Signs a Cat is Stressed

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Cats will stress when there is any change to their routine. They will stress if you change their litter or move their litter box. If you move your funiture around or buy new furniture it could stress them. Cats like a daily routine with no changes. So

Cats do not like changes in their home, family or routine.  Any type of change will stress a cat no matter how small.

Cats cannot tell you they are stressed and unhappy but they will show you in other ways such as grooming them all the time and they may also start pulling out their fur.  Also some cats may quiet grooming themselves when they are stressed.

Some cats that are usually friendly and well behaved will change behavior if they become stressed.  They will be aggressive toward their family and other household pets.  They will be aggressive toward strangers and other animals.

When stressed some cats will quit eating but sometimes this can be a sign of a medical problem.  It is a good idea to take your cat to your veterinarian to make sure he does not have a medical problem.

Cats hate change.  Anything that disrupts their normal routine will stress them.  A change in a cat’s routine is the biggest cause of stress in cats.

When someone new comes into the house it will stress your cat.  If you stay away from home longer than usual it will stress him.  If you change your working hours it will stress him.  Any time you change your routine it will stress your cat.  Your cat may respond by not using his litter box.  He may become shy and start hiding.

You can help this problem by giving your cat extra attention.  With time and patience your cat will get used to the new person in the house.  Cats will get stressed when someone in the household leaves.  Cats do not understand why someone is no longer in the house so they become stressed.

Your cat may quit using his litter box because you bought different cat litter or you moved his litter box to a different location.  This stress problem is easy to fix.  Just go back to using the old cat litter and put the litter box back where it was.

If you buy new furniture your cat could get stressed.  They may urinate on the new furniture.  They may also scratch and shred the new furniture.  If you move to a new house your cat will get stressed.  Put him in one room with his bed and toys until he gets used to things.

 If you notice these signs in your cat you can be pretty sure he is stressed.  Some cats will spray things, urinate on the floor or furniture and pace back and forth.  They can lose their appetite, pull out their fur, tremble, constant meowing and hiding for long periods of time.

The first thing you should do if your cat shows any of these symptoms is to take him to the veterinarian to eliminate medical causes of his stress.  Stress problems can be corrected so be patient and your cat will get back to normal in time.