Smashbox vs Too Faced: A Clear Beauty Winner Emerges

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Comparison of Too Faced makeup and cosmetics to Smashbox makeup to find the best and most affordable option between the two. No matter what makeup you're looking for, Smashbox or Too Faced will have you covered.

Whether you're shopping online from a beauty store or visiting Sephora in the mall, it's not hard to become overwhelmed with all the choices. In this review, I narrowed it down to two commonly-found make up brands and compared them on quality, price, ingredients, color and durability of packaging.

So do you go for the less expensive option that you plan to wear less often or do you fork over up to $20 more per product and have it last for months?

Are you looking for dual-purpose products, such as those that include SPF and moisturizer?

I answered these questions and many more during my comparison of Smashbox to Too Faced.


Smashbox makeup and cosmetics are available at any high-end beauty retail store, such as Ulta or Sephora.

Smashbox has been a favorite make up brand of magazines and celebs since the invention of their shades of makeup primer. With green to reduce redness, blue with hydration ingredients, clear for a perfect "photo finish" and a cream color with SPF 15, Smashbox is well known for a wide selection of quality pre-makeup options.

In this review, I expected more from Smashbox, due to the higher price point than Too Faced. And they delivered. For quality and price, it's the better choice. Here are some reasons why:


  • Quality, skin-smoothing ingredients
  • Lasting colors and primers that stay on longer than the Too Faced options
  • Many more options with SPF
  • Durable packing for travel and daily use
  • "Adult"-centric color choices and choices for mature skin
  • Dual purpose make up such as hydrating primer and hydrating powder
  • A "Try It" kit that has miniatures of all Smashbox options. You can get started for a very reasonable $20, when purchased from Sephora


  • Too Faced and Smashbox comparable eye palettes are a whole $20 apart, which Smashbox coming out the more expensive option
  • Limited Smashbox selection in some stores. Highly recommended to shop online

Too Faced

Too Faced, like Smashbox is also available at beauty stores and online. Too Faced seems geared toward a younger generation and much of the make up comes in sets or large palattes of colors.


  • Fun Colors and packaging
  • A lot more bang for your buck than Smashbox. Especially with kits such as the "Two Faced On the Prowl" kit for $26 or the Eye Shadow Insurance for $18, the Smashbox eye primer is a smaller tube and $20
  • Wide selection of eye colors, mascaras and skin primers meaning something for everyone


  • Extremely impractical for traveling
  • Cases and containers are not durable enough for daily use
  • Too many choices in one set, such as the Too Faced Natural Eye Collection for $36. This color group that should have 3-4 selections has 9.
  • Low-quality lip gloss that wears off easily


The Bottom Line

Through pricing a wide variety of products as well as testing many of the products myself, I found Smashbox to be the clear winner. It lasts longer, looks better and uses higher quality ingredients. While Too Faced make up most definitely has its place, it's likely for younger women or women who are just beginning to experiment with make up. Someone who needs quality products that they plan to wear every single day will be happier choosing Smashbox.

Plus, the dual ingredients (such as moisturizing primer with SPF) will allow you to skip steps and your face will thank you for it. Too Faced had very few products with SPF and fewer still with hydrating qualities. However, if you're looking for a wide selection of eye color, their palettes had more color choices than the same version from Smashbox.