Smith+Noble vs. BlindsGalore vs. Blinds Review and Comparison

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Smith+Noble naturally has advantages to being a producer and seller, like shorter waits between production and shipping (though this goes hand-in-hand with slightly higher prices). With a larger selection of products and brands, Your Blinds and Blinds


Shopping for - and installing - blinds is a difficult, time-consuming task: from complicated measurements to the daunting selection of fabrics and designs, trying to find the perfect blinds, shades, or drapes for a window is anything but relaxing. With so many places to choose from, we've selected three of the industry leaders to compare their products, shopping experience, and customer support to help the curious (and overwhelmed) find the site that fits their needs and desires.

Product/Brand Selection

When it comes to selection, Blinds Galore and Your Blinds find themselves much closer in terms of variance than Smith+Noble, who only sell their own brand. Both Blinds Galore and Your Blinds offer their own brand as well, but also feature popular companies like Bali, Comfortex, and Levolor. Blinds Galore has 11 different brands and Your Blinds six - including one brand exclusive to their site (between the three), Ambience.

All three sites offer a wide variety of sizes and selections of blinds, shutters, drapes, and hardware like rings and curtain rods (save for Your Blinds, which do not sell shutters or blinds). As expected, Blinds Galore and Your Blinds have a bit of a larger variety in style - including eco-friendly offerings, something Smith+Noble doesn't have on their own site.

Blinds and drapes are available in a wide variety of sizes on all sites (generally up to 96 inches), with multiple selections for fabric and design, including wood, vertical, track-based, and motorized, both corded and cordless (as well as child-safe options). When it comes to pricing, prices are dynamic to a product size; larger sizes cost more to order, and after a certain size, will incur much larger shipping charges (more on that below).

It sounds like a lot - but the three sites all feature great search refinements, which make selecting specific products and sizes really easy. Smith + Noble doesn't have a deep refine-within-search like Your Blinds and Blinds Galore, but this is by construction: everything they sell is broken down by category, style, and design, putting most products only a few clicks away.

Here are some price ranges for basic products for comparison (retail prices, not sale prices listed on site, which are subject to change):


Blinds Galore


Your Blinds

2” Wood Blinds (24” x 36”)

$55 - $103


$52 - $152

Shutters (24” x 36”)

$197 - $203

$174 - $216

Do not sell

Pair of Drapes (24” x 36”)

$157 - $233

~ $174 - $304

Do not sell

Honeycomb Shades (24” x 36”)

$66 - $130

~ $82 - $460

$62 - $225

Other important information:

  • again, Your Blinds doesn't offern shutters or drapes anywhere on their site.
  • Prices may vary based on color selection.
  • Your Blinds and Blinds Galore have lower price listings on their website for the products above: this is due to their various discounts for first-time buyers. Since these are all subject to change at any time, the prices noted are regular retail price.



Standard shipping rates for the three sites is as follows:

Blinds Galore

  • all orders up to 100'" in width: FREE (48 states)
  • orders over 100" in width: $60 each oversized treatment


  • $14.95/unit
  • Shutters: $34.95/unit
  • rods, brackets, rings up to 72" wide: FREE

                                   - 76" - 108": $50/unit (one piece), $14.95 (two pieces)

                                  - 108" +, 150lbs. +: $25.00/unit

Your Blinds

  • up to 93 7/8" : FREE
  • 93 7/8" + : $85 for entire order

All three sites deliver to the continental US, with Alaska and Hawaii incurring extra delivery charges (between $30-80, depending on product and size). For international customers, the only site that lists any options is Your Blinds, which requires payment in full by money order before shipping will be completed.

Varying production times means a wide range of estimated delivery dates: Blinds Galore offers a very detailed production/delivery time listing, which is quite similar to the numbers listed on Your Blinds and Smith+Noble's delivery/shipping information page.

Different products and sizes take different amounts of time to construct: but of the latter two, Smith+Noble's delivery time will probably be a bit shorter, due to them manufacturing and shipping their own products from their own facility. Your Blinds notes a 1-2 day delay in shipping once production on something is finished, whereas Smith+Noble ship products as soon as they are finished - even if that means sending multiple pieces of the same order out at different times.


