Snoqualmie Falls is a Beautiful Waterfall in Washington Featured on TV on Twin Peaks

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Snoqualmie Falls is a beautiful waterfall that is visited by over 2 million people a year.

Snoqualmie Falls is beautiful waterfall tourist attraction in Washington that drops 268 feet along the Snoqualmie River in northwestern Washington about 30 miles east of Seattle. Many people recognize Snoqualmie Falls today because the waterfall is shown at the beginning of every episode of the TV show Twin Peaks which took place in the town of Snoqualmie Falls. As the opening credits run on Twin Peaks viewers are treated to a great moving shot of the waterfall flowing down the cliff face and into the icy waters below.

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Snoqualmie Falls today is owned by Puget Sound Energy which provides a free park that is open to visitors daily from dusk to dawn. The Snoqualmie Falls park is located right off Route 202 between Fall River and Snoqualmie about 30 miles east of Seattle. Some 2 million people visit Snoqualmie Falls every year making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in Washington and in the United States.

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When flowing at full force Snoqualmie Falls is a spectacular sight roaring over a beautiful cliff face and creating many rainbows on sunny days. However due to water being diverted above the falls into an underground hydroelectric plant owned by Puget Sound Energy Snoqualmie Falls only flows at full force during the spring runoff and after heavy rainfall during the year.

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The park at Snoqualmie Falls offers a great viewing platform and a hiking trail which visitors can take and hike down to the base of Snoqualmie Falls. There is a gift shop, refreshment stand, bathrooms and picnic tables and benches in the park.

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Located just above the falls is the luxury 89 room Salish Lodge and Spa which offers guests spectacular views overlooking Snoqualmie Falls. Salish Lodge and Spa also has a popular dining room where diners can view the falls while eating breakfast, lunch or dinner and also offers wedding packages complete with wedding pictures in front of Snoqualmie Falls. There are also plenty of hotels and motels between Snoqualmie and Seattle and Snoqualmie Falls is close enough that visitors staying at hotels in Seattle can take an easy 1/2 day trip to the falls.

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Also located in the area at 37500 SE North Bend Way is the Snoqualmie Casino which offers gambling, nightclubs, concerts, a ballroom and five restaurants. But the real attraction in the area is the magnificent 268 foot tall waterfall tourist attraction in Washington that is Snoqualmie Falls.

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To see video of the waterfall simply type Twin Peaks into the search box at YouTube and watch the opening credits sequence.

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