda. 

On the 6th of September 1966 Dr. Hendrik Verwoerd was assassinated by the NWO.  The puppet leaders that followed him gradually sold out their people to the Rothschild communists. 

Henceforth the media would be aggressively used to demonize even just the word "Apartheid" and Dr. Verwoerd.  Verwoerdburg, the city bearing his name, along with the H.F. Verwoerd Hospital would of course be promptly renamed when the ANC came to power (as part of controversially changing the names of just about every other street, city, municipality and region). 

Most of the highest leadership of the ANC and its National Intelligence Agency were educated in the Eastern Bloc, Soviet Union, Cuba, China and even North Korea.

It was the same in South Africa as in Russia - those Rothschild Zionist "Jews" create and push a movement that follows Communist ideology, that pretends to be after better rights for the common working class man, spreading dissent and division among the people of a country, as the classes clash ever more intensely and violently, later destroying each other. 

In South Africa of course there was also the race element.  Although co-existing and even being dependent on each other, black and white were soon played off against one another, and coerced by the driving force that always hides itself, to hate and kill and despise each other.  

And that's how the population of South Africa, especially the blacks, were used by these evil Rothschild Zionist "Jews" to do their bidding.  Some instrumental blacks would be rewarded and keep on rewarding themselves, living rich, corrupting, questionable lives, but for the vast majority of the common blacks who voted for the ANC in 1994, no improvement and lots of detorioration in their living conditions would be all they got from voting for these Communist powers, a government rife with corruption.   

Some of the "Jews" who silently have or had control of the "New South Africa" are the following:  The central bank, "South African Reserve Bank", is controlled by "Jew" Gill Marcus while Tito Mboweni takes his instructions on how and what’s to be done. Trevor Manuel, a "Jew", is the Minister of Finance, while Alec Erwin, also a "Jew", is the Minister of Trade and Industry.

In addition, Helena Dolny, a "Jew", and ex-wife of KGB agent Joe Slovo runs the land bank; Ronnie Kasrils, a "Jew", is the Minister of Water and Forestry; Louise Tager, a "Jew", is the chairman of the railway system Spoornet; Michael Katz, a "Jew", is the chief consultant on tax; Meyer Kahn, a "Jew", is in charge of the police. Also, three "Jews": Richard Goldstone, Arthur Chaskalson, and Albert Sachs, control the Supreme Court of South Africa.

What has happened in South Africa under the sham called “democracy” is the "Jewish" total takeover and control of the country. As with all countries where there is "Jewish" influence or control, South Africa is today a failed nation, very poor for whites and the majority of natives, crime and drug ridden, and highly unsafe.

"South Africa:  Miracle Rising" of course NEVER mentioned how during the "struggle" the ANC completely and totally went crazy beyond anything that can even be called animalistic, and used terrorism and cruel murder to force compliance among the very people we are told they "liberated".   Among undescribably cruel methods of intimidation and killing is included "Necklacing":  Forcing a tyre filled with petrol around a tied up victim and setting them on fire.  

Winnie Mandela, the ex-wife of Nelson Mandela, endorsed the use of Necklacing.  A quote from this barbaric monster is:  "With our boxes of matches and our necklacing, we shall liberate this country!"

The following are photos of ANC necklace executions:

In 1987, journalist Nicholas Partridge made a much more truthful documentary entitled "ANC:  VIP's of Violence".  It made it abundantly clear that the ANC WAS NOT THE VOICE OF THE BLACK MAJORITY IN SOUTH AFRICA.  THEY WERE MADE OUT TO BE SO, IN THE "JEWISH" (Zionist) CONTROLLED MEDIA, where they were elevated to the fantasy status of moral GODS above all, and THE voice of all blacks;  that what they said is what all blacks are saying.  In reality, that was simply a lie.      

"ANC:  VIP's of Violence" also showed the ANC as they are:  Violent barbaric terrorists, controlled by an evil "unseen hand".

(See "ANC:  VIP's of Violence" here: )

Today, judging by their "skills of governance", or lack thereof, it is becoming clear as day that the ANC's "greatness" was simply an illusion, a lie.   

While the ANC, ruling in alliance with the Communist Party and Cosatu (union federation), arrogantly claim that they have brought "freedom" and "peace" to South Africans, in reality they turned South Africa into the country with arguably the:  

Biggest Riots in the world,

Fastest Deterioration of Infrastructure and Roads in the world,

Highest Crime rate in the World,

Loudest Taxi's in the World,

Most "Botched Robberies" in the world,

Most ANC disasters Blamed on Apartheid in the world,

Most ANC PROPAGANDA in the World,

Most ANC TV PROPAGANDA in the World,

Most ANC Secret Hidden Agendas in the World,

Most Abuse and harassment of Law abiding citizens by the Police in the world,

Most Abuse of Police Sirens in the World,

Most Affirmative Action (Racial Discrimination) in the world,

Most AK47 Experts in the world,

Most Appalling Workmanship low cost housing in the world,

Most Appalling Workmanship Pavements in the world,

Most Appalling Workmanship Roads in the world,

Most Assaults in the world,

Most ATM Bombings in the world,

Most Attempted Murder in the world,

Most Attorney Theft and Fraud in the World,

Most Bank Robberies in the world,

Most Black on Black Genocide in the world,

Most Black on White Genocide in the world,

Most Blacks who lyingly claim to be experts in the World,

Most Blocked Storm water drains in the world,

Most Broken Park and City Benches in the world,

Most Bronze statues stolen in the world,

Most Building of Squatter Camps in the world,

Most Bullshit spoken by a City Manager in the world,

Most Cash just gone missing in the world,

Most Children they cannot afford to feed in the world,

Most Corrupt Country in the World.

