Speed Dating Site Reviews: Compare the Top 10 Speed Dating Sites

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Which is the best online speed dating site? It comes down to membership! A large memberbase in your city / area, plus great features, make for the best online speed dating experience.

Looking for the best speed dating site for you? Read our hand-picked list of the top 10 speed dating sites nationwide. Learn which online speed dating experience is best in your city.


WooMe is the original speed dating site, offering a slick and easy interface to quickly video chat with like-minded guys and girls who want to meet new people to date. WooMe is fast, in that you can only chat for 5 minutes, then you move on to someone new. You can meet 12 new guys or girls in one hour - not bad! WooMe is FREE, the only thing you pay for is if you want to respond to "woos" or flirts" you pay $1. Cheap, fast, easy - thats what online speed dating is all about!


LavaLife is a well known dating site with over a million members, and they just added speed dating to their site! This is exciting since you now have a well known site with a lot of members in every major city which has speed dating available. Visit Lavalife - get 7 days free on Lavalife here.


FastCupid is a dating site built for meeting people quickly and easily. Its a place where people flirt like no other! You can get on the site within minutes and start chatting away, sending flirts, and even video chatting. The site is very active and makes it easy to get introduced to the guys and girls you think are cute. This is fast dating at its best!


HurryDate is designed for people on the go who want to speed up the process of meeting potential dating partners. This site combines internet resources with actual in-person encounters that allows singles to maximize their potential for finding that special someone. Those who become online subscribers are not only exposed to other members enrolled in their data base, they are also entitled to a 25% discount at Hurrydate live parties! These events offer a fast paced environment where you can meet a wide variety of people in three minute dating sessions, then decide who you might be interested in. If no sparks fly, within moments you’ll be talking to someone new, but if things look promising, you can move to the next step and exchange information for a more casual dating experience. Not for the faint at heart, HurryDate is the fastest way to find that special someone.


MetroDate is a great way to meet local singles quickly and easily. The guys and girls on MetroDate are there to have fun - in whatever way you're thinking. There's something for everyone there - and people are very social on this site. You can quickly meet people on their speed dating area - and with over 4M members, you'll find plenty of people right near you.


New York City is home to over 8 million people… so how come so many of them are lonely? Most walk through the streets or ride the subways staring blankly into space, careful not to make eye contact with one another. It’s no wonder a city so crowded can be such a difficult place to meet someone. As it turns out, OnSpeed Dating is a service dedicated to ending that struggle for its members. They put together speed dating events uniquely tailored to the wide range of people that New York City is famous for. Whether you are interested in meeting singles of a particular heritage, body type or religion, OnSpeed Dating likely will have an event dedicated to your specific interests. These are a perfect opportunities for you to meet up to 20 like minded singles in just a few hours, maybe even someone you sat down next to on the subway earlier in the day! You owe it to yourself to visit OnSpeedDating and give it a try!


While most speed dating sites are designed to throw you together with as many random people as possible, FastLife has its own ideas about the best way to match you up with someone suited especially for you. They remove much of the guesswork by creating events geared towards specific groups, ages, interests, etc. Once you become a member and indicate the kind of person you are looking for, you will be invited to FastLife venues that will be populated with other singles more likely to fall within the parameters of what you are looking for. After a fun and exciting night meeting others through a series of speed dating experiences at one of their stylish events, you will have a chance to decide on who you would like to meet again by submitting a folder to the host with the names of those who you were attracted to. FastLife then does its magic, compiling a list of those who you are mutually compatible with and letting you know via email. What could be simpler? Go to FastLife for the best chance to find just the right person for you!


We’ve all had that experience… you know the one, where you go out on a first date, things start to go south in a hurry, but to your horror, there‘s no escape… just seemingly endless hours of small talk until you can finally pry yourself away, vowing never to get caught like that again! That’s never the case at Pre-Dating.comThey have events in over 160 United States cities that are designed to help you find someone tailor-made just for your tastes. You will have an opportunity to meet up to 16 eligible singles at these fun filled, fast paced venues, and while only a handful may catch your attention, the ones who do will just be a click away at the Pre-Dating.com website. You will also likely find your inbox full of inquiries from those who you made a favorable impression upon, looking to meet again…except this time you already know you will have lots in common. Register with Pre-Dating.com and you could well be in store for a night to remember!


