Six Friends Every Girls Needs

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Part of adulthood is expanding your heart and your circle of friends along with it. Know the six friends every girls needs.

Part of adulthood is expanding your heart and your circle of friends along with it.  Friendship experts agree that friends are like shoes.  The expert believe that just as your favorite old sneakers are not perfect for every occasion, neither is every friend.  To match the varied parts of your life, it is advisable to have six colorful assortment of friends.

The importance of multiple friendships

Why are multiple friendships is so important?  According to the author of The Friendship Crisis: Finding, Making, and Keeping Friends When You're Not a Kid Anymore, as adults when your lives and interest become more complex, you need diverse group of friends who cover all of your dimensions.  It's unrealistic to expect one friend to offer everything.

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There are friends in your life you can't do without:

Hobby Buddy.  When you want to catch a movie or concert, you summon this friend.  She maybe the buddy with whom you share a love of museums and art.  Need a recipe for champagne punch?  Need help on the cross-stitch portrait?  She has every recipe, tool, and every magazine, article cross-referenced and indexed.  Or your common interest may be craft making or roller blading.  Many find that partner like this has an important place in your lives.  This friendship works because you share common interest.  Both of you speak the same vocabulary, and with a common passion.  Very irreplaceable!  Isn't it?  Psychologists say that this friend is important because your significant other may not share many of your most abiding interests.

Childhood friend.  You bonded over jumping rope, passing notes and gushing over teen idols.  This is one who knows where you live and she didn't laugh when you wore a 32 AA bra.  Your friendship is based on the deep roots that come from knowing each other through all the big and little events that propel you into adulthood. 

This friendship is priceless, since she understands where you are coming from and helps you get where you want to go.  You listen patiently to her stories about junior, nod in the right places and then it's your turn to tell and she nods in the right place too.

Feel-Good Friend.   You all need a cheerleader.  She may cheer for you even without being all smiles and pom-poms.  She is the one that lifted your spirits, never belittles and knows how much better people feel when someone just listens.  She possess a sense of humor not only she is there for when you feel bad but when good things happen, too.

Work Friend.  According to a researcher, having an office pal boosts productivity, makes the day go faster, and work more fun.  She knows how much your salary is.  You share career strategies and investment tips.  She is the one who you can turn to on what to wear for an interview.  She's a source of professional inspiration and fun to have drinks with after works.

Straight-Talking Friend.  You need someone who is honest, gets to the heart of the problem, and does not sugarcoat.  She is a friend who will tell you the swimming suit does not look good and it is not okay with her that you forgot her birthday.  According to the author of Toxic Friends/True Friends talk to her about what's on your mind only when you want to hear it.  If it is something she thinks you don't want to her, she'll just stay quiet.

Wild friend.  You've always been curious about male strip clubs, but never have the nerve to ask any of your friends to go to one.  Bingo- wild woman is your ticket.  You can tell anything and nothing will shock her .  No matter how serious or benign, she takes it in stride on her way to the next adventure.  When you are with her, hang on tight and take note...never use your real name.










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