Most Corruption in the Police in the world,

Most Counterfeit CV’s in the world,

Most Counterfeit Drivers licenses in the world,

Most Counterfeit Identity Books in the world,

Most Counterfeit Passports in the world,

Most Crimes committed by "YOUTHS" in the world,

Most Crimes Committed by our OWN Staff in the world,

Most Crimes committed with AK47 world wide

Most Criminals in Municipalities in the world,

Most Criminals in Parliament in the world,

Most Criminals in the Police in the world,

Most Denials of ANC Secret Hidden Agendas in the World,

Most Dangerous Pavements in the World.

Most Double Standards in the World,

Most Electricity power cuts in the World,

Most Forged Education Certificates in the world,

Most Genocide White Farmers in the world,

Most Government Contracts given to unqualified people in the world,

Most Government workers passing time between pay days in the world,

Most Gross Abuse of Power in the World,

Most Harassing of Farmers in the world,

Most Hippo’s on the pavements in the world,

Most HIV in the World,

Most Houses built by unqualified people in the world,

Most Illegal Electricity Connections in the world,

Most International Donations just gone missing in the world,

Most Looting of shops in the world,

Most Manhole covers stolen in the World,

Most Mismanagement in the world,

Most Muggings in the world,

Most Murdering of Policemen in the world,

Most Murders called "Botched Robberies" in the world,

Most Negligent baby deaths in Hospitals in the world,

Most Newspapers that never mention the word “Black” in the World,

Most Nigerian Scams in the world,

Most Night time crimes in the world,

Most Noise Pollution from Police Cavalcades in the World,

Most Non paying Rates customers in the World,

Most Nonsensical, stupid statements made by Parliament in the world,

Most Politicians who are personal friends with Robert Mugabe in the World,

Most Perjury in Affidavits in the World,

Most Police bulling law-abiding citizens for a Bribe in the world,

Most Police involved in crime in the world.

Most Pollution on the Beaches in the World,

Most Propaganda Brainwashing by Government in the world,

Most Railway tracks stolen in the world,

Most Railway Trains derailed because of railway tracks stolen in the world,

Most Racist Hate Crimes against Whites in the World,

Most Racist Hate Crimes against Whites Farmers in the World,

Most Rape cases in the World,

Most RAPE of BABIES in the World,

Most River Pollution in the World,

Most Road Deaths caused by Black Taxies in the world,

Most traffic lights out of order in the World,

Most Robbery with Aggravated Circumstances in the world,

Most Sewerage in Rivers in the world,

Most Shooting of Municipality Councilors in the world,

Most Shooting of Opposition Political Leaders in the world,

Most Singing Racist Hate Songs against Whites in the World,

Most Singing Racist Hate Songs against Indians in the World,

Most Spin Doctors in Government in the world,

Most Stabbing People in the world,

Most Stock Theft in the world,

Most Stolen copper cables in the world,

Most Stolen Government computers in the world,

Most Stolen Government office equipment in the world,

Most Street lights stolen in the world,

Most Street Pollution in the world,

Most Tourists followed from Airports and Mugged in the World,

Most Taxi unpaid Traffic fines in the World,

Most Taxi Violence in the world,

Most Taxi's subsidised by public money in the world,

Most Taxi's Turned over in the world,

Most Taxi's Unroadworthy in the world,

Most Theft, fraud, Bribery and Corruption in Municipalities World Wide.

Most Theft, fraud, Bribery and Corruption in Parliament in the world,

Most Torture and Brutal Murder of White Farmers in the World,

Most Tribe Genocide in the world,

Most Truck Hijacking in the world,

Most Tyre Necklacing people with fire in the world,

Most Unlicensed Drivers in the world,

Most Unroadworthy Taxi's in the world,

Most Useless Police Force in the World.

Most Using of short stabbing spears in the world,

Most Violent Hijacking Murders in the world,

Most Violent Protest Marches in the world,

Most Violent Riots in the world,

Worst Education system in Africa, if not the World,

Worst Lies Told in the world,

Worst Math’s pass rate in the world,

Worst Science pass rate in the world,

and the list goes on.  Of course, even after 20 years of this, "inexplicably" none of these realities of ANC rule made it into the "South Africa:  Miracle Rising" documentary.  We wonder why?