vs vs Sittercity: Baby Sitter Hiring Sites Compared

Knoji reviews products and up-and-coming brands we think you'll love. In certain cases, we may receive a commission from brands mentioned in our guides. Learn more. is an effective choice for those who hate navigating websites since it’s so straightforward. is ideal for those who need to find sitters as quickly as possible due to their Date Night feature. Sittercity is the best solution for peop

If you find yourself in need of a baby sitter, chances are good that you’re going to want them sooner rather than later. The problem is that it can sometimes be difficult to people to babysit your children that you are sure you can trust. These sites also sometimes let you look for a job if you’re a babysitter yourself. Here are some examples of services out there that can help you find a babysitter, including how they compare to each other.

This site is easy to navigate for those who hate opaque website design.


  • Intuitive Interface-You can click either on the green button marked “Post a Job” or on the “Post Your Profile” button right from the main page. This makes it easier to go straight to what you want right away.
  • Easy to Access Help Messaging-There’s a question mark icon in the bottom right corner of the main website. If you click on this, it will bring up a message form for getting help with any question you have right away.
  • Straight Forward Sitter Reviews-Each page for a sitter has icons that give you information about the sitter at a glance. For example, a heart says that the sitter is featured. An envelope confirms that the sitter is email verified, and the envelope shows that they are phone verified.
  • Clear Sitter Job Pages-The same symbols, including the heart, are also used for sitter jobs. People who need sitters can also have hearts to show that they are featured employers for babysitters.

There are currently 14.1 million members to the site that make up 16 different countries.


  • HomePay Tax Service-Taxes can be an issue if you employ a babysitter or nanny. This service guides you on how to fill out your taxes related to paying nannies. This service can also let you set up payroll and automatically send payments.
  • DateNight Quick Sitter Find-If you’re in a hurry because you have a date or for any other reason and you want to get a sitter as quickly as possible, the “Date Night” service lets you fill out a few questions right from the main page.
  • Free periodically runs free trials so you can try out the basic service for a while without paying anything. This usually doesn’t even involve a credit card.
  • Country Selector-You can choose “Canada, “Germany,” “United Kingdom,” and many other countries to find sitters or work internationally.
  • CareClub-This is a program where families can get discounts on various brand merchants as long as they have a subscription. The merchants include places like Petco or


Sittercity emphasizes interacting through their app. This means that you can do most functions needed for finding a babysitter right from your smartphone or tablet.


  • 15% Off Red Cross Training Course-SitterCity has an agreement with American Red Cross now and again to get a discount on their Advanced Child Training Course if you decide to go with both services.
  • Sittercity Perks-This is similar to what has and it offers discounts to stores like Best Buy or Sears.
  • Sittercity App-Sittercity has a prominent app for both Android and iOS. You can post a job including information about your specific needs right from the app. You can also review profiles and then locate a match and check references, all from the app.
  • BBB Acredited-Sittercity is located in Chicago, and they received a “B” on the BBB website, which means they get relatively good feedback in terms of fixing any complaints customers submit.

Head to Head


The guideline on the Sitter Guide for says that the difference in pay should vary no more than about $100 from someone who is 20 with only a few years of experience to someone over the age of 20 who has more experience. The estimates go on from there talking about part time vs. full time and level of education and expertise. The site itself is free to set up, but you have to pay a monthly subscription to be able to see messages since otherwise they are scrambled. This information is not disclosed to non-members. charges around $35 per month for a one month membership. You can reduce this by asking for longer and longer subscriptions until it only costs $11.67 per month for a year membership.

SitterCity charges $15 per background check request. doesn’t require this. SitterCity also costs $35 for a one month membership, and virtually the same amount as when it comes a yearlong subscription. This means that there’s no real difference in cost among the sites that disclose this information.

Features has easy to access help forms for email, but they don’t appear to have a lot of other support options. appears to have more international support than It also has more additional features like HomePay for managing payment and taxes for nannies, for example. It’s one of the larger site for this around with 1 job application happening in the US every 2 seconds, according to the site. A match between sitter and employer occurs once every 2 minutes. This means that is a good choice if you prefer to go with larger, more well-established sites.

Sittercity has an email form for contacting them under the “contact us” link at the very bottom of the main page. This link is pretty tiny so you’ll have to hunt for it a bit. You can also call their customer service at 866-205-5625. It’s toll-free and available from 8 until 4 PM CST on weekdays.

Overall, Sittercity seems to have more options for customer support than many of the other sites. They’re one of the few sites to display a BBB seal, for example. It also has more of an emphasis on mobile operations than the other sites do. Additionally, according to some sources online, Sittercity often ends up with more search results than a site like for cities like Boston, Dallas, Seattle and Phoenix. This could vary based on your current location and from day to day.