Song Review: Five Finger Death Punch's Remake of Bad Company

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An awesome song originally performed by Bad Company, but how did FFDP do with their version? 5FDP

Growing up in the early 80's, Bad Company was a great band, in my opinion, and I loved many of their songs, especially their eponymous single. When I first heard Five Finger Death Punch's version of the song "Bad Company," performed, of course, by Bad Company originally, I was not a fan. When I would drive in my car and hear it, I would immediately turn it off. However, I often ride in my boyfriend's car, and he liked the song, so he'd leave it on... Apparently the FFDP version grew on me after hearing it a few times, and I just couldn't get enough! I couldn't wait to hear it in the privacy of my own car so I could growl along with the song!

Five Finger Death Punch

Although I mentioned I like to "growl" along with the FFDP version of Bad Company, I am half-joking. Let me explain... Five Finger Death Punch, as you may assume from the name of the band, is a heavier band. However, the singer, although he does seem to growl at times and scream, has a very melodic and even soothing voice. His voice is deep and haunting at times yet beautiful and soft at other times. I think he has an awesome range and is a very versatile singer, and I am glad he loves the same type of music I love. I like not only the remake of this song by FFDP, but also a plethora of other songs by this band, and it's one of my new favorite bands. Of course, if you don't like hard rock, it's not likely you'll be too fond of this song.

Five Finger Death Punch is often abbreviated due to the length of the band's name. I have seen abbreviated versions as: FFDP and, more commonly, 5FDP. They have exploded on the hard rock scene in recent months not only due to the exposure of their cover of "Bad Company" but also because their own original songs are incredible as well. I liked this band before I ever heard their remake of one of my favorite songs, and I didn't like their remake until I heard it a few times. Now I wonder why I ever disliked it! 5FDP formed in 2007.

Their Version

The FFDP version of the song is, as most remakes are, very similar to the original song but with touches of their own band and small sparks of their own originality and tastes incorporated within the remake. The song is a touch harder than the original version, but still a beautiful and classic song, even in the remake version.

This is a song you can learn to love all over again with this version if you like hard rock. It begins slow then blasts into the chorus and lets you jam out and blow off steam to some great tunes. The song sounds polished and excellent to me. It incorporates all the essential rock elements.

The Video

According to, the Five Finger Death Punch's version of the "video features exclusive footage from the band’s recent trip to Iraq to perform for the troops, and the video is a salute to those who dedicate their lives to protecting our freedom." So is this fitting for their sophomore effort "War is the Answer?" I can see a theme.

For me, this song jams and I still cannot get enough of it. With the beautiful voice, the timeless rock song lyrics, and the awesome guitar riffs, this song is a natural classic and favorite for many. So, the decision is yours, and it all depends on your personal taste. If you like the original Bad Company song and the FFDP cover, would you rather be born with a six-gun in your hand, or with a shotgun??


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