A Guide to Songs with an American State in Their Title

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For every American state someone, somewhere has written or performed a song about it.

Most American states have a state song and / or state anthem, which may or may not include the states name, which I have listed below the picture of each appropriate state flag. I have also listed the date each song became designated with this honour alongside it's title. 

Some states have had more songs attributed to them than others, so in the case of an extrordinary amount for any one state, I have referred you to another reputable source, following my own list.  

The songs listed are singles, although the odd album title may have slipped the net and found it's way on here. 





             Alabama. ( Gussen / Tutwiler. 1931) 



State song, Alabama, was written by Julia S Tutwiler and Edna Gockel Gussen in 1931. 

Stars Fell On Alabama , is a jazz standard composed by Frank Perkins and Mitchel Parish in 1934.

Alabama, was a country classic taken from the 1955 album, Tragic Songs Of Life, by The Louvin Brothers. 

Alabama Bound, was a song on the Genius Hits The Road album by Ray Charles in 1960.

Alabama is a song written by jazz musician John Coltrane as a tribute to the deaths of four children from an attack by white supremists at the 16th Street Baptist Church, Birmingham, Alabama  in 1963.

Alabama Song ( whiskey bar) was a track taken from rock giants, the Doors, 1967 debut album.

Alabama, was a track that featured on the Harvest album, by Neil Young in 1972.

Sweet Home Alabama, was a hit A side single which got to number 8 in the U.S charts in 1974 for ill fated rock icons Lynrd Skynrd..

However, Sweet Home Alabama was a B side single that took second place to it's smash hit A side, Freebird, which got to number 31 in the U.K music chart in 1976.

Alabama Rain, featured on the 1973, Life and Times album, by Jim Croce.

Alabama Gateway, was a track taken from folk / rock band The Greatful Dead's 1980 album, Go To Heaven.




         Alaska's flag. ( Dusenbury / Drake 1955 )



State song, Alaska's Flag, was written by Benny Benson, Marie Drake and Elinor Dusenbury in 1927 and designated official state song in 1955. 

North To Alaska, was a track that featured on Johnny Horton's, Honky Tonk Man album in 1960, which has been covered by several country stars over the years..

Road to Alaska, was a track featured on the BeeGees 1972 album, To Whom It May Concern.

Alaska And Me was a track taken from country legend, John Denver's 1989 album, Higher Ground.

From Alaska To L.A ,was a hit for Wanda Jackson in 1994.

Going to Alaska, was a track by Indie band the Mountain Goats and was one of a series of ' going to ' songs written by band member John Darnielle between 1991 and 2010.

Going To Alaska was a track which featured on The Voluptuous Horror Of Karen Black's 2005 album, Natioal Healthcare.

Lacy J. Dalton featured the song The Alaska Song ( Under the midnight sun ), on her, The Last Wild Place Anthology album in 2006.The country singer also penned the song along with her husband Aaron Anderson.



                       Arizona  ( Allen 1979) 



 Arizona March Song, was composed by Margaret Rowe Clifford and Maurice Blumenthal in 1915 and is now one of the state's official state songs.

Arizona Road Song, was written and performed by W.J. Bethancourt in 1977, and featured on his album W.J.Bethancourt III.

Arizona, was composed by Rex Allen jr in 1979 and designated official state anthem .

Arizona Bay, by comedian Bill Hicks was a song from his standup repetoire,which was released posthumously by Rykodisc in 1997. Hicks's life was cut short at the age of only 32 in 1994 from cancer.

Fighting Arizona, was a hit single for country singer Bo Bruce in 2000.

Arizona, was a single by the group also called Arizona, from their Life Is great album of 2006.

Arizona, was a song for Kings Of Leon that featured on their, Because Of The Times album in 2007.



     Arkansas, you run deep in me  (Holyfield 1986) 



Patriot song The Arkansas Traveller, was written by Jose Tosso in 1847, and is one of the state's official state songs.

Patriot song Oh Arkansas, was composed by Gary Klaff and Terry Rose in 1986, and is one of the state's official state songs.

Arkansas, was a track performed by blues legend Henry Thomas in the mid 1920's which featured on his 1991 Complete Recordings compilation.

Arkansas, was a track taken from country legend Glen Campbell's, The Sound Of Your Voice album in 1987.

Arkansas, was a track from Bluegrass duo the Osborne Brothers' 1991 Best Of album.

