Skin Care: Benefits of Tomatoes and Tomato Juice on Skin

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Tomatoes are known for nutrition and health benefits. Lycopene and Vitamin C are two important nutrients that provide many health benefits including skin health benefits. Tomatoes and tomato juice are very good for the skin as they have the potential to p

Tomatoes provide many important health benefits. They are a very good vegetable for the overall health. Strong anti-oxidant properties of tomatoes are responsible for many of these health benefits. Lycopene- a carotenoid and a strong antioxidant, is the most important nutrient in the tomatoes. This phytochemical is associated with the treatment and prevention of some dangerous diseases such as arteriosclerosis, cancers (including skin cancer), diabetes, age related macular degeneration. Lycopene is very good for the skin health as well. Other nutrients in tomatoes also play very important roles for keeping the skin healthy. Tomato juice is considered as one of the best drink for the skin health.

Tomatoes contain many important vitamins and minerals. They also contain lots of health promoting phytochemicals. Most of the nutrients in tomatoes are rich in anti-oxidant properties. Among them Vitamin C and lycopene are the two major anti-oxidants. Vitamin C and lycopene promote the skin health and make it healthy and firm. Anti-oxidants fight free radicals and protect the cells from the free radical damage. By protecting the cells from the damage, anti-oxidants help to keep skin cells healthy. Anti-oxidants are very important for maintaining and developing good skin cells.

Tomato juice is a very skin friendly drink. Tomatoes and tomato juice are very helpful in the reduction of skin inflammation and other skin blemishes. In this way tomatoes provide anti-aging health benefits. Regular intake of tomatoes or tomato products helps to make skin soft and smooth as well. Tomatoes contain almost ninety five percent of water. So, eating tomatoes or drinking tomato juice is a good way to keep the good water balance in the body. A good water balance is required for a healthy skin. It promotes good blood circulation and detoxifies the body. A good water balance is necessary to get an unblemished and healthy skin. So, tomatoes help to hydrate the body and keep the skin soft.

External use of tomatoes or tomato extract can also promote the skin health.  Applying tomato juice or tomato pulp on skin and then washing it off with cold water is a very good remedy to clean the skin. This helps to remove the dust and dead cells of the skin. Applying tomato juice on acne can cure acne completely. Applying tomato extract or tomato pulps on any kind of skin irritation helps to treat the affected area.

Tomatoes provide good remedy against sunburn. Applying tomato juice over the sunburn area can reduce the sunburn affect significantly. Tomatoes and tomato juice are very good removing the blackheads, tightening the pores and keeping the skin soft.

Promoting skin health is one of the important health benefits of tomatoes. Like other health benefits that tomatoes offer, lycopene and Vitamin C play important roles in skin health as well.

Tomatoes are excellent vegetable for the skin. They can promote the skin health without any bad side effects.


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