SkinIt vs. DecalGirl: Comparing Custom Mobile Phone Skins

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SkinIt and DecalGirl provide custom skins and accessories for a wide range of electronic devices. Discover what each company has to offer in skins, accessories, price and site features by reading this comprehensive comparison.

Skins are vinyl stickers that will protect your electronic devices from scratches, dust and fingerprints. They will not protect your devices from bumps and accidental drops that may occur. Some skins are designed to encase the device while others cover only a portion of it.

SkinIt and DecalGirl offer the same basic product, complete with detailed instructions for applying and removing them from your device. However, there are some distinct advantages and disadvantages with these companies. This factoid will provide an in-depth comparison so that the customer can make an educated decision as to whether to shop at SkinIt or DecalGirl.


Chloe Huber
Posted on Feb 7, 2013
Posted on Dec 16, 2011
Posted on Dec 13, 2011