Arkansas, was a song from the Broadway musical Big River, which was written in 1985 by Rojer Miller.

State song, Arkansas, You Run Deep In Me, was composed by Wayland Holyfield in 1986 and designated official state song in 1987.

Arkansas, was a track taken from country singer Elvin Bishop's 1978 Hog Heaven album.

Mary, Queen of Arkansas, by Bruce Springsteen, was a song from his live album, Greetings From Asbury Park, New Jersey, recorded in 1973.  



  I love you California. ( Silverwood 1951) 

State song, I love You California, was written by Francis Bernard Silverwood in 1913, and revised and designated official state song in 1951.

California Dreaming, by the Mamas and Papas was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic for these icons of the ' flower power' era in the Summer of 1965.The track has been successfully covered by several artists since.

California Girls, by kings of the surfing scene the Beach Boys,took this popular song into the charts on both sides of the Atlantic in the Summer of 1965 .

California Gurls, by Katie Parry and featuring Snoop Dog shot into the charts in June 2010 on both sides of the Atlantic with this hip hop dance song.

Going to California, was an album track from Led Zeppelin's 1971 4 Symbols album.

California Here I Come, originally performed by Al Jonson in the 1921 Broadway musical Bombo, and later recorded by him in 1924. This popular song has been covered by many others over the years.

The iconic Hotel California, performed by rock icons The Eagles in 1976, first appeared on their fifth album also called Hotel California and continues to be aired on a regular basis to this day. Probably the most iconic and popular songs by Joe Walsh and The Eagles.

California Man, by the Move was a 1972 single that got to number 7 in the U.K music chart.

California Blues, was a single first recorded in 1940 by Willie Guthrie, but was not released until 1966, when It was featured on his album, Library Of Congress Recordings. It has since been covered by many other artists.

It Never Rains In Southern California, was a world wide, smash hit single, for musician Albert Hammond in 1972.

Owing to the vast amount of recordings with the name " California " in their title, I am going to refer you to this reputable source -  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_songs_about_California  




           Rocky Mountain High. (Denver)  


Colorado Girl, was a track that featured on the Rear View Mirror album, by Townes van Zandt in 1969.

Colorado, was a track taken from Nashville Sound artist Merle Haggard's, The Roots Of My Raising album in 1976.  



               Yankee Doodle. (1978)  


 The Wives Are In Connecticut, is a track taken from Carly Simon's 1985 album, Spoiled Girl.

Aerosmith featured the track, I live in Connecticut, on their 1991, Pandora's Box album.

Hello Connecticut, was the soundtrack from the film, Is'nt She Lovely, relesed in 2000. The song was composed by music legends Burt Bacharach and Hal David.

Rock 'N' Roll Connecticut, was a track taken from rock band Primerib's 2000 album of the same name. 



         Our Delaware ( Hinson / Brown 1925) 


The official state song Our Delaware, was composed by G.B Hynson and W.M.S Brown in 1906, and designated official state song in 1925. 

Perry Como's Delaware, was a cleverly done, comedy song which featured several other U.S states, which featured on his 1994, 20 Greatest Hits album. 



      Florida, where the sawgrass meets the sky  (Hinton. 2008) 


 State song, Florida, My Florida, was penned by Stephen Foster  in 1913.

Florida Time, was a B side track to rock star Bob Seger's, Sock It To Me Santa hit, from December 1966.

Ringo He's On Fire - Florida Oil, was a track from Sonic Youth's 1988 album, Master Dik.

Vic Chestnutt recorded the song Florida, on his West Of Rome album in 1991.

Bad Florida, was a track taken from singer / songwriter Tim Easton's 2001 Truth About Us album

State anthem, Florida, Where The Sawgrass Meets The Sky, was composed by Jan Hinton in 2008.   



  Georgia on my mind. ( Gorrell / Carmichael 1979) 

State song, Georgia On My Mind, was written by Hoagy Carmichael and Stuart Gorrell in 1930 and designated as official state song in 1979.  

Midnight Train to Georgia, was originally written and recorded by Jim Weatherby with covers by Cissy Houston and Gladys Knight and the Pips. In 1974 Knight's version became her and her group's biggest ever hit, and continues to be successfully covered by soul artists to this day.

The Devil Goes Down to Georgia, was an R + B hit written by and performed by the Charlie Daniels Band in 1979 and taken from their album, Million Mile Reflections.

