Sittercity Review: Is It Really Worth the Cost & Effort?

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If you're looking for a babysitter you can trust, you probably don't search online. The problem with searching online is that anyone can post a profile or an ad. Do you feel safe inviting random strangers to your house, let alone let them look after you kids?

This is why you need to use a trustworthy site which reviews and vets sitters. Sittercity is one such site. Unlike normal classifieds sites, Sittercity has a dedicated staff tasked with monitoring, gathering feedback on, and reviewing thousands of qualified sitters and nannies in its system. On top of that, customers an write reviews and make reports on the sitters they use. Read on to find out where SIttercity's babysitter and nanny service shines and where it can improve vs. other care taker websites.

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What kinds of sitters do you find on Sittercity?

I found a range. Janet was a college student attending our local junior college and who had been sitting on Sittercity for over 3 years. She had over 50 reviews and all that I read were very positive. We hired her to babysit our 3 year old and she's been wonderful - we use her regularly. We also hired Yolanda who is a professional sitter and nanny and has had over 20 years of experience as a child caretaker. She speaks English well and we're very pleased with her. She also has experience with hyperactive kids, including kids with ADHD.

Pros of Sittercity vs.

Sittercity has been around longer and has more providers, plus has more history as a company providing its service to customers. Beyond track record, Sittercity has more sitters and nannies with special training for children with special needs. Sittercity costs about 20% less than, at around $10 per month. 

Cons of Sittercity vs. has a nice feature which allows you to find a last-minute replacement if a sitter gets sick or can't make an appointment. Sittercity is still working on a similar feature. also has more categories of providers, in case you are looking for more than just sitters and nannies. Read more on

Read a full side-by-side comparison on vs. Sittercity.

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Video interviews

Sittercity has video profiles / virtual interviews with their care providers, so you can see what they look and speak like before you interview them live. This is a nice time-saving feature to be able to see someone and filter through a lot of profiles before interviewing.

Is it worth it to subscribe?

Sittercity costs less than $10 per month. Considering you get unlimited background checks, intant access to video interviews, and dozens of real parent reviews on sitters its a good deal.

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