SleepGuard vs. NightGuardLab vs. GrindGuardN: Night Guards Compared

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Bruxism is a condition when a person grinds their teeth and clenches their jaw and can be especially troublesome during sleep. Grinding teeth can cause a bad night sleep, headaches, tooth damage, jaw pain or TMJ and facial pain. Needless to say, people wh


SleepGuard was invented by Lee Weinstein who has been an inventor since his early teens. He has invented products such as Laser Tag and the electronic dog collar known as Radio Fence. After graduate school at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), he passed the U.S. Patent Bar Exam. Mr. Weinstein has done more than 2000 hours as a health care advocate including two years on the consumer council of Healthcare for All.

In 2007, he formed Holistic Technologies and designed the biofeedback headband known as SleepGuard in an effort to help people eliminate pain from TMJ and migraines.

How the SleepGuard Works

SleepGuard is designed to stop a person from grinding their teeth and clenching their jaw. The SleepGuard is a biofeedback headband that detects when a person starts to grind their teeth while sleeping by detecting muscle signals.

When the SleepGuard detects that a person is clenching their jaw or grinding their teeth while asleep, it will make a sound. The sound will wake the person reminding them to relax their jaw and stop grinding their teeth. After time, a person is supposed to hear the sound and relax their jaw without waking up.

The SleepGuard headband and sensor will also record how many times a person clenches their jaw and the total number of seconds they were clenching their jaw per night.

In order for the SleepGuard to fully work when you are asleep, there are a few things you should practice during the day while wearing the SleepGuard headband.

  • When doing a normal activity while wearing the SleepGuard headband, relax your jaw as soon as you hear the biofeedback sound on the quietest level. This practice will teach you to unclench your jaw while asleep, even when dreaming.
  • Imagine yourself doing this normally and naturally each time you hear this sound.
  • Imagine yourself waking refreshed and rested each morning.

The SleepGuard Headband Hardware

The SleepGuard headband has two sensors in it to monitor a persons clenching. The headband is fully adjustable and hypoallergenic. The headband does not put an electrical current or electromagnetic field into your body. The sensor in the SleepGuard headband allows you to select the following settings.

  • Score shows you the number of times you clenched your jaw since you last reset the headband.
  • Time is the total duration you were clenching your jaw since the last reset.
  • Volume sets the volume of the biofeedback tone.
  • Bite Level: This setting is how hard you will have to bite to trigger the biofeedback sound.

The SleepGuard headband sound touches your forehead allowing you to hear it in both ears and making it less likely it will wake your partner. This technology is the patented SleepGuard RelaxTone sound.

The SleepGuard tone will sound in three different levels.

  • Faint, which sounds for 2 seconds giving you time to unclench your jaw before waking.
  • If you do not stop clenching your jaw, the tone will get louder to a level that you set.
  • Alarm sound will go off after 5 seconds and will continue until you stop grinding your teeth or after 30 seconds when the unit shuts off.

SleepGuard Pricing

SleepGuard has the following purchasing options.

  • Free Bruxism e-book
  • Standard SleepGuard unit costs $395 and includes replacement sensor pads and extra batteries. This option has a 21-day free trial period within the U.S.
  • SleepGuard rent to own in 9 months costs $49.95 per month. This includes new batteries every month and new sensor pads every two months. U.S. only.
  • Refurbished SleepGuard for $295 which includes a 30-day money back guarantee. You could be put on a waiting list for a refurbished unit.
  • Deluxe SleepGuard with coaching costs $795. This option includes four coaching calls, up to 45 minutes each scheduled at your convenience. You will also get replacement sensor pads, extra batteries and a replacement fabric headband.
  • For a free phone consultation, you can call them at 1-781-643-1242.

SleepGuard Replacement Prices

  • Set of two CR2032 coin cell batteries, needed for every month of use, cost $2.00.
  • Replacement sensor pads needed every 2-6 months of use, cost $9.95.
  • Replacement headband, needed every 6 months to 1 year, cost $9.95.

SleepGuard ships internationally. Shipping costs are determined at checkout depending on destination.

SleepGuard Refund and Warranty Policies

SleepGuard offers a 30 day money back guarantee excluding shipping costs. The 30 days begins the day you receive your SleepGuard unit. If you return a deluxe SleepGuard, you will be refunded $100 for each unused coaching phone call. The coaching phone calls need to be used within the first year.

The SleepGuard headband is warranted to be free from defects for one year for the standard, deluxe and rental units and 90 days for the refurbished units.

SleepGuard Customer Comments

As with many health products, they affect people differently. The SleepGuard has fair to good customer comments. For some, the SleepGuard did not help them and for other people, they were greatly helped. Possibly, the people that were not helped, did not do the daytime exercises. Some of the comments suggest that the daytime training can help the most with the nighttime clenching. A few positive comments include.

  • "… I can say without a doubt it works tremendously. Also, in regards to the expensive price tag, they let you use it for free for 30 days if you send them your results. So you can use it for free to see if it works before you decide to buy it. After that, they offer a $50/month rent-to-own plan. I used this, and it cured the headaches, jaw aches, and dizziness that I was experiencing from grinding my teeth at night.  I am not affiliated with the company." - Amy (
  • "I appreciate that we’re all different, and different things work for different people… because you can try it for a month without paying for it, I encourage anyone suffering from bruxism to try it and see if it works for them. It saved my life! The biofeedback headband finally allows me to sleep without the fear I’ll wake up with a cracked tooth. From the first night I tried it, I stopped waking up in pain from clenching. Completely improved the quality of my life. So, it *might* not work for you, but it’s definitely worth trying. It cost less than half than my last dentist nightguard, so I really don’t think it’s that expensive. Much less than a crown!" - Mylene (


NightGuardLab is a subsidiary of ProActive Labs and makes custom fit dental night guards to protect against grinding teeth, otherwise known as bruxism. They are located in Atlanta, Georgia and the CEO is John Berberian. 