Rainy Night In Georgia, was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic for soul singer Randy Crawford in 1981, which was first featured on her Miss Randy Crawford album.

Walking Back To Georgia, was a track that featured on the 1972, Don't Mess Around With Jim album by Jim Croce.

Columbus, Georgia Stockade, featured on Willie Guthrie's 1955 album, More Songs By Guthrie.   



    Hawai'i pono'i ( Kalakaua / Berger. 1967) 

State anthem, Hawaii Pono'i was composed by King David Kalakaua and professor Henry Berger in 1876 and designated aas official state anthem in 1967. 

Blue Hawaii was a song from the hit film Waikiki Wedding first shown in 1937. Originally recorded by Bing Crosby, the song has been covered by several notable artists since.

The theme tune from the 1960's cop show Hawai Five - 0, starring Jack Lord, was a hit on both sides of the Atlantic during the showing of this popular series.



    Here we have Idaho. (Hume - Douglas. 1931) 

About Idaho, was composed by C.L. Barnhouse in 1907.

Belle Of Idaho, ws a song written in 1910, by F. Risenberg.

A Bungalow In Idaho, was a song written by Joseph Carey in 1921.

Official state song, We Have Idaho, was written by A.J Tompkins, M. Helm and S. Hume - Douglas in 1915 and designated official state song in 1931..

My Own Private Idaho, by the B - 52's was a track from their 1980, Wild Planet album.

Josh Ritter recorded the song Idaho, on his 2006 album The Animal Years. 



Illinois, Illinois (Chamberlain / Johnston 1955) 

 Patriotic song Illinois, Illinois, was penned by C.H Chamberlain and Archibald Johnson sometime in the late 1800's and was chosen as the states official state song in 1955.

Illinois Enema Bandit, was a hit for shock rock icon, Frank Zappa with this song taken from his 1978 album Zappa In New York, where it reached 55 in the U.K charts and 57 in the U.S.



     On the banks of the Wabash, far away ( Dresser 1913 ) 


Back Home In Indiana, is a jazz standard composed in 1917 composed by Ballard MacDonald and James F. Hanley. 

Indiana wants Me, is a track taken from R. Dean. Taylor's 1970 album, I Think, Therefore I Am.

Going Back To Indiana, was a track by the Jackson Five which featured on their 1971 album, The Third Album.



              The song of Iowa ( Byers 1913) 

State song, Song Of Iowa, was written by S.M.H Byers in 1913.

The Iowa Indian Song, ws a hit single for Bing Crosby in 1949.

Iowa Stubborn, was a song that featured in Meredith Wilson's 1957 Broadway musical, The Music Man.

Iowa, was a track that featured on American singer / songwriter Dar Williams' album, Mortal City, released in 1996.

Iowa, was the title track from the album of the same name, for Nu Metal band, Slipknot, in 2001. 



                   Home on the range (1947) 

Patriotic song The Kansas March was composed by Victor Murdock in 1935. 

Patriotic song Here's Kansas was composed by Bill Post in 1992. 

Going to Kansas, was performed by Indie band The Mountain Goats and is party of a series of ' going to ' songs written by band member John Darnielle. 



     My old Kentucky home ( Foster 1928)

State song, My Old Kentucky Home, was written by Stephen C Foster in 1853 and was designated as official state song in 1928. 

Blue Moon of Kentucky, was a little known song at the time of it's release in 1954 by rock and roll legend Elvis Presley, released at the beginning of his career, the song went on to become one of his all time classics. 

Blue Moon Kentucky, was a track by Bluegrass duo the Stanley Brothers in 1954.

Kentucky, is a track taken from country duo The Louvin Brothers, 1955 album, Tragic Songs Of Life.

Kentucky Rain, was another Presley classic which he released in 1970.

Old Kentucky Home, was a track by Randy Newman which featured on his 1970 album, 12 Songs.

Kentucky Gambler, was a duet performed by country singers Merle Haggard and Dolly Parton, taken from Haggard's 1975 album, Keep Movin' On.

Owing to the vast array of Country and Bluegrass songs with Kentucky in their title, I will refer you to this reputable source: - louisville.edu/library/music/coll/imprintskysongs.  




           You are my sunshine ( Davis 1977) 

State marching song, Louisiana, My Home Sweet Home, was composed by Sammie McKenzie, Lou Lavory and Castro Carazo in 1952.

