SMS Audio vs. Beats by Dre vs. Sol Republic: Top Headphone Brands Compared

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SMS Audio is a great balance headset for those who want quality for under $300. It has the 17 hour battery life, memory foam and long 50 foot range. Beats by Dr. Dre is for those looking for higher range. Beats includes more expensive features like the Ad

One of the first things you should pay attention to when setting out to buy some new headphones is the brand. Different headphone brands will focus on totally different aspects of the experience, ranging from comfort to style.

SMS Audio

SMS Audio now has the famous rapper 50 Cent as a majority owner to the brand. They’ve been known for style for some time now with their Sync on-ear wireless and other headphones.

Review of Features

  • Easy Email Contact-There’s a big blue “Contact” button right on the left side of the main page with a simple email form for getting your questions answered quickly. The button is unobtrusive, but easy to find.
  • Free Shipping-Get free shipping on orders of $99 or more. This is one of the more customizable headphones around in terms of color, and it goes for under $250.
  • Sync by 50- The “Sync” headphone line is one of the signatures for this brand. It has a 50 foot range, Digital EQ, and the ability to sync up to 4 different people from the same source. The Sync can also handle 17 hours on one charge, optional wire cable, noise cancellation and memory foam for ear cushions.
  • 1 Year Warranty-You can spend $100 and up this to 2 year warranty if you want, though this seems unnecessary and most situations.
  • Street by 50 Massive Customizability-You can customize the Street wired on-ear headphones, choosing the colors for the Ear Cups, the disks with the logo, the hinges, the frames, the outer headband, the inner headband and even what sort of finish you want between gloss or matte. There are dozens of different solid and metallic colors to choose from for each. This means that chances are good that almost no one will have headphones quite like yours. This is the ColorWare version, you can get other versions that are cheaper with fewer options.
  • Street by 50 Star Wars Edition-These headphones give you simple stylish star wars logos.
  • Feeding America Team Up-SMS Audio supports charity programs for helping to provide 1 million meals to hungry families in the U.S. This includes 27 million people and 61,000 food pantries.

Beats by Dre


Going with the headphone rapper theme, “Beats by Dre” is from the famous artist Dr. Dre. In addition to their famous headphones, you can also get earphones, speakers, and various accessories.

Review of Features

  • 30 Day Fit Guarantee
  • Free Standard Shipping on All Orders-This offer puts Beats ahead of SMS since there’s no minimum.
  • Studio Headphones-The “Studio” line comes in multiple colors from Royal Blue to pink to black, and its higher end than some of its competitors. It has a 12 hour rechargeable battery, though you can get a wired version as well. The wired version will still need to work on a battery though, going for 20 hours. This is due to the Beats Acoustic Engine technology it uses.
  • Adaptive Noise Cancelling-Beats headphones such as the Studio version will automatically increase the ANC levels to match external noise to keep out sound from the outside.

Sol Republic

Sol Republic is known partly for their famous headset the Sol Republic Tracks. They have over-ears, on-ears, in-ears and other headset varieties, in addition to selling speakers, headbands, cables, and other gears and accessories. You can contact Sol Republic at 1-877-400-0310. They also have an email account which is

Review of Features

  • Physical Locations-Unlike many other headset creators, Sol Republic actually have their own stores, and they have a store locator on their site.
  • Ear Tips for Life-This program lets you get free ear tip replacements for devices like AMPS, JAX, or RELAYS.
  • Tracks-This headphone is known for having great sound for its price range which is around $100. It has iOS controls built right into it. The cable is detachable and can be replaced if there’s a problem with it.
  • Master Tracks-Master Tracks claims that it’s “virtually indestructible,” though this probably depends on just how dedicated you are to destroying it. It has SonicSoft speaker pads and an X3 sound engine. You get free shipping, and a 1 year warranty.

Head to Head


The SMS Audio Sync headphones go for between around $150 and $249 depending on the seller and type of headphones. The Beats headphones range from just under $300 for Studio, to $450 for the Pro version. The Sol Republic Tracks is one of the cheapest of the bunch at under $100. Some of the other products like Master Tracks are just under $200


SMS Audio has a headphones with a huge number of features for the price, including 50 foot ranges, 17 hour battery life and very comfortable memory foam for the ears. The Beats headphones such as the studio tend to have a lower range and less battery life, but they have additional features like Adaptive Noise Cancelling. Sol Republic focuses more on quality at low price, though they still have interesting features like the free ear tips and the built-in iPhone controls in the Tracks.