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Signs That Your Kid Sells Drugs

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Drug addiction is a hard habit to break that can ruin a kid's future.

Drug is an addiction that can surely ruin one’s life and one’s future. A kid who is hooked on drugs becomes so dependent on it that will eventually deplete his interest and motivation to reach his goals. His focus will be concentrated on his continues desire to use drugs and enjoy the temporary excitement, hallucinations and fun that these drugs can give him. Using drugs will become his habit and he will always find ways to support this habit. Drugs are expensive and more often users are also pushing or selling it to earn and to sustain their addiction.

Here are some tips to help you spot whether your kid is using drugs and selling it at the same time:

1. Observe a sudden change in your kid’s personality. Frequent mood changes are common for teens but if your kid is always acting too aggressive, cranky, bad tempered and negative all the time, then it is no longer normal. If this becomes his new personality, then this could indicate that he is involved or joining a new social group that has something to do with drugs.

2. If your kid is acting too far different from his school performance and lacks the motivation to study, start to doubt. If before, he is a driven and happy student, he now rejects his school obligations like attending classes and doing schoolwork and homework. In this case, talk to him about the changes that you noticed. Good if he is just having difficulty in his subjects because you can deal with it. The sad thing is if he joins a new circle of friends who are into drugs.

3. A kid who is involved in illegal drugs will have a sudden change in his circle of friends. Your kid’s friends that you once knew are no longer visible and your kid is fond of spending his time with new kids that he didn’t even bother to introduce to you.

4. If your kid is truly involved in drugs, he will stay away from family activities and would always isolate himself in his room for privacy. This could also be his way to avoid uncomfortable interrogation from his parents.

5. If you already confirm that your kid is using drugs and if you noticed that he keeps on acquiring new gadgets and things like cellphone, MP3 player, new tennis shoes, jackets and so on, then it is a clear evidence that he is also into drug selling.

6. Increase of phone activity in privacy is also an indication of drug dealings or transactions. Check his cell phone if you have the chance or your caller ID to find out what his transactions are.

7. Monitor his daily calendar. Know where he is going and who his companions are. If your kid is out without telling you where and during odd hours, it could be that he is into drug dealing.


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