State song Give Me Louisiana, was penned by John Croom in 1970.

Louisiana Woman and Mississippi Man, was a duet performed by Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty which featured on the 1973 album, The Best Of Conway and Loretta.

Louisiana 1927, was a track that featured on Randy Newman's Good Old Boys album in 1974.

The Louisiana Song, was a hit single for country crooner Pat Green in 2000.   



             State song of Maine ( Snow 1937) 

The State Of Maine, state song was composed by Rojer Vinton Snow in 1937. 

Going to Maine, was a song by the Mountain Goats written by band member John Darnielle as part of his ' going to ' series.

Maine, was a song that appeared in the Broadway musical, No Strings, composed by Richard Rodgers in 1962.   

Tombstone Every Mile in Main by Dick Curless Is a country western trucking song about a bad stretch of road in Maine. And truck drivers know it all too well.



      Maryland, my Maryland ( Randall 1939) 


State song, Maryland, My Maryland, was written by James Ryder Randall in 1939.                                                                                      





 All hail to Massachusetts ( Marsh 1981) 

State anthem, All Hail To Massachusetts, was written by Arthur. J. Marsh in 1966, and designated official state anthem in 1981.

( The Lights All Went Out In ) Massachusetts, was a 1967 hit on both sides of the Atlantic for the trio The BeeGees, which got to number one in the U.K and number 11 in the U.S charts.

Folk song, Massachusetts, was composed and performed by Arlo Guthrie, in 1981.

The Great State Of Massachusetts, was writen by George Wells and J.E.Bley in 1997.

State polka, Say Hello To Someone From Massachusetts, was penned by Lanny Gomulka.



       Michigan My Michigan (Malloch 1902) 


 State song, Michigan My Michigan, was composed by Winifred Lee Brent Lyster in 1862, and designated official state song in 1902.

I Want To Go Back To Michigan ( Down on the farm ), was a song by comedy duo Laurel and Hardy, that featured on their 1975 compilation album, Trail Of The Lonesome Pine. The song was originally penned by Irvine Berlin in 1914 and has also been performed by The Andrews Sisters.

State song, My Michigan, was penned by Giles Kavanagh and H. Clint in 1933.

2120 South Michigan Avenue, was a track taken from Rolling Stones 1964 album, 12 x 5.

Saginaw Michigan, was,a single by country singer Lefty Frizzel in 1964, and has been covered by several notable country artists since.

Michigan Malitia, was a track taken from Canadian Folk / Pop band Moxy Fruvous's 1997 album, You Will Go To The Moon.

Going To Michigan, was a track taken from Extra Glenn's 2002 album, Martial Arts Weekend.

Especially In Michigan, was a track taken from Red Hot Chilli Peppers 2006 album, Stadium Arcadium.

Lake Michigan, was a single for Indie band Rogue Wave in 2007.

Going To Michigan, was penned by Indie band, The Mountain Goats member John Darnielle, as part of his group's ' going to '  





                          Hail Minnesota (1945) 


State song, Hail Minnesota, was written by Truman Elwell Rickard and Arthur E. Upson in 1904, and designated official state song in 1945. 

Jordan, Minnesota, was a track from the Atomiser album, released in 1986 by Big Black, which highlighted a child abuse case from that town. 

Minnesota Morning, was written and performed by Jeff Brooks in 1987.   



                 Go Mississippi ( Davis 1962) 


Mississippi Kid, was an album song from Lynyrd Skynrd’s 1974 debut album, Pronounced Lee Nerd Skyn Nerd.

State song, Go Mississippi, was penned by Houston Davis in 1962.

Mississippi Mud, was a song from Ray Charles’s 1960 album, The Genius Hits The Road.

Mississippi Lady, was a track from the 1975 album, The Faces I’ve Been, by Jim Croce.

My Head’s In Mississippi, was a popular track for rock icons, ZZ Top, which featured on their 1990, Recycler album.

Nitty Gritty Mississippi, was a track that featured on blues singer Ry Cooder’s, Crossroads album in 1986.

Down in Mississippi, featured on Ry Cooder’s, Crossroads album in 1986.

Mississippi Half Step Uptown Toledo, was a track taken from folk / rock band, Greateful Dead's 1976 album, Steal Your Face.

Mississippi Delta Blues, was a track taken from Nashville Sound artist, Merle Haggard's 1976 album, The Roots Of My Raising.