Installation/Customer Support

One of the great things about all three sites are their detailed measuring and installation guides for their products. This ranges from PDF's with diagrams detailing measuring sizes, to in-depth, multi-page manuals that describe installation for products in great detail.

Thankfully, this isn't all they offer: all three sites offer toll-free customer service numbers (Your Blinds Mon.-Fri., while Smith+Noble and Blinds Galore list hours on Saturday), and also have live chat support accessible on the front page of their website (except Smith+Noble, who disguise their live chat option in the customer service menu).

One thing worth noting about all three sites: measuring windows and ordering the correct sizes is of utmost importance to the customer, because none of the sites offer traditional returns or refunds. Everything is custom made on all the sites, so the only option for an incorrect order is to buy replacement pieces, which in 'most cases' on all sites, will be offered at a discount.

In addition, the three sites offer their own selection of in-house services to help measure and install pieces. Unfortunately, they appear mostly limited to cities and regions in their home areas (Smith+Noble and Blinds Galore are in California, while Your Blinds are based in Texas).

Customer Reviews

Looking at over 200 customer reviews of the thre sites, one thing permeated nearly every single negative one: terrible customer service. Part of this inherently is the return policy - no unsatisfied consumer wants to see a no-return policy, so some backlash is expected.

However, what's interesting about the criticisms is how the policy is applied - here are a few epinion reviews for each site below, detailing the various problems incurred when receiving the wrong product, or not being satisfied by what they order.

"My $700+ shutters are the wrong size, configuration, and hinge color. I'm always transferred to someone's voice mail and my messages go unanswered when I call Blinds Galore, even when I ask to speak with someone in authority. They've ignored my requests for a return authorization, so I've filed an inquiry with AMEX. What a nightmare!" - yadax775 review

"I ordered approximately $2,000 worth of tri-cell fabric blinds from Smith & Noble last July for a new house that I recently purchased. The quality is terrible with roughly 50% of the blinds being longer (by about an inch) on one side than the other...  I have repeatedly called, faxed and e-mailed detailed information, photos and drawings about the problems with no refund or resolution after 7 months." - robnc2001 review

"Due to a screwed up webpage [on Your Blind's website], My order was shipped wrong. I called to get a refund and after a lengthy chat was told "The web page states no refunds due to being custom made". So I got the wrong shades and am stuck with them." - buckmaster1955 review

Of the three sites, Your Blinds boats a 4/5 rating from 103 customer reviews, while Blinds Galore currently sits at 3.5/5 (of 19 reviews), with Smith+Noble far behind, scoring 2/5 on 142 listed reviews. Your Blinds and Blinds Galore consistently got higher scores on pricing/delivery related issues, while Smith+Noble's extremely inconsistent customer support had a major effect on it's score.

Looking to the Better Business Bureau for more customer feedback reveals that Smith+Noble and Blinds Galore are both BBB-accredited,  with Blinds Galore boasting an A+ rating since earning accrediation in 2005. Your Blinds also has an A+ listing, but for unknown reasons is not accredited with the BBB.

Unfortunately, no additional information on Smith+Noble is available - as the time of this article's writing, the Bureau is reworking the LA-area businesses, removing detailed information about complaints and resolutions (as well as a letter grade) until they've completed their research. 


Key Takeaways

  • The most important thing is to measure correctly, and meticulously double check every single item selection before ordering. All sites utilize menu-heavy ordering screens to determine size, color, fabric, etc., and any mistake is the responsibility of the consumer - trying to get a refund will be near-impossible from any of the sites.
  • Use the helpful manuals on each site when measuring and installing - again, general consensus suggests that the customer service options via phone and email will not provide much guidance in these tasks. California or Texas based shoppers will be able to get on-site help (often for free when it comes to measurements), but the rest of customers will have to do it themselves.
  • Utilize the free samples: products will not always look the same on a computer screen as they do in their window, and all three sites offer free samples (with free shipping) that they'll send right to your door to help make your selection - or at the very least, narrow down your search to a certain fabric/style/company.
  • Look for the discounts: most sites have special discounts depending on month and season, highlighting differnt products and companies to offer pretty sizeable discounts. Skim the home page: most are highlighted with bright, colorful buttons - and those that aren't can easily be found under 'Sale' headings on every front page.