Sophos vs Kaspersky vs AVG: Antivirus Review & Comparison

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Sophos is almost entirely for businesses, there's no real emphasis on individuals at all, but their business-focused antivirus is great for that purpose. Kaspersky is great for getting you out of a jam especially if you want to just download it and have i

For most people in the modern world, your computer will easily be one of the most important pieces of machinery in your house. Most people spend a lot of their free time there,  and many might even accomplish their living on their computer, or at least use it to help with work or school. This means that you really can’t afford to let a virus ruin your computer, and it’s worth making sure you get the best out there for your needs.


Sophos provides antivirus support for all major platforms, but it’s best when used for networks and servers. So basically, Sophos is specifically for businesses that need a wide range of solutions for every aspect of a business from network to end user.


-Choose between Cloud and Local Protection

-Manage from Anywhere: Access your antivirus from the cloud anywhere, meaning that your service won’t be tied to one computer.

-Set rules for P2P, VoIP, IM and Games for more Protection

-Live Chat for solving problems

-Manage USB storage, DVDs, and Wireless Devices

-All Platforms Covered-It’s not often that you get protection for Windows, Mac, UNIX, and Linux all in one go. It even covers virtualized platforms. So for example, you could run a virtual version of Windows on your Mac, and use Sophos Antivirus to cover it.

Secure VPN Option with AE256 bit encryption- Allow your employees to connect to the office with ease, and keep both sides of the connection safe from viruses.


Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2014 is the


Hybrid protection- By using both your PC’s resources and the resources of the cloud, you get the best of both worlds.

Invisible Updates- The updates are kept small and frequent so they won’t interrupt your computer use.

Exploit Protection- Kaspersky can compensate for known exploits in yoru system, essentially pluggin holes ahead of time so viruses can’t slip through any of them.

Anti-screen locker- Some viruses and malware will lock up your computer and make it unusable until you send the ransomer money. Even if you do this, there’s no guarantee you’ll get your PC back anyway. Kaspersky lets you bust terrorist actions like this by just unfreezing your PC.

“Help Me choose” Tool-A tool on the site will let you check a few box describing your Internet habits and then give you a recommendation for which product will be best for you.

Click the spyglass scan button to see hwo easy it is to scan with Kaspersky.

Checl for issues beyond just malware and computer protection. You can click on Vulnerabilities and "Other Issues" too which will guide beginners right through wat they need to do.


AVG has a great combination of a free product for you to try out, while at the same time also having a premium version that ranks just about at the very top of commercial programs for combatting spyware.


100% Free Version-The free version of AVG is free for you to use as long as you want.

-PC Tuneup Analysis

-Do Not Track Feature-This comes in the form of a browser toolbar that makes it so that you don’t pick up any tracker cookies when you’re browsing online. Not only will these cookies slow down your computer potentially, they can also steal some of your private data.

-Scan All Incoming and Outgoing Email

-Free Identity Protection Package

-WiFi Guard

-Identity Protection

-AVG Online Shield- Make sure a download is safe before you open it. Prevention is the best course, otherwise you might end up sharing infected files with others.

-Free Mobile Protection

Make sure "Express install" is checked to get your AVG Do Not Track toolbar during installation.

Check out this walkthrough if you're having any installation troubles with AVG.

Head to Head


Sophos doesn’t really do small. The cheapest price is still around $150, mostly since they are expecting you to cover an entire business, though you can get a free trial as well, and you might be able to get the cost way down if you email them directly and ask for a version for just yourself. Kaspersky costs $39.95 or so for 1 PC for 1 year for a digital download. AVG costs exactly the same amount, oddly enough.

Beginners- Sophos definitely isn’t for the faint of heart, and it’s not exactly easy to get into. Kaspersky is pretty easy to set up and you can just let it go using the scheduler after that. The fact that it can unfreeze your computer when you’re in a jam makes it good for those starting out too. This includes curing an infected machine.

Absolute Shield- AVG has features like their "Do Not Track" and "AVG Online Shield," that will keep your clean system clean at all costs.