Signs You May Be a Diabetic

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Diabetes can be extremely debilitating to your body. If you are a pre-diabetic like I am, there is still time to combat the symptoms, which may eventually lead to full fledge diabetes if not treated early. Educating yourself about the disease is the first

High blood sugar runs in my family. My father, who religiously eats like a vegetarian and works out at the gym five days a week, is a victim of high blood sugar. I was recently tested and my blood sugar was just about, if not a few points away, from the dreaded diagnosis of Diabetes. You may be thinking that it is much too late to combat this issue, but I can assure you, it is not.

You may have recently seen some abnormal health problems occurring in your body. Symptoms you can’t really understand and are unsure how to treat. If any of your symptoms sound like the 5 signs you may have Diabetes I am about to discuss, make sure you take notes and listen. It’s easier to get advice from someone who is going through the same things you are.

Fungal infections or Yellow Toes

Fungal infections on your toenails can happen for a great many reasons. Lack of personal hygiene; wearing wet, sweaty or even dirty socks. Yellow toes can also be the result of wearing the wrong type of shoes. However, it is possible for fungal infections to occur on your toenails for reasons you cannot really explain. For diabetes patients, yellow toenails are very common and can be very dangerous if not treated correctly. If the fungus reaches your cuticles, over 50% of the time, your toenail will fall off. If you are experiencing yellow toenails or fungal infections on your toenails, seek immediate medical attention. You may also use homeopathic remedies, which in my case have been extremely successful.

Sores that will Not Heal

Sores that will not heal are another common symptom of diabetes. Often times, sores will start very small, they might even look like a mosquito bite, and then they open in the center. The raised, blistering of the sore is not something that goes away without medical attention or homeopathy in diabetes patients. So what causes these sores? Most the time the sores are due to lack of circulation due to sitting around for extended period of times. It often helps to get moving. In my case, I swim a few times a week. Swimming is easy on your joints, and the more you use your legs, the more your blood can circulate, thus getting down to the sores in your legs, or wherever they happen to be.

Urinating excessively

For those of you who exercise and consume the required 8 glasses of water a day, it’s common to urinate several times a day. Your body is flushing and filtering out the toxins. But for pre-diabetics, urinating excessively even when you have a lack of liquids in you body is a warning sign and symptom that you may have diabetes. Your excessive urination might also be accompanied by cramping in the lower abdomen. It is possible that you may have a urinary tract infection if you feel that you have to urinate all the time, but this is also a symptom of diabetes. Seek medical attention immediately if you are experiencing these symptoms.

Exhaustion for no reason after eating certain foods

There are foods that tend to cause sleepiness and a lack a energy, but is this a symptom you feel all the time, no matter what you eat? When I started to notice this symptom, I realized that foods high in sugar including: creamer for coffee, pies, and pre packaged luncheon meat had a tendency to cause me unwanted exhaustion. Imagine, you think that consuming ham or turkey meat from the deli is a healthy lunch option, but it’s not always the case. I started to read the labels and noticed that some of the pre-packaged deli meats have over 19 sugars for 1 or 2 slices.  These days, I don’t ever consume any food with 3-5 grams of sugars in it.

In Closing….

I am a pre-diabetic. A few months ago I was almost on the verge of being a full fledge diabetic. I didn’t think it was possible to turn myself around, but it was. It’s never too late to change your habits, especially if you think you could eventually be diagnosed with diabetes. 

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