How NightGuardLab Works

The NightGuardLab are custom made mouth guards that you wear at night or day to protect your teeth from damage if you grind your teeth. To get your customer fit night guard mouth piece, you will follow these directions.

  • When you place your order, NightGuardLab will send you a home impression kit. With this kit, you will make an impression of your teeth.
  • You will get two pieces of putty, which you mix for 45 seconds.
  • Then shape the putty into the shape of a finger.
  • Put the putty into a special tray.
  • Place the tray over the center of either your front or lower teeth and push the tray over your teeth and hold for 4 minutes.
  • You will then send this impression to NightGuardLab where they will make your customer NightGuardLab dental guard.

NightGuardLab Dental Guards

 NightGuardLab dental guards are made from FDA approved energy absorbing materials and to prevent any allergic reactions, they use ethyl vinyl acetate to make their dental guards.  NightGuardLab makes three types of dental night guards.

  • Hard acrylic night guard for heavy to moderate nighttime teeth grinding.
  • Dual laminate night guard for moderate to light nighttime teeth grinding.
  • Soft night guards for light to moderate nighttime teeth grinding.

NightGuardLab Dental Guard Prices

NightGuardLab not only makes dental guards for nighttime, but they also make dental guards for use during the day.

  • Hard acrylic night guard - $129.99
  • Slimline hard acrylic day guard - $109.99
  • Hard acrylic night guard and Slimline hard acrylic day guard costs $171.98.
  • Dual laminate night guard - $99.99
  • Slimline dual laminate day guard - $99.99
  • Dual laminate night guard and the Slimline dual laminate day guard costs $123.98.
  • Soft night guard - $69.99
  • Slimline soft day guard - $69.99
  • Soft night guard and Slimline soft day guard costs $129.99

You can currently get $15 off with this coupon.

NightGuardLab Refund Policy

NightGuardLab offers a 30-day money back guarantee. If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you can return the NightGuardLab within 30 days of receipt of the product for a refund minus shipping.

NightGuardLab Customer Comments

Most NightGuardLab customer comments were positive. The main complaint was that it took longer than expected to receive the dental guard once ordered. There are very few online comments about their product.

  • "Worked well, just read the instruction! The time taken to get the mouth piece is a little long though," -
  • I am very pleased with my night and day guards. They have alleviated headaches, sore teeth and jaws and will protect my teeth from further damage. I was a bit skeptical, thinking it was too good to be true that I could get mouth guards for this price. The customer service was exceptional both on the phone and thru email. Thank you for making such a great product at a reasonable cost.” - NightGuardLab website


GrindGuardN was invented by Joe Pelerin DDS, who graduated from the University of Michigan in 1973. After two years of general dentistry in Massachusetts, Dr. Pelerin returned to Michigan where he has had a practice since 1975. He is one of the most recommend dentists in Auburn Hills, MI. After years of suffering problems from teeth grinding, he invented the GrindGuardN. 

GrindGuardN Teeth Grinding Solution

The GrindGuardN is patented and FDA approved to stop teeth grinding and is one of the smallest bite guards available. The GrindGuardN is unique compared with other teeth grinding guards with its central power bar. This central power bar refocuses bite forces at the front midline of their dental guard.

The advantages of the GrindGuardN are:

  • Is one-third the size of the typical teeth grinding guards.
  • Is cheaper than most night dental guards and is guaranteed to outperform other dental guards that can cost $800 and more.
  • You can reform the GrindGuardN as many times as you need to.
  • Lasts longer than typical night dental guards.
  • GrindGuardN is FDA approved to treat teeth clenching.

How GrindGuardN Works

According to Dr. Pelerin, cheaper over-the-counter types of night dental guards can actually increase teeth grinding and jaw clenching. The central bar of the GrindGuardN releases the stimulus for clenching in the first place, which reduces grinding and clenching by as much as 70%. GrindGuardN can reprogram the muscles and reduce grinding and jaw clenching.

GrindGuardN should not be used by:

  • Children under 12 years old.
  • Those wearing braces.
  • Someone who has a longer upper front tooth than the other teeth.
  • People with severely angled front teeth.
  • For more information about those who should not use this product, please see their video on YouTube.

How to Stop Grinding Your Teeth / GrindGuardN YouTube

GrindGuardN Price and Guarantee

The GrindGuardN costs $79 and has a 30-day money back guarantee. The shipping charge is $7.95. When you buy the GrindGuardN, you will receive the following items.

  • GrindGuardN
  • Instructions
  • Instructional DVD
  • Protective case

GrindGuardN Customer Comments

Dr. Pelerin has very good customer ratings and comments for his dentistry practice as does his GrindGuardN teeth grinding dental guard.

  • "I have to use a night guard because I grind my teeth really badly. It is most important to use the night guard regularly in order to get the best benefit of the guard. Whenever I fail to use the night guard, I suffer consequences of sensitive teeth and gums, headaches, sore neck and tight shoulders. Believe me when I say that using the night guard for grinding is a wonderful resolution for the unnecessary painful results." - Karen B.
  • "Running my company and household is very stressful. Not only was I getting little sleep but the backaches and jaw pains from clenching were unbearable. Shortly after wearing GrindGuardN my aches and pains lightened up and eventually disappeared. I felt like a new person and was able to enjoy going to work and my family again. I was able to function again, no headaches, toothaches or backaches. What a life saver!" - Bob F.

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