Mississippi, was a track taken from folk / rock legend, Bob Dylan's 2001 album, Love And Theft.  



   Missouri Waltz ( Eppel / Logan / Shannon 1949) 


 State song, the Missouri Waltz, was composed by John Valentine Eppel, J.R Shannon and Fredrick Knight Logan in 1914, and designated as official state song in 1949..

Walkin' To Missouri, was written by Bob Merril in 1952 and has been covered by several country articts since.

Wish We Were Back In Missouri, was a hit single for country girl, Emmylou Harris in 1980.

The Low featured the song Missouri, on their 1999 album, Secret Name.

King Of Missouri, was a hit for pop singer / songwriter Anton Barbeau in 2003.

Missing Missouri, was a track taken from Sara Evans's 2007 album, Real Fine Place.  



                      Montana ( Cohan / Howard 1945)                               

State song, Montana, was written by Charles. C. Cohen and Joseph. E. Howard in 1910 and designated official state song in 1945. 

Frank Zappa featured Montana, on his Strictly Commercial ( The Best Of Frank Zappa ) album, in 1995.

State song, Montana Melody, was penned by Carleen and LeGrand Harvey in 1983.

Wild Montana Skies, was a song by country singer John Denver and Emmylou Harris that featured on nine of his albums, but was first released in 1983 on his 17th album entitled, About Time.

Meet Me In Montana was a duet sung by Dan Seals and Marie Osmond taken from her 1990 album, The Best Of Marie Osmond.

Blue Montana Skies, was a track taken from country singer / songwriter T.J Casey's album of the same name in 2002.  

Big City by Merle Haggard was a great song about Montana. Merle Haggard sang "Sit me down in the middle off Montana" in that great song Big City.



                    Beautiful Nebraska ( Fras 1967)                          

State song, Beautiful Nebraska, was written by Jim Fras and Guy Miller in 1960 and hailed as the official state song in 1983.

Nebraska Sunrise, was a hit for rockabilly legend, Buddy Knox in 1982.

Nebraska, was a song from the album of the same name by Bruce Springsteen in 1982, which got to number 3 in the album charts on both sides of the Atlantic.

Three Years In Nebraska, was a single for folk singer Kate Jacobs in 1995.

Nebraska  Song, was a tribute song to American Football quarterback, Brook Berringer, who died in a plane crash.The song was written by Sawyer Brown in 1997.

Dressed Up Like Nebraska, was a track taken from Josh Rouse's 1998 album of the same name.

Nebraska, was a track taken from the 1998 album, Tin Cans And Car Tires by Moe.

Nebraska, was a track found on The Nields 1998 album, Play.

Nebraska, was a track that featured on Canadian duo The Cash Brothers, two albums, Raceway released in 1999 and How Was Tomorrow released in 2001.



                 Home means Nevada (Rafetto 1933)                                  

Patriot song and official state song, Home Means Nevada was composed by Bertha Raffetto in 1933.  

Nevada Fighter, was a track from the album of the same name, for singer / songwriter, Mike Nesmith in 1971. 

Sands of Nevada, was a track from Mark Knoffler's 2000 album, Sailing To Philedelphia.

First State Sierra Nevada, was a trance remix for Jan Vavra in 2008. 

                                  NEW HAMPSHIRE 


                       Live free or die ( Palmer 2007)                          

Official state song, Old New Hampshire, was written by Dr John . F. Holmes in 1949.

Honorary state song, New Hampshire, My New Hampshire, was penned by Julius Richelson and Walter P. Smith in 1977.

Honorary state song, New Hampshire Hills, was composed by Paul Scott Mawrer and Tom Powers in 1973.

Honorary state song, Autumn In New Hampshire was written by Leo Austin in 1977.

Honorary state song, New Hampshire Granite State, was written by Anne . B. Courier in 1977.

Honorary state song, Oh , New Hampshire, was penned by Browne Mackintosh in 1977.

State March, The New Hampshire State March, was penned by Rene Richards in 1977.

Honorary state song, New Hampshire, naturally, was written by rick and Ron Shaw in 1983.

Noise rock band Sonic Youth recorded New Hampshire,for their Sonic Nurse album in 2004.  

                                          NEW JERSEY


                       I'm from New Jersey (Mascara)                                 

I'm From New Jersey, was written by Red Mascara in 1966 and designated official state song in 2005.

