Snapily vs World3D vs OptiGraphics: Online Lenticular Printing Services Compared

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Snapily makes it easy to get quotes right from the main page based on your particular project, so it’s ideal for those who like customizing and having more control. World3D has good rates when you buy a large number of pieces, so it will work well for b

Lenticular printing is just a fancy way of talking about printing flat paper and other products that look three dimensional, which is now something that you can do. Here are a few commons companies that can do this for you, including a close look at each and how they look compared to the others.


You can print a 3D effect size of up to 36” by 48” on the site. You can also choose either 40 or 100 lpi. The site has an affiliate program if you want to advertise for them. They also give you some custom control by allowing up to upload Photoshop files if you want.


  • Easy Price Calculator-Right from the main page you can key in the width, height, and quantity you want for 3D printing to get a quote for what you want instantly.
  • Samples Kit-If you’re thinking about buying a huge order, you can start off with a Samples Kit to see if you like what they have to offer. This comes out to around $39.
  • Upload Files Right to Site for Printing-You can even upload raw PSD files from Photoshop to use for the flip or 3D printing if you want.
  • 3D Preview-Once you go through the uploading process, you’ll be able to preview the final result before finalizing it.



Some famous companies have used World3D including Coke, Taco Bell, MasterCard, Microsoft and Nike. There’s a video right on the main site that explains the whole process and what the final products look like. The site says that it takes them about 3 weeks from the time they receive the files to turn it around for you.


  • Get Small Pieces of 1” x 1”- You can get a 1.5” square piece as the smallest offered. This is considerably smaller than other companies.
  • Three Frame Flip-You can get either 2 or 3 frame flip pieces done. You need to provide 2 files for the 2 flip and 3 for the 3-flip. They also do the full 3D where they just need all elements of the image on one file, even if it’s on multiple layers.
  • Video on Main Site-You can play a video right “above the fold” on the main site to get a sense of what the lenticular process is like.



Optigraphics has been in business for 40 years now. They were one of the first to handle three-dimensional printing.


  • Get PDF Catalog-If you click on the link for it in the top right, you can get a PDF file that gives you a full sense for what’s offered on the site in terms of printing.
  • Fast Track System Makes Products Ready in 1-3 Weeks-This means that Optigraphics is one of the faster services in terms of turnaround time.
  • Request Sample-If you scroll down the page, you will notice a place on the right to request a sample. It just requires your email and a message and then a blue “submit” button.
  • Variety of 3D printing Mediums-You can get a number of things printed with the 3D effect through the site, including cards, images, posters, in-store signage, promotional displays and materials related to Point of Purchase. They also offer wide-format options if you prefer as well.

Head to Head


If you wanted a 3D print job for ten 8x8 pieces, the price at Snapily would be $195 for inflexible lens posters that flip with the 3D effect. If you want a flexible lens with 100 lpi, this goes down to $86.

You save money on World3D if you buy a lot of pieces in one big job. If you don’t contact them first about a custom order, they will only print if you spend at least $2500. If you buy at least 2500 pieces, then you end up with $2 per unit. The minimum is 500 to 1000 pieces, and this comes out to about $2500, making for $25 per unit at the best for that size. If you order a huge amount like 50,000, then you can get under 50 cents per unit.

There’s no listed pricing information for Optigraphics, and instead you have to email them with your specific order details in order to get what’s called a Quick Quote. Once you get it though, it’s valid for 30 days and you can get the same price as long as you submit it all within 30 days of making it. There’s a “contact form” link on the pricing page that lets you ask for pricing on your project.


Snapily allows you to upload Photoshop files right to the site using the upload link on the main page. You then customize the front and backside, preview, and then go through with your purchase. You can also get a flip effect by uploading two JPG or TIFF files if you’d prefer that over the straight up 3D effect. The photos need to at least have 150 DPI, however.

World3D will print units much smaller than what Snapily will do. Snapily has a minimum of 8 inches square, where World3D will go down to 1.5 inches square. This means that World3D is going to be a better bet for you if you need units that are much smaller for whatever reason. The service is also at its best when you need to produce a huge number of them since then the price goes down to 50 cents per unit.

Optigraphics puts a lot of effort into pushing their Lenticular Point of Purchase products along with the rest of them. The idea is that three-dimensional imaging is eye-catching and so it makes for a good approach when it comes to Point of Purchase merchandise. There’s also a lot of specific information for contact info support features at the bottom. This includes a name, email address and phone number. Contacting them through these means is the only way to get anywhere on the site if you want to try buying something, so it’s worth making sure you know where the contact data is listed. 

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