So You Want Instant Privacy? Try These Fast Growing Plants

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Craving privacy? Have you finally had it with your neighbors or decided that city life does not offer you the privacy you so desire? Or is it that you have simply run out of ideas of how to get the privacy you want cost effectively? If you fall under any

I've always been quite amazed by the rate in which some plants grow in a garden, almost as though in a race for the finish line. There are some plants that would surely be considered sprinters compared to other plants which can grow at a snail-like pace, although an interesting fact when concerning a plants rate of growth is that any plant growing near a volcano no matter how slow they normally grow will put on a rapid rate of growth just before an earthquake. Can you imagine the sprinters then?

Frequently I am asked on my website, Artistic Visions Gardening, about fast growing plants, more specifically if I can provide some names for good fast growing plants. Most often these people just want instant coverage, covering their gardens as fast as they possibly can so they can avoid having to do any gardening. Simply they want a garden but do not want to have to tend to it but there are three problems or disadvantages when concerning this method that have to be taken into consideration that most are not aware of.

For one fast growing plants can soon take over, completely covering other plants, smothering them. Secondly when considering fast growing trees the roots can go rampart extending their reach almost unbelievably and if your not careful where you plant them they can severely damage foundations and drains. The third reason that fast growing plants have to be taken into consideration when seeking instant privacy is that fast growers most often put their energy into leaf growth and the result usually ends with an untidy plant with woody, weak stems. Many times due to this there is very little energy left for the plant to flower or fruit.

Trees For Instant Privacy.

*The Laurel can easily be used for instant privacy as a hedge or screen at the back of any garden.

*The Willow (W. salix Babylonica) can also easily be used for instant privacy and can grow up to 8 feet in one year of given the right growing conditions. The willow makes a great screen hiding a road but will have to be cut back and should be planted away from any drains or foundations as they roots can easily make their way into them.

*Eucalyptus can grow up to 80 feet but ideally this tree should be chopped down to 6 feet in the spring to keep it under control.

*The elegant Populus Niagra is the second fastest growing tree I would recommend, right next to the Willow and can grow up to 120 feet although again like the Willow you have to be careful as to where you plant it because it can throw out roots with a wide span.

Fast Growing Climbers

*Wisteria sinensis will spread out to about 100 feet in 30 years in a well drained area with full sun or partial shade and though Wisteria is often perceived as a slow growing plant because it takes a while to flower, its foliage and stems should be considered among the speediest of plants shooting out vigorously.

*The Passiflora (Passion flower) is yet another climber that can grow at an astounding rate with the help of its fast growing tendrils which can entwine, twist and bound up a trellis or any supported area. If in a sunny, sheltered area, Passiflora caerulea can easily reach over 30 feet but the best things about this lovely climber is that it is not a suckering climber which means it will not damage walls as all suckering climbers tend to do. To keep in check remove unwanted growth in the spring and cut back after it fruits.

Fast Growing Perennials

*Mint should be considered one of the fastest perennials so much in fact it can be rather invasive, popping up where it is usually not wanted including the lawn. This is one plant that has to be kept in check by weeding it out where it is not wanted.

Fast growing Perennials To Be Used As Screens


*Althaea Rosea reaches 8 feet during the growing season.

*Cephalaria gigantea grows to 8 feet during the growing season.

*Cortaderia (Pampas Grass) grows 6 ½ feet – 10 feet during the growing season. (This is by far my favorite of all ornamental grasses.)

*Rudbekia Herbstonne will grow to 6 feet during the growing season

*Rudbekia laciniata (Golden Glow) Reaches up to 6 ½ feet during the growing season.

*Verbascum x phoeniceum grows to 6 ½ feet during the growing season.

I think fast growing plants can be wonderful to grow, apart from the weeds such as duckweed that is, just as long as your the one in control of them and not the other way around.

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