Sorority Rush: The Dirty Secrets

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The inside scoop on how cut throat a sorority really is, and how you should handle various situations.

I want to talk today about how competitive sorority recruitment can be. While PNMs may see girls being catty, gossipy or rude on the outside, unfortunately it's not all sisterhood and sweetness on the inside of houses either. I have been through one recruitment on the rushee / PNM side. You might say "well duh, of course a sorority sister is only a rushee once" but well some girls don't get what they want the first time and go through rush again (and again). Although Rush to me seemed so stressful and nerve racking I would never want to do it again, being a sorority sister isn't that much better.

Before Rush week even starts, sorority have a retreat where you do workshops and practice how to talk to PNMs. Sorority Secret Alert: We have already been looking up your facebook / myspace / twitter or googling you. When you signed up for sorority recruitment, you were asked if you wanted to submit a photo, well now each sorority has that too. We know the high school you went to, the GPA you had, any activities you did and anything else you wrote down. When you sign up you signed a paper that granted Panehellenic access to your official college records. DO NOT LIE. This is so important that I am going to say it again. DO NOT EVER LIE ABOUT ANYTHING YOU TELL A SORORITY.


Sometimes a sorority sister may have gone to the same high school as you and may still have a friend or younger sibling that goes to the same high school as you. If you lied about making varsity cheerleading, figuring you now go to college far away from your hometown, well they may find out and they will most definitely drop you. Be honest! I mean, who would want to get into a sorority based on a lie, and then spend 4 years remembering that lie and know that you were only wanted because you pretended to be something you are not. Be honest and a house will like you for who you are.

So back on track to how we prepare. Sometime before Recruitment there will be outfit checks! Yay for that weight I gained over the summer. The Rush chair has picked outfits and assigned girls the outfit/color they have to wear. Then over the summer, you go to the store and pick it and hope they approve your outfit choice. My sorority was pretty understanding about letting girls be picky in what looks good on them and be more individuals.

But we all match anyways so from the outside we look "uniform". I don't understand the mentality of it, but it looks good in pictures. Oh and if you really did gain summer weight and have a "muffin top", when your pants are too tight and you have a bulge around your waist, they make you buy spanx. I never had to buy them until junior year, but then again I also was 21 and began drinking, so it's whatever.

During retreat we do various exercises to be better recruiters. You have to be impressing every girl, without promising them a bid, and also getting the information you need by covert questions so she doesn't know your agenda. This is starting to sound like an FBI interrogation, but it's not that bad.

We are split into rotation groups and the one is usually the veteran sister who knows how to rush girls. The three is the next best recruiter and the two and four are usually new sisters. I was a one last year and pretty good if I do say so myself. Sometimes it sucks to be an older sister and be stuck as a two or four. But some girls just aren't good at talking to PNMs and get nervous.

But it's better then being stuck in the kitchen. Being stuck in the kitchen means a girl is not able to recruit. Some girls prefer the kitchen, but usually it's a big slap in the face. A girl who comes to recruitment with wet hair, no make up or didn't have her outfit approved is sent to the kitchen to serve drinks. But sometimes if a rotation group isn't needed, the Rush chair will let them sit in the kitchen just to get a break.

Another thing we have to practice is singing because for each party we sing an entrance song and an exit song. It makes recruitment more fun and cheery and relieves nerves. I was always a terrible singer and usually mouthed along with the words. Spirit day songs are more peppy and upbeat and pref day songs are more serious and slow.


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