Ever heard the term good things come in threes? Well then, how about eights?! As the name states, 8minuteDating sets up lively events where you will have eight dating encounters, each giving you eight minutes to get acquainted with another member. If you have enough in common and want to meet again under your own circumstances, you can go online, look the person up at the 8minuteDating website and set up a more traditional date with them. This removes much of the pressure and awkwardness of needing to decide on the spot if you really want to move forward or simply move along to the next member of your octet for the evening. No hurt feelings, just eight legitimate chances of finding something special at one of 8 Minute Dating’s safe and desirable settings where you can not only meet new singles, but also have a fun and exhilarating night out. Ready? Set? Count to eight and go! Visit 8minuteDating.com today!


First a disclaimer…That’s Date Switch, not Dates Witch! Semantics aside, this is one of the more popular speed dating companies to be found. From the coastal cities of California to the Carolinas, people rave about the meeting opportunities Date Switch provides due to its low-pressure venues that allow professional singles to be themselves and enjoy the experience. Best of all, most of the Date Switch members find they have at least 2-3 legitimate matches after attending one of their events, leading to multiple opportunities for finding that special someone that much sooner. No witchcraft needed here, just go to DateSwitch and find out why so many others are glad they did!


Looking for a more versatile and exciting way to meet singles and get in some social activities at the same time? You may want to consider Weekend Dating. They not only create traditional speed dating events throughout New York City and the surrounding area, they also put together various group activities where you can meet people and have a blast all at the same time! These fun filled outings include things like barbeques, bowling, dancing, seasonal and holiday events, etc. Best of all, Weekend Dating goes a step further than many of their competitors by matching you up with those you want to meet again without your having to go through putting in a bunch of names online. All you need to do is visit WeekendDating and respond to those who showed any interest during your outing. Visit their website and find out what everyone’s up to this weekend!

NY EasyDates

New York seems to have something for everyone, and speed dating companies are no exception. So how do you choose which one is best for you? NY Easy Dates could well be what you are looking for, because they have such a wide variety of specially themed events intended to help their members find others who are most likely to have things in common with them. Some are designed for older or younger crowds, those looking for a certain level of education or life style, or even those who simply want to meet as many people as possible in one session. You could have as many as 40 short dates in one evening, though most events are far less fast paced. Either way, you will have ample opportunity to write down the names of those you have found inviting and then visit the NY Easy Dates website to see who you might be strolling arm in arm with down Times Square next New Year’s Eve. Don’t delay, stop by NY EasydDates and see why it’s the right choice!


One of the more unique speed dating companies in the New York City area is NY Minute Dating. What makes them so different? Aside from setting up venues that capture some of the hottest and most exciting nightlife to be found under the Big Apple’s bright lights, they are one of the few speed dating companies who do not require you to register online first. You can simply find out where an event is taking place by visiting the NYminuteDating website and come on down to get started meeting new singles right away! But there’s another simple yet critical aspect to NY Minute Dating that separates them from the others. They have a break period at their events after every four encounters that allows you to gather your thoughts, jot down a few notes, or if nothing else, at least catch your breath! If you’re looking for a different kind of speed dating service, NY Minute Dating might just be the one for you!


Looking for more than just another ho hum speed dating experience? If you live in the Los Angeles area, Speed LA Dating offers elegant, refreshing events that are sure to help you discover your match. Not only are you likely to find yourself in the company of likeminded professional singles with common interests, you can do so with class and style. The folks at Speed LA pull out all the stops at their speed dating venues. Unique offerings such as complimentary makeovers for the ladies, nightly drink specials and delectable appetizers help create an uncommon atmosphere with an unmistakably posh UK theme; even the hosts are British! Those who live outside the Los Angeles area can also find the inimitable services of Speed LA at branches located in New York (SpeedNYDating) and Seattle (SpeedSeattleDating) Visit their websites or SpeedLADating to find out when the next event will be!


25Dates is Canada's premier speed dating service. They've been around for years and have an amazing 75% match rate for their members! Members get free access to special events and parties. 25Dates has been covered on CNN and in Reader's Digest and is the official dating site of the Toronto Blue Jays. Check out 25Dates now.


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