New Jersey, My Home, a contender for state song, was written by Patrick Finley in 1996.

Be Proud To Be In New Jersey, was another contender for state song in 1996, written by Mark and Ellen Winter.

Timberwolves At New Jersey, was a single by rock band Taking Back Sunday in 2002.  

                                        NEW MEXICO


         New Mexico - Mi lindo Nuevo Mexico ( Garrett 1995) 


State song, O Fair New Mexico, was written by Elisabeth Garrett in 1917.

State bi - lingual song, New Mexico / Mi Lundo Nuevo Mexico, was penned by Elisabeth Garrett in 1917, and designated official state song in 1995.

Taos, New Mexico, was a track that featured on country giant, Waylon Jennings, 1967 album, Love Of The Common People.

Country legend Johnny Cash recorded The New Mexico Song, in 1973.

New Mexico Song, was an album track by Punk group Johnny Hobo and the Freight Trains in 2007.



                                      NEW YORK



                      I love New York ( Karmen 1977) 


New York Mining Disaster 1941, was a track featured on the BeeGees debut album First, in 1967.

Southern California Wants To Be Western New York, was a track on Dar Williams' Mortal City album released in 1996.

State song, I Love New York, was penned by famous Jingle composer, Steve Karmen, in 1977.

New York State Of Mind, was a hit single for rock giant, Billy Joel in 2001.  

                                  NORTH CAROLINA


    The old north state ( Gaston / Randolph 1927) 


 Way Up In North Carolina, was a single by Andy Griffith in 1951, and has been covered by several artists since.

Although the full name of the state is not actually mentioned, James Taylor's' 1968 debut album, James Taylor, featured the hit song Carolina On My Mind, in honour of Taylor's home state of North Carolina.The popular song was also penned by Taylor.

North Carolina Line, was a track taken from Gene Vincent's 1971 album, The Day The World Turned Blue.

North Carolina Royalty, was a track taken from Punk band Antiseed's 1989 album, Noise For The Sake Of Noise.  

                                    NORTH DAKOTA


                  North Dakota Hymn ( Foley / Putnam 1947) 


 State song, The North Dakota hymn was written by James W Foley and Dr C.S Ptman in 1926 and was designated as state song in 1947.

Country and western star Lyle Lovatt recorded the song North Dakota, on his 1992 album, Joshua Judges Ruth.

Fargo, North Dakota, was a track taken from the 1996 album, Soundtrack From The Film, Fargo.

North Dakota Boy, was a track taken from Candian Country band, Doc Walker's 2003 album, Everyone Aboard.  



Beautiful Ohio ( Earl / MacDonald / McBride 1969) 


Banks Of the Ohio, is a traditional Bluegrass ballad first recorded in 1927 by Red Patterson which has been covered by several other country and bluegrass artists since.

Ohio, was a tune from the Broadway musical Wonderful Town, written by Leonard Bernstein in 1953.

State song, Beautiful Ohio, was written by Mary Earl and Ballard MacDonald in 1969, with amended lyrics submitted by Wilbert McBride in 1989.

Ohio, was a track from ' flower power ' icons Crosby, Nash, Stills and Young from their Fourway Street album, released in 1971.

Ohio, was a dance single from British Indie band The Utah Saints in 1995.

Ohio, was a track from Indie rock band, Modest Mouse in 1996, which featured on their This Is A Long Drive For Someone With Nothing To Think About album.

Ohio, was a track from Indie rock performer Damien Jurado's 1999 album, Rehearsals For Departure.  



                   Oklahoma ( Rodgers / Hammerstein 1953) 


Oklahoma, was a song from the hit musical of the same name, written by Rojers and Hammerstein in 1931. In 1953 the song was designated official state song.

Oklahoma Hills, was a country and western song first released by Woody Guthrie in 1945.It was later covered by country singer Hank Thompson in 1961 where it got to number 15 in the U.S country chart.

Willie Guthrie's son, Arlo, covered the track on his 1969 Running Down The Road album.

In 2001 the song was officially cited as the State Of Oklahoma's state anthem.

Owing to the vast amount of songs with Oklahoma in the title, I will refer you to this reputable source;





       Oregon my Oregon ( Buchanan / Murtaghin 1927) 


Oregon, My Oregon, was written by John Andrew Buchanan and Henry Bernard Murtaghin in 1920 and officially designated as state song in 1927. 

Portland, Oregon, was a duet sung by Loretta Lynn and Jack White on Lynn's Van Lear Rose album in 2004.

The Oregon Trail, featured on Willie Guthrie's 1967 album, This Land is Your Land and has been covered by several artists since.  



               Pennsylvania ( Khoury / Bonner 1990)


Pennsylvania 6 - 5000, the telephone number of the Pennsylvania Hotel in New York, was a big band hit on both sides of the Atlanticfor Glen Miller and his band in 1940.

State song Pennsylvania, was written by Eddie Khoury and Ronnie Bonner in 1990.  

                                  RHODE ISLAND


           Rhode Island, it's for me ( Chester / Day 1996) 


Rhode Island Is Famous For You, was a song by Blossom Dearie, which featured several other U.S states in this witty ditty from 1960.

State song Rhode Island, It's For Me, was written by Charlie Hall, Maria Day and Kathryn Chester in 1996.

Rhode Island Song, was the title of a specially commisioned song written for the new millenium, composed and recorded by Dana Kamide in 1999.

Road To Rhode Island, was a song that featured in an episode of the cartoon series, Family Guy in May 2000 and was sung by cast regulars, Brian and Stewie ( voice of Seth MacFarlane).

                                SOUTH CAROLINA


                       Carolina (  Burgess / Timrod 1984) 


 The state song, Carolina, was written by Henry Timrod and Anne Custis Burgess in 1911, and designated official state song in 1984.

South Carolina, is a track taken from The Outlaws 1976 album, Lady In Waiting.

State song, South Carolina On My Mind, was written and recorded by Hank Martin and Buzz Arledge in 1984.

From South Carolina, was a track by Indie band, Her Space Holiday,recorded from their 2003 album, The Young Machines.

South Carolina Low Country, is a track taken from country singer Josh Turner's 2007 album, Everything Is Fine.  

                                    SOUTH DAKOTA


                      Hail South Dakota ( Hammitt 1943) 


State song, Hail South Dakota, was penned by DeeCort Hammitt in 1943.

South Dakota Morning, was a track by the popular trio the BeeGees in 1973 which featured on their album, Life In A Tincan.

South Dakota, was a track taken from Liz Phair's 1992 E.P, Girlysounds.  



              Tennessee Waltz ( Stewart / King 1965)


Patriotic song, My Homeland Tennessee, was composed by Nell Grayson Smith and Ray Lamont Smith, in 1926.

Patriotic song, My Tennessee, was penned by Frances Hannah Tranum, in 1931.

When It's Iris Time In Tennessee, was written by Willa Waid Newman, in 1935.

The Tennessee Waltz, was composed by Redd Stewart and Pee Wee King in 1947 and first recorded by the Cowboy Copas in the same year. This popular song has gone on to be covered by countless others ever since, and was designated official state song in 1965.

Tennessee Hound Dog was a hit single for Bluegrass duo, the Osbourne Brothers in 1969.

Going to Tennessee, was another of John Darnielle's series of ' going to ' songs written for his band The Mountain Goats.

Tennessee, was written by Vivian Rorie in 1992 and has been sang by countless artists over the years.

Tennessee Stud, was a track taken from Michael Murphy's 1994 album, American Horses.

Patriot song, The Pride Of Tennessee, was written by Fred Congdon, Thomas Vaughan and Carol Elliot in 1996.

Tennessee River Run, was a track taken from Darryl Worley's 2003 album, Have You Forgotten?

Back To Tennessee, was a track taken from Billy Ray Cyrus's 2008 album of the same name.  

Me and Tennessee, sung by Tim McGraw and Gwyneth Paltrow, was the title track of the 2010 film, Country Strong. 

                                                                     More songs with Tennessee in the title;





                   Texas our Texas ( Marsh 1933) 


The Yellow Rose of Texas, is a traditional folk song written by somebody known simply as J.K, which was released in 1858.

State song, Texas Our Texas, was written by English man William .J Marsh in 1924 and designated official state song in 1929.

.T For Texas, was a track on the 1996, reformed Lynyrd Skynrd rock band's Southern Nights album.

Deep In the Heart of Texas, is a rousing patriot song, which was first recorded in 1941 by Perry Como, which has been covered by several other artists since.

Heading For The Texas Border, was a blues / rock standard by the Flamin Groovies, recor


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